Top 10 Funniest Smosh Videos

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Real Voodoo Doll

I really really love BALLS - MinusTop10

Playing With Guns
The Rarest Pokemon Card
Worst ID Photo Ever
Driving Me Crazy
I Suck At Draw Something
Life Hacking
We're In Super Mario
Molester Moon

Oh yeah! I love this episode!

Charlie And The Drunk Guinea Pig 2

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Life Better-ers
How To Hide A B0NER In Public
If Kids Shows Were Real
Stuck In a Toilet
Hide And Seek
If Video Games Were Real 3
Stop copying me!
If Video Games Were Real
We found a dead guy!

I have seen this video and I'm only 7 but my parents don't know I have seen it. My favourite part is when the dead guy is called Larry Smelbutzs

I Broke My Foot!
Vader and Me
Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE
Autocorrect Fails
If Teens Ruled the World
Every Mom Ever
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