Top 10 Funniest Smosh Videos

The Top Ten Funniest Smosh Videos

1 Real Voodoo Doll

I really really love BALLS - MinusTop10

2 Playing With Guns
3 The Rarest Pokemon Card
4 Worst ID Photo Ever
5 Driving Me Crazy
6 I Suck At Draw Something
7 Life Hacking
8 We're In Super Mario
9 Molester Moon

Oh yeah! I love this episode!

10 Charlie And The Drunk Guinea Pig 2

The Contenders

11 Life Better-ers
12 If Kids Shows Were Real
13 Stuck In a Toilet
14 Hide And Seek
15 If Video Games Were Real 3
16 Stop copying me!
17 If Video Games Were Real
18 We found a dead guy!

I have seen this video and I'm only 7 but my parents don't know I have seen it. My favourite part is when the dead guy is called Larry Smelbutzs

19 I Broke My Foot!
20 Vader and Me
21 Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE
22 Autocorrect Fails
23 If Teens Ruled the World
24 Every Mom Ever
25 Best of 2015 Remix
26 If TV Shows Were Real 3
27 We're in the Angry Birds Movie
28 If Romantic Movies Were Real

What girls want: You want to have sex with me.
No I don't.

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