Top 10 Possible Characters to Be Added Into the Mainline Friday Night Funkin' Game

This list will talk about characters that could have a chance, either said by the developers or by the fandom, to appear as guests in the mainline Friday Night Funkin', not as a mod. The characters on this list can be from mods originally, can have a mod but not be from a mod, or they can be from elsewhere and not have a mod. This list won't include characters that have been confirmed to be guests, so no Cassette Girl, Hank, Ritz, Cassandra, Nene, or Darnell. This list can also include characters that haven't been confirmed or denied, but you, the editor, feel like should be in the game.
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1 Hatsune Miku - VOCALOID Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.

You're reading this right. Miku, as confirmed by the devs, will very likely be added to the game someday. Ninjamuffin99 has confirmed that Miku being Boyfriend's sister is semi-canon, and PhantomAracade actually made a sketch of BF calling her sis. However, Miku will likely be older in the game, since she is commonly seen as his older sister, but Miku is 16, and Boyfriend is 19 or 20 years old. But any way they slice it, Hatsune Miku would be a great addition to the game.

2 Dave Strider - Homestuck Dave Strider, known by his ChumHandle turntechGodhead, is one of the protagonists of the webcomic Homestuck, made by Andrew Hussie.

A Newgrounds user known as Teknodice made a piece of art back in December of 2020, which depicted Boyfriend, as well as Alien Homonid, Dave, Dad from Dad 'n Me, Tarboy, and /v/-tan as FNF characters. In a tweet by the same user, PhantomArcade said that Dave "caught him by surprise," and that he was "tempting." Given that Dave is also a rapper who likes making beats, plus he has a (very little known) mod, I think it would only be fitting that he gets a spot in the game, especially since Homestuck seems to be dying out, and FNF seems to be bringing numerous franchises back to life.

3 Henry Stickmin - Henry Stickmin

The devs have stated that Henry has a 50/50 chance of getting in the game. I think it'd be great to see him in, especially with how popular InnerSloth became around the time of Friday Night Funkin's release.

4 Whitty - Friday Night Funkin' Mods

Although there hasn't been any confirmation as to whether or not Whitty will be in the mainline FNF, he has been acknowledged at least twice by the devs, and he's regarded as the first mod to not just be a reskin, but to also have new songs, new voices, and, later down the road, to feature a secret song. If he can't be an opponent, then a reference of some sort would at least be nice

5 Carol - Friday Night Funkin' Mods

Another character to stem originally from a mod, the developers have said that they are considering putting her in the game. Given that she's Whitty's girlfriend, why not?!

6 /v/-tan- 4chan

PhantomArcade has also said that /v/ would be "tempting" to be put in the game, but I put him lower than Dave. This is because I feel his chances of being included are slim due to the controversial and risky nature of both him and his website of origin.

7 Meat Boy - Super Meat Boy

Meatboy would be a great character in my eyes. Maybe he could team up with Bandage Girl!

8 Edd - Eddsworld
9 Girlfriend - Friday Night Funkin'

A week starring Girlfriend, I feel, would be a fun one. The week could possibly entail her unknown secrets, or it could be a prequel to Week 1, showing off how she met her Boyfriend. But she deserves to be more than just the tutorial "antagonist," just look at B3!

10 Strong Bad - Homestar Runner

I voted on this because I love Homest runner and strongbad is my favorite character but then I realized that I could make my own were the sprite for strong bad is my talking strong bad plush so I won't have to put any actual effort in it and all the songs would be actual songs from Homestar runner.

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11 Ace - The Powerpuff Girls

Ah, yes, Ace of Powerpuff Girls and Gorillaz fame. I don't know what his story could be, but I'm sure it'll be interesting.

12 Sanford and Deimos - Madness Combat

Hank has already been confirmed as a guest in the game, so the .5 guys would only make sense. It may also bring more popularity to their mods (and not Nevada's Most Wanted- they had mods before that)

13 Isaac - The Binding of Isaac

I don't know too much about TBOI, but I know he's famous on various video game platforms.

14 Angry Faic - Newgrounds

Newgrounds' resident face and one of Geometry Dash's icons could have a good shot of making it

15 Hominid - Alien Hominid
16 Fancy Pants Man - Fancy Pants Adventures

The Noble Man of Pants. A character from the lighter side of Newgrounds, his week would probably be something wholesome. Him and BF teaming up to save GF and Cutie Pants (Fancy Pants's sister,) from Rainbowbeard is my best guess for a week.

17 Polo - Incredibox

The beatboxers from the music game Incredibox could have a very real shot! Who knows- maybe, after the release of V9, V10 could be based on Newgrounds Culture! Or the Week could be based around Wekiddy, the new version!

18 P-Bot - Newgrounds

Since A-Bot has been dismembered in Week 8, I think it may be time for P-Bot to shine.

19 Alloy - Newgrounds Rumble

Alloy, the boy with the bionic suit, facing a rapper who somehow can't die. I think it'd be a good one

20 Phil Eggtree - Riddle School

In a similar manner to /v/, Phil has kind of a slim chance of getting in, but he'd be a great addition. His slim chances aren't because of anything he's done, but due to the controversy with Jonocrome.

21 Ena - Ena

In a similar manner to Edd, ENA's arrival in FNF could be timed well with the release of a new episode!

22 Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog Movie (2020)

If the devs could land a deal with Paramount and/or SEGA to include Sonic from the movies into there, that would definitely leave a good impact on the game. Not only that, but although we'd have to wait a while, his release could time out well with the release of the 3rd movie (which has been confirmed,) similar to Edd with Surf & Turf Wars or any other Eddisode, or Ena with whatever Joel G comes up with next. Kudos to whoever put this here!

23 Stitch - Lilo & Stitch

Like /v/ and Phil, I think Stitch has a somewhat low chance of getting in, but for a different reason entirely- the way Disney is with copyright. But, that said, I'm not saying Stitch is a bad idea for the game, especially with how he likes Elvis, something BF probably wouldn't understand. Landing a deal with one of the biggest and toughest film companies in the world could spell out worldwide success for the devs.

24 Weebl - Weebl & Bob/Real Life

Since he has a lengthy singing career, a spot in the main game would be amazing!

25 Ugly Sonic - Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

The antithesis of Number 16 at the time of this item's submission (Movie Sonic,) he's triple trouble (get it?) because of his 3 companies- SEGA, Paramount, and, given the context, Disney. Hold on to your movie deals, folks!

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