Top Ten Signs of a Bad Video Game

Sometimes, if you take a little time to look it up, a game that looks good could *possibly be a terrible one.

*Note the word `possibly`
The Top Ten
1 Copy of a Free App

There's this Zootopia game that's a ripoff of Criminal Case. Shameless.

Steam has a lot of these.Free apps that are made into dirt cheap games on steam.

2 Microtransactions

These are a red flag. Especially if the microtransactions are for power-ups, upgrades etc. that give players a huge advantage over those who don't have them, games can easily be rigged in such a way that forces people to pay the developers to progress. Video games should revolve around the skill levels of players, not how much money they're willing to fork out.

3 Unoriginal Concept

Like 'Match 3 games' or 'Realistic FPS', these games have been done to death and you will probably find nothing new.

4 Poor Sales

Sometimes a result of bad marketing rather than a bad game. A well-made video game can easily go under the radar if it's not widely advertised, leading to hardly anyone finding out about it.

This is a large sign it is indeed a bad game but there is a small chance you may actually enjoy it.

5 Has a Lot of Results When You Search "Rule 34" or "Deviantart"

Actually, there are really good games people made a bunch of Rule 34 art for. And the game having lots of results on DeviantArt isn't even a bad thing.

This is why Kingdom Hearts is bad.

Even though not all popular games are bad.

This is a large sign of a bad community.FNAF is a large offender.Undertale is more or less a good game but the nasty stuff on the internet will take the enjoyment away when you actually play it.

6 Poor Graphics

Just because its graphics are much more like Mario Kart DS than Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn't make it inherently bad. Graphics alone can't determine whether or not a game is worth playing.

I put this low as it varies.

Most bad games have crap graphics but there are a few surprises out there and a lot of old games have bad visuals.

Sword and shield are an easy example of this. But saying a n64 game or ds game is bad because of old graphics is a stupid thing

Graphics don't matter, same as selling poorly.

7 Very Few Models

This often gives the impression of developers getting lazy and cutting corners.

It would kinda suck seeing the same character models over and over ie.Goat Sim and Just Cause 3.

8 Reports of Glitches and Bugs

Commonly a sign of rushed or lazy development. Luckily they can be easily patched in games that can be continuously updated, but keep away if the developers never bother to deal with bugs and glitches, or such shoddy programming ends up rigging the game (often to the point of being unplayable).

9 Made by a Company Known for Making Bad Games

Keep away from anything made by notorious shovelware developers such as the infamous Data Design Interactive.

10 Has Little to No Customization
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11 Only Released For Windows Phone or Blackberry
12 Has an Unoriginal Title
13 Is Made By Bethesda
14 Is a First Person Shooter
15 Boring Gameplay
16 Freemium
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