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1 Skylanders: Giants

This was the second entry in the series and it's so nostalgic nowadays. Yes, the gameplay is more of the same, but this was the first time they added a new gimmick to the franchise, the Giants. You can push boulders and tug on chains to pull islands, it's just that awesome.

And the fact that Giants is longer than Spyro's Adventure really sells it. I think one of the best parts of the game is the Drill-X boss battle, where you are challenged by a massive robot who raps in Auto-Tune about wanting to kill you, then giving his all, while adding new verses to his rap. The music even goes from traditional Skylanders music to a dubstep breakdown, just to stay with the times.

My only complaint is that the gameplay is more of the same, that it's a kid's beat-em-up, but that's just me.

2 Skylanders: Swap Force

Yes, I remember replaying this game during quarantine and enjoying a lot of it. I think the selling point of this game was making all kinds of abominations by swapping the top halves and bottom halves. "Stink Buckler," "Hoot Ranger," and my personal favorite, "Magna Zone." Wow. Copy Pokémon much?

Also, the game's graphics were just mind-bogglingly awesome, and "Foxgirl" (Tessa) became my new favorite non-playable character in the series. It's amazing how an eight-year-old game from 2013 can go a long way and leave a legacy behind. It was an interesting experience coming back to it.

3 Skylanders: Trap Team

I kind of feel that this is the weakest entry in the series, but that's just my opinion. I remember when TV commercials for the game showed gameplay of trapping the villains, and I was instantly hooked. This is one of the more definitive Skylanders experiences, bar none.

There's tons of content. Returning characters appear, such as Tessa's return, which made me chuckle or two because I just like how surprising her comeback was. "Hi, stranger!" There is also a decent story involving the Doom Raiders, such as the cutscene where Kaos gets encased in gold. That was pretty funny. My only complaints are that I only have two traps nowadays, and that you need a specific Trap Master of a random element to access Elemental Gates. There is also the unnecessary rhythm game in the academy, despite it being fun. But, I can still enjoy the game for what it is.

4 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

This is my ranking:

6. Trap Team: Just bored me. Only game that I can call "bad."

5. Swap Force: A good game. Was quite interesting, but levels were far too long.

4. Superchargers: This game is the first in the really good territory - this was awesome and I loved the Mario Kart gameplay.

3. Giants: Was even better, the last really good game until Superchargers.

2. Imaginators: It was really fun to just make your own Skylander like that - I had a lot of fun making my own Tech Skylander, The Gear-Grinder.

1. Spyro's Adventure: This game is simply classic. It's long, yes, but every little detail about it is perfect. The Kaos fight at the end, that one was the best.

5 Skylanders: SuperChargers
6 Skylanders: Imaginators

Definitely the best game. You get to create your own Skylander! There weren't as many new additions, one of the reasons I really liked Giants, and the figures themselves are relatively cheap compared to the other games' figures (I'm looking at you, Superchargers). Overall, it's an amazing game. It's a shame this came after the flop that was Superchargers.

Amazing. Superchargers was very sad for me, and this is way better. I don't know why Superchargers is rated higher...

I wish I didn't have to put this one in this position.
Making your own Skylander is just as good as the storyline.

7 Skylanders Battlegrounds

It was good as a mobile game, but it cannot compete with the likes of the console and 3DS versions.

8 Skylanders: Lost Islands
9 Skylanders: Ring of Heroes
10 Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
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11 Skylanders Battlecast
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