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1 Void Termina

Void Termina is a GOD. Stated to destroy planets, he easily blows every other kirby character (Kirby included) out of the water and then some. As Void, he is even more absurdly powerful. Kirby didn't really even kill him, as Void seems to be rather peaceful when being defeated.

As much as I love Void, he DID get killed by Drawcia. In fact, everyone except Kirby got killed by Drawcia. I guess that's kind of it. There's not a single Kirby character who is stronger than Drawcia other than Drawcia herself. Sorry Void, you were a good omnipotent creator God, but you've met your match in the form of a painting. RIP the Kirby-verse 😢.

2 Marx

One thing that most people forget is that we have no clue what Marx is truly capable of. When NOVA fulfilled his wish to rule Popstar, it's very likely that he only then received his powers (although him showing up in space questions this), meaning that he likely fought Kirby completely ill-prepared with no realistic knowledge on how to use the majority of his strength, hence his predictable attack pattern. But he also likely underestimated Kirby because of how strong he felt with his new powers, kinda like when we discover some ultra weapon in a game. Additionally, he was the first villain to be resurrected as a Soul Boss, an extremely terrifying force of power that very few other villains can truly fathom, and unlike Magolor who was brought back by the Master Crown, Marx's return was because his unconscious form (or corpse depending on if you believe throwing him into NOVA killed him) drew in the power of a cosmic wish-granting comet.

3 Magolor Magolor is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Dare I say Magolor is even stronger than Marx? Magolor is more powerful given the fact that his attacks in his boss fight are enhanced versions of the ones he already has, as seen in Magolor Epilogue and in his Helper Magolor form, where he indeed can create wormholes. Marx's attacks are completely given by NOVA and is nigh powerless without them.

Well, what do I say about magolor, he is insanely powerful! Do I really need to say all the insanely things he has done? And even when defeated, he destroys a whole dimension! Oh and don't even mention magolor soul! Overall, a pure powerhouse!

4 Morpho Knight

Morpho Knight is much more powerful than Galacta Knight for 2 reasons: Morpho Knight is actually canon, whereas Galacta Knight's status is unknown and thus nonexistent. As for the second reason, Morpho knight is shown to be capable of DELETING Kirby villains within seconds. How? He simply lands on them.

Galacta Knight beat Star Dream, and Morpho Knight one shotted Galacta Knight by turning him into dust. I mean wow was I shocked and amazed when I saw a butterfly kill Galacta Knight and turn into Morpho Knight.

5 Galacta Knight

Galacta Knight surpasses even Void Termina, because as seen in Super Kirby Clash he can summon the heart spears that can seal Void away. This is the whole reason Hyness had him taken out by Morpho Knight, as he knew Galacta Knight could destroy Void. Also, Galacta Knight has the ability to transform into extremely powerful light and dark forms, and he was only taken out by Morpho Knight because he had just fought Team Kirby in the final battle of Super Kirby Clash. It takes FOUR KIRBYS to take this monster down when he uses his full power, and he can one-shot them all with just one use of his heart spear move.

6 Dark Mind

Do I really need to say why he is so powerful?

7 Star Dream

Star dream proves to be a force to be reckoned with. Even with Meta Knight's Halberd, it takes ages for the Mother Computer to go down. They are also extremely resilient and are not going to go down until every last resource at their disposal is exhausted. He even merges with the enormous Access Ark and becomes even more deadly.

Yes Star dream got one shotted by Galacta Knight, but he recovered in no time. What is more, in his final stage, he turns into a NOVA! This AI is no joke!

Let's be real here Star Dream has THE longest list of powers in the entire Kirby series. It's basically infinite given that it's made by Haltmann to grant wishes.

8 Dark Meta Knight

Would I be crazy enough to say DMK is more powerful than Dark Mind? Yes. He is a playable character in Kirby Star Allies, meaning any feats Kirby accomplished in Story Mode, Heroes in Another Dimension, and The Ultimate Choice are also ones that DMK can lay claim to. He, using Sectonia as a puppet also came to attempting to destroy all of popstar.

I thought Galacta Knight defeated Meta knight but I was wrong Dark meta knight did.

He should be above Galacta. He defeated Meta Knight, while Galacta didn't.

9 Dark Matter

Dark Matter is an absolute beast. They have come dangerously close to destroying planets numerous times on occasion. Ripple star practically lives in fear of them. Unfortunately they are not gods.

10 Zero 2

O2 is a force to be reckoned with. As the main man behind dark matter, this already means they are more powerful than all the standard dark matter combined. They also can only be killed by 2 things: the Love-Love Stick and Ribbon's Crystal Shooter. They are also only a pawn to Void, so they are not THE most powerful.

The cause of all villains evilness.

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11 Shadow Kirby

The clone of kirby I mean does that rank him as Kirby's strongest enemy? I mean he's as strong a kirby a bit weaker but I mean if Kirby could beat someone like Galacta knight then a CLONE of him could

If Kirby can defeat Galacta Knight Why can Kirby's clone can't.

I remember this boss it was really hard I always got hit or died

12 Queen Sectonia

She is a spider who tried to kill the planet.

13 Meta Knight Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash... read more

MK is strong enought to survive a LOT; Kirby, brainwashing, getting turned into yarn, being mechanized. He is also very fast and strong enough to have the strength of the Robobot armour

I mean really just goona say one thing if you watched the T.V. show you would know he has one of the most powerful weapon in the universe the GALAXIA

Although I wouldn't call meta knight a villain, he is super strong

14 Taranza

The reason I voted for Taranza is because, first of all, he kidnapped Dedede, helping Sectonia in her rise to power, second of all, he turned Dedede INTO HIS OWN PERSONAL PUPPET, and third of all, at the end of the Sectonia battle in Triple Deluxe, he saved Dedede from falling TO HIS DEATH! Though that may not seem that impressive because Dedede can fly himself, Dedede is pretty heavy, am I right? Anyways, those are my reasons on why Taranza is one of the strongest Kirby villains. Also, I am kind of biased, because Taranza is my favorite Kirby character.

15 Hyness

Hyness created Void Termina I don't know why hyness is not higher on this list he is the true villain.

This crazy bastard sealed Galacta Knight, why is he so low?

I'm still stuck on corrupted hyness. I need help.

16 Nightmare/Orb

Morpho Knight's Japanese dicription says that the dreams of everyone in Dream Land are entire universes. Since Nightmare take control of all the dreams in Dream Land, that makes him high-multiversal at least.

In the dream world, he's insanely powerful, and even without the nightmare fuel, his cape can deflect the Star Rod.

17 President Haltmann

I mean he is very rich I can give you that his attacks are really strong.

18 Masked Dedede

My reason for choosing Masked Dedede is because he's a much stronger version of regular Dedede, and he also has a powered up hammer. What more do I need to say?

He is cool his theme is cool he's GOOD!

19 Francisca
20 Necrodeus

He super evil. He almost destroyed the Kirby race. So cool and evil

He is sooo evil. It's just wrong that he's not 1. He almost destroyed the race of Kirby

21 Zan Partizanne
22 Crazy Hand
23 Dark Daroach

A selfish master thief and universal threat.

24 King Dedede King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

D3 is strong enought to survive a LOT; Kirby, brainwashing, getting turned into yarn, being a puppet. He is also very tough and strong. Combine this with his ingenuity( he invented the masked dedede hammer, devised the Masked Hammer from KatFL, and uses the Jet hammer in the smash games

25 Drawcia
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