Top 10 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

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1 BioShock

Although BioShock is a great game, I personally don't think that it would work as a movie. The "Would you Kindly" twist would never work on the movies, because this is a twist made for videogames. BioShock Infinite would work better as a movie than the original BioShock.

I was thinking right when I clicked on this link, "Hmm, I think Bioshock would be the most awesome 'game to movie. '" Ahh, I wish they would do this! Big Daddies, Little Sisters, Rapture, plasmids... Ugh, would be amazing.

A game that's so good, it definitely deserves its own film. Although, this is a very easy film to screw up, so don't hope for the best.

2 Red Dead Redemption
3 Uncharted

I'm not a big gamer but I think Uncharted would be a great film with many intense adventure and action moments. Plus I adore the main character. He's so great

I would want to watch this movie, and I've never even played an Uncharted game!

They already are making the uncharted movie.

4 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Actually the protagonist Link does talk but the game makers left it out of the game. I support the idea of this video game being made into an action adventure movie or T.V. show. If it is eventually made into a movie or T.V. show, it could possibly be as popular as 'Lord or the Rings' or 'Game of Thrones'.

Action, adventure, mystery, it has it all. It is a great game. I think it should be turned into a Movie. Actually I think it's so good, it should be extended through a T.V. series with a bit of drama and romance tossed into it.

5 Grand Theft Auto

Some sweet cars, big cities, an all-star cast and tons of bling, money and greatness in a film adaptation of this? Bring it on. I would love to see every character from every game in just one nice film too. No need to make it difficult with side shoots and spin-offs.

Police chases, epic heists and humour. A Grand Theft Auto film might be the only good game based movie out there

It's already like a movie, good story, nice comedy, clubs... This should at least be top 5

6 Metal Gear Solid

I can actually see this working, but they would have to adapt Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake before they consider Metal Gear Solid, since it's the third game in the series.

As a major fan boy of this series, I would have to whole heartedly agree with this choice. This movie would be amazing if they did it right. The characters and story alone are amazing.

It would be awesome seeing someone acting as snake, he's the best game character EVER!

7 Dead Space

They made a movie like this its called 'The Thing' you know that classic sci fi horror that dead space completely coppied, the only difference is that dead space is in space.

Superb game with scary intense line, great graphics. Should be turned into movie franchise

8 Overwatch

If you watch the cinematic shorts you wonder why there is no movie of this game. Because they are amazing

9 Undertale

Ok, honesty I just clicked this because I like undertale, it doesn't really need a movie and definitely not be made by pixar or disney. it works as a video game and that's fine.

Yes. My Ideas
Name: Undertale
Rating: PG for mild language and some violence
Maker/Distributor: Dreamworks
Genocide for the moral struggle Frisk is put through
Cast (below)
Frisk: Jazz Jennings
Sans: Ryan Reynolds
Papyrus: Mel Blanc
Asgore: Mel Blanc
Toriel: Ellie Darcey-Alden
Flowey: Chris Pratt
Undyne: ?
Alphys: ?
Give me more suggestions please! I'm open to ideas. Ty for paying attention to my tiny bit of the internet.

10 Fallout 3

The game sucks but it would be cool.

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11 Call of Duty

Call of Duty modern warfare would be the best of these series. Either that or call of duty ghost.

Modern warfare is perfect if you piece it all together. You just have to play the games in order and memorize the characters. We can't exactely do that while where being shot at so a movie would be great. The movie would be perfect if they added some backstory to the characters like as if one of them was in love but a carcrash took her from him. He woke from a coma months later and than joined the army after trying to commit. Every character you play ad should have this. It would be perfect.

12 Minecraft

If someone is planning on making a movie dedicated to Minecraft, then the producers should do the same that Meledandri is doing woth the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie; getting the help from its creator. Although Notch isn't helping on Minecraft anymore, they could always ask Jeb.

I've heard they're trying to make it. Support all the way!

13 Pokemon

Yes. Oh, and also 1. the Pokemon 'movies' we have right now aren't for the games, they are just for the show and 2. Those so called 'movies' were just garbage in my opinion and it makes me feel embarrased. So yeah, a movie for the Pokemon games would be better. However if it ends up being inaccurate to the games or whatev then nope. If not, then fine. As long as it's not dark or bad or whatever.

There are already 21 pokemon movies, phew, that's a lot of bad movies!

But Pokemon has had many movies.

14 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

YES! But it would be really long

15 Heavy Rain

Being honest I do not think this would be a good movie. Considering one of the games main elements is how many different endings there are, how would they make it a movie? You can't have 1 movie with 17 endings

A high action and tense drama, it would be fitting for a Hollywood blockbuster and could show what the genre could offer.

I haven't played nor ever will.. But I had to vote because I know this would be a part:


16 Kingdom Hearts

If it's animated in the style of anime, while being done by Disney, I have a feeling this could become BIG!

17 L.A. Noire

Why this movie isn't first, I don't know. This was a well planned, well developed cinematic experience. A lot of the time I find myself being immersed more in the cinematic brilliance than in the game play. Clearly game play was second on the bucket list for the developers of this legendary game.

18 Assassin's Creed

The movie is soon to come! Although I am not a fan of the game, I hope it's good.

19 God of War

If I am rich film director I would made god of war movie franchise

20 The Legend of Zelda

For any Directors who are reading, make this video game into a T.V. show!

Actually, I was thinking for it to be made by Disney or Studio Ghibli.

The Legend of Zelda is a great video game series that should be turned into a T.V. series. It has been turned into a T.V. series before but that was just a cartoon, I'm talking about a realistic looking T.V. show like Game of Thrones. If turn into a T.V. series the first Legend of Zelda season would have to be about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword cause that came first out of the Legend of Zelda timeline than so on taking the Majora's mask alternate timeline cause that's obviously the best one. It would have action (link slashing at orks and goblins and shooting arrows at large bows and crating explosions!), mystery (e.g. characters and their history such as the seven sages), some drama, romance (between Link and Zelda ext.), and horror (Ganondorf with his army of orcs, goblins, trolls, slimes, ext.).

Here's my ideas:

Cause in every game its meant to be a different completely different time period (e.g. it has been 100 years since the last Link died and a new Link has been born), there is a different actor playing the characters in each season.

Ganondorf is more evil and bloody.

There are some dark sides to Link.

Link has a relationship with multiple woman adding drama and effect.

It shows the past when telling stories (such as how Link became an orphan for a reason).

There's some tragic twist (such as including characters dying in the final battles even though they didn't die in the games.

There are some Easter eggs about who some Characters will marry.

There is history about the lands (Hyrule) (such as Dragons are extinct and people didn't actually live their before but they came there and wiped out mythical creatures so that they could live there).

Also some more history (this is what I though of: Humans had destroyed the Earth so than Demise (before he died and became Ganondorf), Hylia (Zelda before she dies and became Zelda) and Link (with a different name if course) all created armies of... more

21 The Saboteur
22 Skyrim
23 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

It would be a really good idea, although it would be impossible to make. The game mostly includes characters from Nintendo, it includes characters from SEGA and Konami to and all three would have to think it is a great idea.

Oh yeah this would make an interesting movie too as long as it stay true to the characters and nobody gets tortured for no reason then okay.

Why not? I would love to see a bunch of video game characters fight to the death.

24 Halo: Combat Evolved

Peter Jackson was making a movie for Halo but it got cancelled because their funding was cut. I was so sad, it looked amazing.

Halo is the one series why is there no true halo movie no forward into down Dosen't really count. I want a true halo movie of chief being badass and beating covenant

YES! You watch. This movie will be made eventually.

25 Grand Theft Auto IV
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