Worst Friday Night Funkin' Weeks

The Top Ten
1 Week 1 (Daddy Dearest)

The worst week in Friday Night Funkin is the first one, and really it was an easy pick. None of the weeks in Friday Night Funkin' are actually bad, if anything nearly all songs in the game are somewhat of a bop, but when you play literally any other week in the game, and then go back to Week 1, you notice just how basic it is. The stage which you sing on, is literally just a stage, with no interesting details or people. Just a stage. Daddy Dearest is a pretty good villain, and his songs are like..., basic. In Bobepo, he's just testing you, to see if you know the basics. Very slow-going and monotonous song that doesn't do much. With Fresh, Daddy Dearest is testing you a little harder and again, this song is simply just meh. The beat-boxing is very out of place for this game, and the numerous voice-cracks is kind of grating. The melody is chill but it's still basic. Dadbattle is probably the only great song in the game. As it takes what you've learned so far blends it into a final battle. And overall, Dadbattle is the one song that holds this week together. Without it, it would've just been a boring and uninteresting week.

2 Week 2 (Spooky Month)

Week 2 is the most harmless week of the bunch. It doesn't try to do anything super big like Week 4 or 7, but at the same time, it doesn't lie too low like Week 1 or 3. It's just a Week in Friday Night Funkin' which I enjoy playing every now and then. Skid and Pump, the antagonists are probably my favourite guest characters of the bunch. They don't scream out "Look at me I'm a classic Newgrounds character" as much as Pico or Tankman. Originally there were only two songs for this week, but they didn't waste them, as Spookez is actually one of my favourite songs. The spooky halloween atmosphere shines right through the song, and it wouldn't actually feel out of place in something like Mario. South isn't as memorable as Spookez, but it's feels more like Friday Night Funkin'. Well that's a good collection. Then in the Week 7 update, this week got an additional song, to make it three songs like every other week. I hope it doesn't drag down this week..., oh *bleep*. Monster is the worst song in the entire game. There's literally nothing interesting about it. It's just a generic halloween song with lyrics that are trying to be as edgy and inapproriate as possible, like I am gonna eat your girlfriend. I take back what I said about Week 3 being edgy. It's nothing like this abomination. Ah well, Week 2 could've been higher had it not been for this.

3 Week 6 (Hating Simulator)

Two of my favourite things of all time are video games, and anime. What would happen if you merged the two? Well you'd get the second best week in Friday Night Funkin', Week 6. It's the first one to feature actual cutscenes in-between songs, so that you have at least a little bit of an idea on what is going on. But that's not really important, it's everything else. A detail I love about it is how each of the three songs have their own kind of genre. Senpai is strictly anime-based. Thorns is more video game, and Roses is the middle ground. And all songs are great. Senpai is one of my top three songs in the game. It's so stereotypically anime that it hurts, and I love that, and Roses is one of the catchiest songs. And they're both sung by my favourite villain in Friday Night Funkin', Senpai. The only thorn in this week is Thorns. It's also a good song, but alongside Senpai and Roses, it's doesn't really fit as well. Like that ending cutscene was way too creepy for me the first time I played it.

4 Week 7 (Tankman)

Right in the middle of my ranking sits Week 7. Both literally, and metaphorically. In my opinion, Week 7 takes the good from my top three weeks, and the bad of my bottom three weeks. It's a good week, where the good is really good, and the bad is kind of disappointing. If we were merely ranking these weeks based on the effort put into them, Week 7 would easily be highest up. This one, and Week 6 are the only ones with cutscenes in-between songs, and Tankman comes with some great one-liners, and it adds a lot of personality to the week. The best cutscene is easily before the last song though, Stress, where Tankman orders his troops to fire Girlfriend, but then Pico comes out of nowhere shoots all the Tankmen, rescuing Girlfriend. And during the song that follows after, Stress, has Pico shooting the tankmen in sync with the music, while Boyfriend and Tankman rap out the final battle. The atmosphere is just perfect in this song, it truly feels like a final boss. The beginner song, Ugh, is also pretty good, as it gets you pumped up and is generally just iconic. Week 7 could've been even higher had it not been for Guns. Seriously, why take a perfectly good week, and waste it on this forgettable tune? Guns is one of the most boring and tasteless songs in the game. Not as bad as Monster obviously, but still just..., bad.

5 Week 3 (Pico)

I bet you didn't see this one coming. Week 3 seems to be, from what I've seen, a fan-favourite among people. And the main reason as to why is Pico. Pico was originally a character from Pico's School, a flash game on Newgrounds, where you have a school to shoot up. And since Friday Night Funkin' is newgrounds, a lot of these classic Newgrounds characters have made appearences in this game. And Week 3 is probably the most "Newgrounds" week from them all. Not just because of Pico, but just the general atmosphere. It's dark, it's purplish, it's cartoonish. Unfortunately that's also why this week is so low. Week 3 tries too hard to be you know edgy..., and dark, and it suffers in quality as a result. The songs in Week 3 are probably the most forgettable of the bunch, as they all sound way too similar to each other, and have that edgy city tone. Philly Nice in particular is just..., what. On the other hand, I think Pico and Blammed are good songs. They're slightly more interesting, even if I don't like the "city"-vibe of them.

6 Week 5 (Red Snow)

Week 5 is surprisingly from what I've seen, the least popular week among the Friday Night Funkin' fanbase, and all I want to ask is..., why? Sure I know it's not as crazy as Week 4, nor does it introduce any new characters, but Week 5 is honestly one of the strongest points in the game. Despite being released a month after, Week 5 is christmas-themed, and I think the christmas atmosphere greatly shines through all three songs, and these songs are probably the most consistently good ones in the game. Cocoa (the most hated song in the game) is one of the most chill songs in the game. It feels like you're just christmas shoppnig with your family, and Eggnog is a bit more chaotic but still has that comfy christmas vibe. However, Winter Horrorland is where it's really at, being one of my top three songs in the entire game. Ok, I know what you're thinking. I just spent at least a few seconds ranting about Monster, but yet I think Winter Horrorland is one of the best songs? Well yes, both are lyrical songs that focus too hard on being edgy, however, the difference is that Winter Horrorland, unlike Monster, also has an actually good melody, while Monster was just your cliché spooky song. Not to mention the lyrics are a little more original than simply just "I'm going to eat your girlfriend". Overall, Week 5. One word, painfully underrated.

7 Week 4 (Mommy Must Murder)

The best week is of course, none other than Week 4, Mommy Must Murder.