Top Ten Best "Geek" Movies

The Top Ten

1 Star Wars

What else can be said? This movie is the king of geek movies. It basically started the world of Sci-Fi. I love these movies every single time I watch them. I hope Disney doesn't screw up the remakes. They probably will.

2 Lord of the Rings

This is my favourite film franchise. Because I'm a nerd. - PositronWildhawk

The insane amount of adventure and epic battles and heroics in this movie makes me love it. This movie gave light to the incredible books written by J.R. R Tolkien and has made its place beside iconic movies. There's no doubt why it's an oscar winning film series.

3 Star Trek

These are incredible movies and also helped to create the Sci-Fi. While it is fierce competition with Star Wars, I still think Star Wars is better. Everything about this movie is amazing. And who doesn't love Spock?

4 Harry Potter

Nah I'm not a geek. (Except for the stereotype wearing glasses = geek) I've been a Harry Potter fan for years.

Ok. The books are the best piece of children's literature. Who cares about classics! This movie have us a look inside Harry's world just as how most of us imagined it in the book. These books made me wish I could become a wizard. The movies made me feel like I was there.

Best movie series I ever seen

5 The Dark Knight

First of all. Christian BALE. Second this actually captured Batman in decent special effects quality. Being at least somewhat close to the comics better than other batman movies.

6 The Amazing Spider-Man

Tobey Maguire is a better Spider-Man than Andrew Garfield. In this movie they actually got Peter's sass down. I loved the Green Goblin but he wasn't as menacing as he should have been.

7 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This movie was awesome. Top notch plot and suspense and gave a realistic vibe of government secrecy. (SPOILERS) The way they revealed Hydra was a little bit cliche but I think overall this movie was great. Ps Falcon is a bad ass.

8 The Wolverine

Finally in this movie wolverine actually calls somebody bub.

9 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This is one of the only instances where the sequel improves upon the original! This movie was incredible! The cliff-hanger ending was perfection, the suspense just kills you!

10 Deadpool

Pewdiepie is like DP

The Contenders

11 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This movie was pretty darn good. A better plot than Thor: The Dark World. I love Jamie Foxx's Electro, while it wasn't close to the comics it still made him a great character. Gwen and Peter are the cutest couple and I love how the movie had a pivotal focus on their relationship.

12 Man of Steel

While I think they could have stuck to the comics a bit more this movie had amazing cinematography, it looked really professional. Lois was ok, Zod was amazing.

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