Top 10 Best Genshin Impact Characters

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1 Bennett

Bennett is so versatile and his burst is probably my favourite in the game, the healing is so broken and he can slightly increase your attack, especially if you're a pyro. Also, he's just super likable and you can't hate the guy even if you tried.

Extremely versatile, very loveable, and amazing to have on a team.

2 Venti

Deemed as the greatest bard in the world.

I love this bard/god

3 Diluc

Flattery serious devil.

4 Albedo
5 Amber

My main, people who hate on her just don't know how to use her well and didn't raise her enough. As soon as they saw another pyro character they dropped her. It's very sad.

6 Chongyun
7 Beidou
8 Barbara

Really strong! She is a vital part of my team.

Barbara is a good child

9 Lumine
10 Paimon

She's quite funny, only because people keep calling her "emergency food".

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? Arataki Itto
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11 Aether
12 Fischl
13 Kaeya

Aside from being, in my opinion, the best looking character in this game by a rather generous margin, his backstory and personality are rich all in colour, flavour and texture. I find it unfortunate that so many people don't bother giving him any second thought since he gives off the impression of being quite the flirty prick, on top of being nerfed in game when it comes to fighting. The thing is that his attitude is a firm consequence of his past, and he's factually one of the most brilliant characters in the game to this day, which I think is well proved by his tactical and rational thinking. He does lack empathy at times, but as I mentioned before he experienced extreme shocks at a very young age. There's definitely a lot more depth to his personality than I would have expected, but it's a shame he gets overshadowed because you most likely wouldn't guess how much of more of a complex character he is unless you really make the effort to either unlock all of his friendship stories, ...more

14 Tartaglia (Childe)
15 Hu Tao

Hu Tao's damage is crazy, . I love Hu Tao's dark humour too. She's definitely my favourite

16 Dainsleif

Yet Mihoyo still hasn't released him as a playable character like they were supposed to promise..

17 Lisa
18 Xiao

Xiao is one of the best, well-rounded charecters in the game. His story, strength and ablities make him beyond enjoyable to play as.

19 Ganyu

I don't have Ganyu because she's too hard to get but she's really OP from what I heard.

20 Klee

Klee is a pretty good damage dealer, her bombs do a lot of damage.

21 Zhongli

His shield is very OP and his petrification is amazing.

22 Yae Miko
23 Keqing
24 Qiqi

Qiqi is a great healer by the way and her burst in underrated.

25 Madame Ping
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