Top 10 Good Movies with Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores

There are times when critics would bash on a movie that isn't even that bad. So I created this list.

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1 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad Product Image

Score: 26%
After I watched Suicide Squad, I IMMEDIATELY started working on this list because at this point, I do not understand critics! Suicide Squad is AWESOME! The characters were great! The action was great! I especially liked Will Smith as Deadshot! I also really liked Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn! I'd like to harley her quinn. At the theater I went to, they gave everyone a poster with Harley Quinn on it. I will definitely be hanging it on my wall. The Joker is also in it but don't get too excited. He's more of a supporting character. I was kind of upset that someone spoiled the villain for me before I watched the movie, but I won't spoil it here. Also, be sure to stay midway through the credits. I hope we get to see more of these characters! How is it that Iron Man 2 has a 72% but Suicide Squad has a 26%? I know there are probably more people that like Marvel but I can't give them that excuse. It seems like critics just love to bash on DC films.

The only thing good about the movie was Will Smith and Margot Robbie, if you completely ignore their performance you'll see that the story was a hot mess. Think about they quickly completely rewrote the story because the feared people wouldn't like the original, the actors didn't even know what was going on in the movie until they were filming, because they were writing it while they were still film. They should have kept the film how they originally had it, it might of actually been good, because rushed films are never good.

I liked the movie a lot! It had it all: action, fantasy, comedy, romance, horror, good guys and good girls, BAD GUYS AND BAD GIRLS... Some people say it's a trash, but that's just someone's opinion. Critics are just a people who share there opinion about something. Let me ask:,If the movie was so disappointing, how could it be so popular and on the list of 100 fastest box office grossing movies? " Of course it was great for someone who is terribly bored of watching superheroes all the time.,If you don't like there story, write yours." That is my opinion.

Why do people like this movie? It sucks from beginning to end, I can't save anything about this movie, worst of the year by far, the ones that like this movie don't know nothing about movies and are retarded, the movie doesn't even have a plot, bad cast, music, direction, production, argument, everything is bad.

P.D. I am not a marvel or dc fanboy, I don't care actually, I just like super hero movies but this was offensive, it would be the worst super hero movie if the amazing spider-man 2 didn't exist

Suicide Squad was trash. Choppy and bad editing, awful villain, same old cliche "portal in the sky" bull, barely any Joker, the action sequences were iffy, and the soundtrack, which is great, but doesn't fit well at all in some scenes. It seemed like DC tried way too hard to make it not so dark and gritty as Batman v Superman that it seems the movie doesn't know what it wants to be. While I think 26% is a little too low, it still doesn't deserve to be on this list, let alone #1

2 Home Alone Home Alone Product Image

62% is ridiculous! Home Alone is a classic and is considered one of the best Christmas films of all time! When you check out the consensus among other people, this movie deserves at least 80%.

Score: 55%
Home Alone is about a kid who gets left behind when his family goes on a Christmas vacation and he ends up having to deal with two burglars who get into the house. Sounds amazing, right? I don't like this film as much as everyone else does but the fact that this has a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes kind of bothers me. It seems like a pretty good family film and a great one to watch during the holidays.

The first two shouldn't deserve a low rating. The first should be higher than 62%. And the second shouldn't deserve a 30%. It should be certified fresh. However, the last three deserve the rotten rating.

One of the best films ever made seriously. As for Suicide Squad it is an average film not as bad as it says but still not as good as Home Alone.

3 Madagascar Madagascar Product Image

Has a good story for 1 and 2. 3 lost it but still better than most for colorful. Sure it's not Pinar, but pixar had some recent stinkers. Better than shrek.

This innocent film is better than The Wild. The Wild copies this film and that is why people even me like this film.

We need to get suicide squad out off the list

Better than all pixar movies

4 Forrest Gump Forrest Gump Product Image

I think that 72�'% is a very good score. This is not a bad movie but many films are way better than " Forrest Gump ". The nominations that this film did get were exagerated ( it is not the masterpiece of all time! ) so, I think it's fair to give better films more percentages.

This film has already got a 72% rating which is a good score. Then why the hell is this film on this list.

It deserved a higher rating than that obviously then just simply good.

Um, 72% isn't a bad score. Anything under 60% would be considered bad. Who added this anyway?

72%!? Get that weak stuff outta here. This is one of the best movie is ever made.

5 Space Jam Space Jam Product Image

Score: 36%
Mmm... space jam. As you probably don't know, I am a huge Looney Tunes fan! I loved Looney Tunes ever since I was a kid! This movie didn't disappoint me! It has the same humor that we are used to in Looney Tunes and it's pretty creative. Some aliens gain basketball skills after stealing them from professional basketball players so it's up to the Looney Tunes and MJ (Michael Jordan) to get the powers back by beating the aliens in a basketball game. Also, Lola makes her first appearance in this film. This was the first of two times in which I found a rabbit to be attractive. Because Judy Hopps from Zootopia is pretty hot too. For what this movie is, it's pretty good and I don't think it deserves the hate it gets.

Drop everything! They're making a sequel. They even got LeBron James for the main role.

This movie is really weird yet so likable at the same time.

No this movie was a boring Loony Tunes movie!

6 Transformers Transformers Product Image

I loved this movie! This is the only movie in the franchise that is even worth watching. All the others painfully lag behind the original.

My score: 80%
This and the third one are the best Transformers movie, the rest are mediocre or worse.

Update: Include Bumblebee as well, I said this before it came out.

A classic robotic action movie that helped shape other good movies in my generation.

Sucks, all the transformers movie suck, only peasants like it

7 Hook Hook Product Image

Score: 30%
I am "hooked" on this movie. This is my second favorite Robin Williams movie! With number one being Aladdin of course. The storyline is very creative! Peter Pan forgets his past and he returns to Neverland. The actors did such a great job in this film. I surprisingly liked Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and Dustin Hoffman was an impressive Captain Hook. I really like the lost boys, especially Rufio! Rufio is played by Dante Basco who also played Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I absolutely don't get the hate that critics have for this movie. It is a great film for both kids and adults.

Boring, joyless film. It deserves its critical reputation.

Are you kidding me? This movie is amazing!

I really like this movie.

8 Brother Bear Brother Bear Product Image

A beautiful artwork of a film with an amazing soundtrack and cultural color. There are also many good laughs and heart warming moments.

This, The Fox and the Hound, and Oliver & Company are the best Disney movies on this list! They all deserve FAR better than they all got! Look further down for my other comments!

Score: 38%
Very underrated film! How is it that something like this gets 38% and something as bad as Hercules gets 83%? Brother Bear is a cute, kind-hearted movie and can also be emotional sometimes. It also has a very good soundtrack by Phil Collins who also did the soundtrack for Tarzan. I know the idea of a man being turned into a bear is kind of weird but I feel like the heart in this film and the beautiful animation makes up for it.

I never understood why the critics hated this movie. The animation was beautiful, the story was fantastic with some good lessons for the fun characters to learn, and it's something the whole family can enjoy. It's everything you would expect from a Disney movie, which is why I can't understand why this would be rated so low at the same level as Home on the Range and Chicken Little.

9 Man of Steel Man of Steel Product Image

Score: 55%
Man of Steel in my opinion is one of the better Superman films. The action is great, the actors are great, I find it to be pretty awesome! Henry Caville is surprisingly amazing as Clark Kent/Superman. This movie, however, has some of the worst product placement I've ever seen. Other than that, I really like this movie. There are many critics that hate it due to it being a bad representation of Superman, but if you see it as its own thing, it's not that bad.

You fanboys should be happy when this awful overrated trash got a 55% when. it should of got only 20%. I feel critics are too partial to Snyder movies.

I genuinely think this is one of the greatest super hero films ever made

Kinda good but boring, a 70% would have been great

10 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Product Image

Score: 54%
Keep in mind, if it wasn't for this movie, they wouldn't have updated the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland to include Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. Now, I know this sequel is a step back from the first Pirates film, but that doesn't mean it's particularly bad. It's still pretty fun. Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is still enjoyable and it has some entertaining battle scenes. There's an entire sword fight that takes place on a giant roll away wheel. That is very awesome! There's going to be a 5th movie next year and with the Rotten Tomatoes scores for these movie getting lower with each movie, I wonder how it will end up. Dead Man's Chest is not as good as the first movie but still a good time. It is definitely a pirate's life for me.

I like Dead Man's Chest and At World's End as much, if not more, than Curse of the Black Pearl. I never got why critics don't like them. They are visualy stunning, the action is great, the sets, costumes, make-up and cgi are spectacular, they're so epic, fun and creative, the soundtrack is one of the best of the 21st century and even though the jokes aren't as good as in the 1st one, they're funnier than the 4th or the 5th one. I can't understand not liking them because they are too complex, epic,dramatic, have too many characters and too many betrayals, like, the same thing applies for masterpieces like reservoir dogs, 12 angry men, the h8ful 8, inglorious basterds, lord of the rings, game of thrones etc. I'm not saying Pirates 2 and 3 are as good as these movies/ T.V. shows, they're not even close. But I just can't get why people don't like them. If you stop comparing them to the original and actualy be subjective then you will love them.

One of the most iconic movie franchises even I hope it never ends

Rotten tomato sucks

The Contenders

11 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Product Image

This film based on the Hunter S. Thompson novel of the same name is an ode to an American legend and does the book justice. There is no underlying plot besides proving that America is a superfluous absurdity. Excessive exaggerations of the American Dream that most likely died somewhere between the Vietnam war and the present day. This is a wonderful film all-in-all. I think it exposes the human condition for what it is which is a comical absurdity and provides us with an honest and fantastic truth that we have no actual idea why we are here on planet earth.

A brilliant movie that, at different times, captures the wild savagery of Gonzo journalism and the poetic beauty of Thompsons words. Excellently acted by Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro, this movie is hilarious, sometimes disturbing, thought provoking and always entertaining.

Rotten tomatoes needs to get off their high horse and realize they are bad critics

I think this movie is OK. I can see why some love it and others hate it.

12 Oliver & Company Oliver & Company Product Image

Just like The Fox and the Hound, this should have a 95%! This ranks up there with The Fox and the Hound as one of the best underrated Disney movies!

This is such a cute movie. You can't go wrong with Disney.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 44%
My score: 84%
(This was my childhood) - BlazingParasol

Disney1994 will go apesh- when he sees the percentage for this movie.

13 Spaceballs Spaceballs Product Image

This is probably one of the funniest spoof movies I've seen!

How did this get a low score if it's so hilarious?

57%? What the hell, Rotten Tomatoes?

Rotten tomato sucks

14 Basic Instinct Basic Instinct Product Image

Douglas was great. I've had better hookers than Stone.

15 Tron: Legacy Tron: Legacy Product Image

Score: 51%
I honestly don't know why people hate this film. There's probably a good reason but I just don't see it. I'm not saying this is one of the best Disney films ever but I still enjoyed it. The original Tron wasn't really that good and yet that one got a 70%. I thought the characters in this one were really likeable. Olivia Wilde as Quorra was my favorite thing in the movie. Jeff Bridges was pretty good too. But the thing that absolutely blew my mind was how they used CGI to make Jeff Bridges look young. I have never seen anything like it before at the time! They did the same thing with Michael Douglas in Ant-Man and Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War. This is such a visually entertaining movie and definitely worth watching!

There's a reason that this film wasn't liked by critics: it was boring & as clichéd as it comes. I'm not saying the original Tron was much good either, but at least it had the novelty of innovating special effects and gave film some iconic moments, mainly the light cycles. This doesn't innovate, and beyond a great soundtrack by Daft Punk, it doesn't give you very much.

This is a goodass film.


16 The Angry Birds Movie The Angry Birds Movie Product Image

This movie is pretty decent but bad because Angry Birds games have unnecessary spinoffs (like Angry Birds Evolution or Kart GO! ). Fortunately, I actually saw a funny moment where Chuck and Bomb drank a water from a so-called Lake Of Wisdom, which The Eagle lubricated (peed) the lake and made a reaction. Very funny, but the Emoji Movie don't have funny moments but Angry Birds Movie was way more better than Emoji Movie. The first iconic app of all time was dead and the sequel was better unlike the spinoffs (except Bad Piggies). I don't really care about Rotten Tomatoes though.

This movie is not amazing, but honestly, my expectations were so low I got surprised. If you compare to the Emogy movie, this one looks like citizen kane. We expected nothing from an app game where you crush towers, but the movie was enjoyable.

I like how this movie came out after Angry Birds was pretty much forgotten. I mean, seriously? They turned a decent app (which is dead) into a God-awful movie.

I wanted to like it, but it's your modern slew of "try to appeal to the young teen market", and it came out THREE YEARS after no one cared about the app.

17 Man on Fire Man on Fire Product Image

Densely at his best. Definitely a must see.

Stupid movie with stupid actors.

18 The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk Product Image

Uh 67% Is Okay Actually

19 A Goofy Movie A Goofy Movie Product Image

This movie is so good, it should've had a 70%

I thought it was funny

20 Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Product Image
21 The Fox and the Hound The Fox and the Hound Product Image

Really, this should have a FAR higher score than 70%! Should be a 95% AT LEAST! This movie ranks with Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King as one of the greatest Disney movies EVER! Not even Frozen is as good as this!

I really don't like this film anymore. It just really boring now

My new score is a 50%

It's at a 69%, that's not bad.

I Want To Like This Movie, But Disney1994 Ruined This Movie For Me

22 Minions Minions Product Image

Minions is pretty funny which means it should of got 86

Kinda not so good but still cool

Horrible, why keep the fandom alive?!

It should be higher than 55%

23 Saw Saw Product Image

Score: 48%
I remember when I "saw" this movie. Lol. Do I even need to explain why the critics are wrong on this one? It's saw! One of the best horror movies ever! It's well acted, well scripted, and absolutely horrifying! This movie just keeps you guessing who the killer is. To this day, I still see Jigsaw in my nightmares! If there was any horror movie worth watching, it would be Saw! And maybe Conjuring 2.

Saw was only intended to pe a trilogy, which is why 4-7 are more torture porn. In my opinion, 1,2,3 and Jigsaw are the only good ones.

The only good movie of the entire franchise, and has a low score, what?

There are only 4 good movies and 4 witch ar torture porn

24 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Boo this movie

25 The Sandlot The Sandlot Product Image

Silly, but brilliant! Nothing can top it for inspiring little ones!

A masterpiece! Screw what the critics say!

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