Alternate History: If Hitler Never Betrayed Stalin

Turkeyasylum World War 2 had a long line of radical people to take power. There's Adolf Hitler, who incarcerated Jews (he actually wasn't the one who came up with the idea of killing them), Joseph Stalin, who killed anyone who disagreed with them or sent them to Siberian labor camps, Benito Mussolini, a fascist who killed people against his fascist views and attacked Ehiopea, and many others. At before WWII, Hitler and Stalin were great friends. They decided to attack Poland together by framing Poland. Poland was then split in half by Germany and the USSR. But Hitler wanted all of the Soviet Union, so he attacked the USSR, abused his troops, and lost because of Russian winter. But what would have happened withut this betrayal? There are a few possible scenarios to go with, so I'll explain all of them.

1) Hitler and Stalin agree to stay united, and both follow the Non-Agression Pact. As a result, Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, and Mussolini agree to form the Axis together. The United States, whose economy was in shambles, and the UK, who actually had a strong economy at the time, decide to make peace talks because theu would lose the the larger Axis. The peace talks are simply a strong chance for Hitler and Stalin to get more land. The two countries feel safe, and Axis forces annex both of them when they don't expect it. This would result in an extremely large Axis-controlled area. After the Axis take over all of Europe and the Americas, they decide they have enough land. Their government lasts about 10 years in peace. They agree to decolonize Africa and Asia and focus on Nazifying the US and UK. All the Axis then join to form a mega-Axis country. Then, the government falls apart. All the Axis-controlled areas revolt to try to break free. This takes years, and the countries declare independence much later due to Nazi power. The US gets its independence in 1992, and the UK in 2001. As a result, all of Europe and the Americas are extremely war-torn and unstable. This leaves room for India, South Africa, Australia, and Nigeria to take global power, with other places.

2) In this case, Germany and the USSR agree to join together, fine with their land. Italy and Japan remain unchanged. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor as usual, and the USA reacts by doing nothing. They make peace with the Axis, and the Axis and Allies remain in tension for years. This causes an early and larger "cold war". The UK then bombs Moscow later on, and overthrows the government in Germany/USSR. The UK makes "ally military districts", which are areas where a different Ally government control to become Ally areas. Japan turns to an Ally at this point, but only to have the USSR retain its Communism, and leave it alone. Manchuria and Korea are given their independence by Japan, as well as Taiwan and Hawaii. The USSR is still around today, and Communist. China is also Commuist. Japan, the UK, and America are allies in all ways. Germany still struggles to get back into shape. And, due to the less amount of war, the world is far more developed.

I hope you enjoyed the read. The next one I will do is about the United States staying with Britain.


Hitler had no plans of invading entire Soviet Union, he just wanted to invade its western part mainly till the Finnish border in the North of Leningrad, Kiev and Moscow. This was enough for Hitler and he knew it, it would have given him the resources he wanted.
Winter was just a minor Obstacle, that too in late 1941 when his troops were advancing, the main problem was poor tactical planning. He lost the entire 6th Army of 500,000 men and some 10,000 tanks and artillery pieces because weaker Hungarian and Romanian division were defending the occupied territory, they lost, got the entire 6th Army surrounded by Soviet troops and with the supply of food and resources cut off, the entire army starved or died of cold.
The 6th Army was enough for invading the USSR but poor tactical planning was the biggest obstacle. - yatharthb

*Facepalm* what came to my mind when I said "all"? You are correct that he had no plans to invade the whole Soviet Union. I'm going to change that typo. And I did point out that Hitler did not prepare his troops adequately, but I should point that out more. - Turkeyasylum

Hitler never betrayed stalin. It's your misconception. Whatever hitler did, was in front of everyone, he wasn't the lame one to betray. The word 'betray' is not made for him. - Ananya

The two countries had a peace agreement, but it was Hitler who broke it. - Turkeyasylum

I like the 2nd view because it is more realistic - 2storm

The only thing that was bad about Hitler was that he killed so many Jews and he became racist. Starting WW2 wasn't that bad without the Holocaust, since the only reason why Hitler started the war was because of WW1, which the ALLIES started! - visitor