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21 Katatonia Katatonia Katatonia is a Swedish metal band formed in Stockholm in 1991 by Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström. The band has released nine studio albums spanning the course of three decades, and their tenth studio album, The Fall of Hearts was released on May 20, 2016.

And what exactly is "Katatonia" doing here at 37th position? Katatonia is one of the best metal banda out there. Their songs such as "unfurl" and "for my demons" are a pieces of true art!

Love Katatonia but it isn't really gothic metal. It's it's own genre, it went from death-doom to alternative doom, but has never been gothic.

Once of the best bands in the world, but is strange and no have a only musical genre defined.

22 Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes is a German-Norwegian symphonic metal band from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany.

I cannot understand why this band hasn't appeared before! One of the best bands in the gothic panorama, much more authentic than Manson or Evanescence. Liv Kristin: the haunting voice from the early and greatest years of Theatre of Tragedy. Thumbs up for them, please!

They are just wonderful!

23 Xandria Xandria Xandria is a German symphonic metal band, founded by Marco Heubaum in 1997. The band's music combines elements of symphonic metal with light electronic elements.

Very good band! Deserves to be among the first places!

Xandria with Manuela Kraller is awesome!

24 Celtic Frost Celtic Frost Celtic Frost was a Swiss extreme metal band from Zürich. They are known for their heavy influence on extreme metal genres.
25 Charon

Charon is a GREAT band few people listen to. If you like Paradise Lost and Lacuna Coil, you'll love them. They are real good. A true Gothic metal band. They aren't posers like evanescence, epica and marilyn manson... -. -

Great skill, meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies. Amazing band, great motivational music.

26 Deathstars

I don't listen Gothic much but I did listen deathstars ad evanessence so I think death Star actually deserves to be number 1.

Combining all the classicness of past goth greats and creating their own bundle of joy

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27 Anathema

Without Anathema, Paradise Lost and My dying bride we won't be here speaking about gothic metal: listen to "The Silent Enigma", "Alternative 4" or "Eternity" albums... Great sounds and atmospheres!

28 Theatres des Vampires

ACTUAL Gothic Metal. Not your whiny hot topic crap (Evanescence and Nightwish, I'm looking at you).

29 Motionless In White Motionless In White Motionless in White, often abbreviated MIW, is an American metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Probably the best modern goth metal band ever. They mix a deathcore-driven angry sound with gothic themes and amazing melodic music. These guys aren't metalcore, they're the definition of modern gothic metal and truly deserve the top spot at this list.

I really like how they've stepped away from the Metalcore scene (thank god). I know a lot of people criticize their newer stuff, but it's definitely better than their old stuff. They've finally found a genre that suits them and, personally, I love it.

There first stuff was utter crap. The Whorrer sounded like pubescent boys on their man-period. But take into account MIW's newer stuff- Specifically Infamous and Reincarnate. Off of Infamous, America is definitely not super heavy- but still an insane track. And compare Reincarnate, City Lights, and Immaculate Misconception- they're all completely different but still sound original and incredible. They're all amazingly talented. Motionless In White IS the definition of Gothic Metal. - StainedGlassEyes

I like motionless in white - SatansPrincess666

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30 Trail of Tears
31 Apocalyptica Apocalyptica Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 1993. The band is composed of classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén.
32 The 69 Eyes

Great songs like "gothic girl" and a couple more. - SatansPrincess666

I just love their recent works

33 Darkseed V 1 Comment
34 Kamelot Kamelot Kamelot is an American power metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner in 1991. The Norwegian vocalist Roy Khan joined for the album Siége Perilous, and shared songwriting credit with Youngblood until his departure in April 2011. On June 22, 2012, Youngblood announced more.

Kamelot - Most awesome band ever, hands down. The composition is exquisite, the execution is perfect both in studio and live, and the whole band really contributes in a meaningful way. Just listen to "Torn" from their new CD, Silverthorn, and tell me they aren't incredible.

KAMELOT IS AWESOME! I don't know how I would live without this band, its literally given me a Reason To Live "that's Ayreon, yeah but the singer Tommy was singing that. So I can say that?! Yep ok thanks"

35 Katra
36 My Dying Bride My Dying Bride My Dying Bride are an English doom metal band formed in Bradford, England in 1990. To date, My Dying Bride have released twelve full-length studio albums, three EPs, one demo, one box set, four compilation albums, one live album, and one live CD/DVD release.

Amazingly haunting, provokes the same feeling you get if your bride was dying, but also arouses Tolkien type imagery as well

Come on... I mean for cereal My Dying Bride should be top 10 AT LEAST!

Dimmu Borgir isn't goth. Nightwish isn't goth. My dying bride is most certainly goth

Gothic darkness approaching epic

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37 Lake of Tears

There's just something overwhelmingly true, natural and genuine in their minimalistic yet perfect pieces. They don't sound like they're trying too hard, their music is simple and beautiful. Also, seemingly sad and mournful music hides some sort of joy and happiness. If I was to describe what I feel when listening to them in one word, it would definitely be,peace".

38 The Gathering

I don't consider them "Goth" but a great band nonetheless.

39 Amorphis Amorphis Amorphis is a Finnish metal band formed in 1990. Initially, the band was a death metal act, but on later albums they have evolved into playing other genres, such as folk metal and progressive metal.
40 Mortal Love

Awesome goth metal band one of the best I have ever heard along with deathstars oh anthema is good but not goth metal

Manson (n)! Sucks!

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