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101 Heaven
102 Given Up - Linkin Park

It should be at least in top 30

103 Good Times, Bad Times
104 Mama, I'm Coming Home
105 Metal Health

This is one of the best song of quiet riot

106 Round And Round

The only reason this is this low is because Ratt never developed a name. But do this experiment with someone that doesn't really know the song. Have them listen to it and ask the what they thought. every time you do this, the other person is totally psyched about the song. Rate just doesn't have the name. Shane. Awesome song!

RATT'n'ROLL goes round and round and round

107 It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll) V 1 Comment
108 Master of Puppets

32...! It should have been on top 10...! Vote for this song people... You wouldn't understand Metallica unless you hear this...

It's not hard rock. Not even heavy metal. It's thrash metal. - zxm

The best song I ever heard off guitar.. Iget hell of energy and self confidence when I m about to loose control

109 Aenima
110 The Funeral of Hearts
111 Wind of Change - Scorpions
112 Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
113 Rainbow In the Dark
114 Cat Scratch Fever
115 I Just Want You
116 Keep On Rocking In the Free World

A very good song by a folk-rock artist. The lyrics of this song is very meaningful. - zxm

Its actually rocking' in the Free World by Neil Young. - zxm

Woof- should be way up the line...

117 The Rain Song
118 Death On Two Legs
119 Animal
120 N.I.B.
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