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21 Tiger Wins For His Dad

Tiger's father passed away and Tiger was crushed. That didn't stop him from winning. He won his 12th major in 2006. It was te only game he won without his dad.

22 2007 New England Patriots Go 16-0

I'm not a fan of the Patriots, but I think this is the best team the NFL has ever seen. right now there going to the superbowl at 18-0. but I think they can beat New York.
- GuitarFreeeK

23 Villanova wins 2016 National Championship on 3-point buzzer beater

Never been so excited about sports in my life.

24 Peyton Wins the Super Bowl

FINALLY! Peyton got the monkey off of his back.

Now finally! Reporters will shut up!

25 Derek Redmond Finishes the 400m - 1992
26 Abdul-Jabaar Breaks The Scoring Record
27 Tyson Knocked Out by Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas, a 40-1 underdog stuns Mike Tyson and the boxing world by taking the heavy weight championship in Japan.

28 New South Wales Break Their 8-year Series Drought Against Queensland

After eight years of Queensland domination, the New South Wales finally broke the drought after winning the State of Origin series 2-1 in 2014. The first two games were dominated by New South Wales, having won the games at 12-8, and 6-4 respectively. Queensland later won the final game at home, 32-8, but the shield had already been transported south to New South Wales. - Sxerks

29 Texas Western Beats Kentucky in the 1966 College Championship Game
30 Usain Bolt Breaks Michael Johnson's Record

he can be even faster and he knows it

31 Michael Phelps Wins 8 Gold
32 Miracle Mets Win It All
33 Podsednik Walk Off Homer in World Series

Hadn't hit 1 homer all year and decided to start in the bottom of the 9th to win it for the White Sox!

34 Chamberlain gets 100 Points in One Game
35 Galatasaray Defeats Real Madrid For the Super Cup.

The only cup that Real Madrid does not have in their collection is the super cup.

36 Sachin Tendulkar Scoring 100th International 100 Including One 200*
37 Aaron Beats Ruth's Record
38 Bonds Beats Aaron's Record
39 Dolphins Cap Off Perfect Season
40 Kirby's Catch in the '91 Series
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