Greatest NOFX Songs

I'm a fan of NOFX and I was surprised that this famous band had no list like this one, so that's why I created it.

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1 The Decline

This has got to be one of the best punk rock songs of all time. How can you compete with an 18 minute song that they can play live.

Their masterpiece! The whole 18minutes long!

2 Franco Un-American

No doubt, that's the best NOFX song!

3 Bob
4 Linoleum

My favorite NOFX song - Reda

Best punk songs

5 Dinosaurs Will Die
6 Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
7 We Called It America
8 Bath of Least Resistance
9 Separation of Church and Skate

We must truly separate the church and skate.. The kids now have no idea about what punk rock is...

10 Leaving Jesusland

The Contenders

11 Happy Guy
12 The Brews
13 72 Hookers
14 All His Suits are Torn
15 60%
16 Stickin In My Eye
17 Vincent
18 It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
19 Kill All the White Man
20 Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)
21 Stoke Extinguisher
22 Wore Out Soles of My Party Boots
23 Eddie, Bruce and Paul
24 I Believe in Goddess
25 Freedom Like a Shopping Cart
26 One Way Ticket to F***neckville
27 The Idiots are Taking Over
28 Dont Call Me White
29 Theme from a NOFX Album
30 The Malachi Crunch
31 The Moron Brothers
32 Punk Guy
33 The Bag
34 Liza and Louise
35 Six Years on Dope


36 Louise
37 Quart In Session
38 Philthy Phil Philanthropist

I Was wondering why this song was not included.. So I took the honour to add it

39 Green Corn
40 Cokie the Clown
41 Falling In Love
42 Just the Flu
43 Kids of the K-Hole
44 She's Gone
45 San Fransisco Fat
46 Bottles to the Ground

Has the feel of a punk classic - GreenDayFan97

47 The Marxist Brothers
48 I Don't Like Me Anymore
49 We Threw Gasoline On the Fire and Now We Have Stumps for Arms and No Eyebrows
50 Lazy
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1. Stickin In My Eye
2. Linoleum
3. Bob
1. Bath of Least Resistance
2. The Decline
3. All His Suits are Torn
1. The Decline
2. Linoleum
3. The Idiots are Taking Over

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