B. R. Ambedkar

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B.R. Ambedkar was the first Indian to pursue an doctorate in economics abroad. He argued that industrialization and agricultural growth could enhance the Indian economy.He stressed investment in agriculture as the primary industry of India. According to Sharad Pawar, Ambedkar’s vision helped the government ...read more.


Anyone can rise if he has a will, but able to make yourself rise as a child that too when everything is conspiring against you, is probably needs a great determination.

His caste, financial status, reproached as untouchable, made to sit alone & denied water in school, not allowed to learn Sanskrit, thrown in the drainage, managed to get a scholarship from one of the king. couldn't get a home to stay, sacrificed his own children's well-being for the uplift of untouchables.

He used to studied whole night undisturbed. He knew 17 languages. Read the whole world's literature. Even the 2nd highest knowledgeable person would be just half of him.

People who had read about him, can bet that none in future would be of his stature. - adeshb

The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India.

History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them.

Number 1 greatest person in the world. My opinion

Dr.B.R. ambedkar is the modern God of the untouchables of India. He devoted his life to establish equality, freedom, brotherhood and justice for every human beings of India. This great principles of living have already been established by him in Indian Constitution. He is known as the father of Indian constitution. But it is unfortunate to say that such a great Indian's qualities and mission have been kept hidden and misunderstood among the Indians. I believe that one day he will definitely shine like a Sun. Clouds can cover the Sun for a long time but not for ever.

The day will come when all the Indian community and people of whole world will realise that a person who really fight for untouchable people of India. If he was from upper community of India he will become the God of Indian people but unfortunately it is not so...

Constitution making is not the work of simple minds. But simple man can make it through its mind power. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar had done this

A multifaceted personality, a champion of human rights, an epoch maker, a lawyer, constitutionalist, politician, anthropologist, diplomat, educator, historian, a champion of women rights, a rationalist, free from any trace of charge with regard to honesty or character, a prolific writer, economist, a farsighted Iconoclast, immensely educated from leading universities with multiple doctorates, a great and terrific scholar, single handedly changed the course of events in favour of millions of people that too without any bloodshed or resorting to violence, always kept his revolution within the parameters of law, having great faith in democratic means, stressed on the prime importance of social eqality before economic or political freedom, an all time greatest personality, always relevant, far far ahead than his time, every person having regard to human dignity must acknowledge the unmatched contribution of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar to humanity at large.

We are very thankful to him. Because of his labour and sacrifices, today we are living respectful life. He was a simple man who fought for the simple man to live like a simple man, a simple life, which was not allowed.

Dr. Ambedkar belonged to scheduled caste. He was never given right to study or even live amongst and as a normal human being. He ate the leftovers which would never be sufficient for a meal. And still he managed to study for 18-20 hrs a day. With his determination, Dr. Ambedkar has achieved about 6 educational titles which we, today, even with all facilities cannot do. He used his educational power to facilitate a good life for other people of backward classes. He fought until there was a provision for the backward classes. He did not want them to be deprived of their human rights. He fought through the worst human treatments only to make a better future for others.

He was believer of equality among whole Mankind on Earth.

Dr. Ambedkar is the greatest and most intelligent human being ever. He respected and believed equality and education more than any one. Because of him and his selfless service to India, whole world is looking at the India as the strongest democratic country. And only because of him, millions of people who'd been made slaves by casteism can now have education.

He was one man army for the truth, equality. He was fighting to free the slaves.

He was the Learned Most of the Universe. An outstandingly genius, Most courageous, Real hero and above All the Most Self controlled & Greatest Fighter Who had to Fight even for Basic Education just being a Scheduled caste man. Had he been a General caste He would have been taken a place of GOD AND WOULD HAD BEEN CONFERRED MAN OF THE UNIVERSE. Let us Salute him for his Out of the Box thinking& help he gets what he Always Deserved. Please Forward to All you know & Vote yourself Just know as I did.

Truly the most intelligent human being who paved the future of nation and huge number of underprivileged, harassed and exploited and poor people in India. He should be father of the nation.

He is the greatest man born on this earth. The modern God almighty for the down trodden and messiah
But for him there would not have been equality in this country for the oppressed. He was the intellectual of the highest order and greatest socialist of all times. He was selfless and cleanest political figure of this country. While all others were running towards selfish goals he silently worked for the poor. Not only Dalits but the entire backward Class mass should thank him and worship him for his contribution to elevate the poorest among the poor. What any body can write about the God of the masses. He is the greatest human being of our times and all times.

I thinly that saying anything about him is like showing a candle to the sun... The person who had the strength to turn tides, and the vision of A Great Nation is regarded as one of the most brainy persons of the world... ! Graduated from one of the best universities at that time, this man, stood up strong against the cast system, and gave up his life for India... The Father of the Indian Constitution, is actually the most significant person in India... !

He is the voice of suppressed people. he taught what is equality, fraternity, liberty to India.

He was the most highly educated scholar of all time.
He broke the thousands years chain of untouchability in India and gave 9 crores of people a new life,
Wrote world class Constitution for India,
He did very important work in the world of Economics,
He revitalize the Buddhism in India,
His contribution to the Indian society with his thoughts still have relevance in current situation and will be last long till the end of the world.
No one close to what he did field of women empowerment, industrial workers welfare, education, social equality, economic stability, in the field of law and for India's independence.

I thinly that saying anything about him is like showing a candle to the sun... The person who had the strength to turn tides, and the vision of A Great Nation is regarded as one of the most brainy persons of the world... ! Graduated from one of the best universities at that time, this man, stood up strong against the cast system, and gave up his life for India... The Father of the Indian Constitution, is actually the most significant person in India... !

He was the man who rose from the lowest strata of society, faced all odds including the scourge of untouchability, which no one else can even imagine and faced all the consequential challenges courageously and never compromised with his core principles. His greatest contribution for the downtrodden people of India, the female population, the labour and poor classes and the nation as a whole, remains yet to be acknowledged fully. His role in nation building, constitution framing, his vision for the future and remedies for the ailing India on variety of fronts are prescribed as contained in his various writings/speeches on subjects like annihilation of castes, economics, politics, sociology, role of religion ie Buddhism in developing a truly democratic, secular and rational thinking India also for inculcating a scientific temper yet remains to be realized. Had India not been a castiest country, Dr B R Ambedkar would have certainly been recognized as one of the greatest personalities in ...more

He was a person who lived for the sake of down trodden society. He worked hard and never bothered about his life and his family interest and worked fir Indian citizens. I personally think he bears a very great soul and he deserves to be known and adopted as God for the people of India as well as messenger of God for the mankind.

He is the great person of India who constructed masterpiece constitution of largest and complicated country, rised from deprived society. He is the symbol of knowledge, having great knowledge of buddhism, religions, spirituality, economy, sociology, evolution, history, development, human rights, ecology, science and impact of all these to human beings.

Baba saheb was really a man with a brain which has not only intelligence but also a great thing which makes him different from all other great persons.. He took all lower cast people in a line with others.. Really a symbol of unity and equality

The man who suffered from the greatest humiliation from the society still manage to achieve the greatest position no one ever had in India or in the world. He is a creator of greatest constitution of largest democracy in the world. Other rulers rob the innocent poor people to earn respect Dr. Ambedkar lift the most backward class of community to live well. For many he is more than the god

Dr. Ambedkar was the second Buddha. He did a lot for the depressed classes. He gave them the right to live peaceful and healthy life. He framed the Indian constitution which is one of the greatest constitutions of the world. He faced the utterly frustrated situation in Hindu society. In spite of such conditions he did his best to have the best society. He did his best to eradicate the discrimination in Hindu society. But he was not able to do this. He decided to follow Buddhism. He accepted Buddhism. A large number of his followers also accept Buddhism.

He is the person who is the best of the mankind. Nobody genius like him, nobody taken whole responsibility like him for his people's who weren't considered at least a human being, nobody fought like him for his own people until his last day, nobody sacrificed like him for his people's lives, nobody designed a constitution alone like him to rule a country for the people who dislike him and the people who likes him.. that's him. That's very great about him. HE IS THE HERO OF MILLENNIUM.

There are more person who follow him are illiterate and poor so may be he is low to gandhi in India... Otherwise he is top of all Indians

He is the true god for all Indians. In the universe there was no one, there is no one and in future also there won't be any one like him... No one in the whole universe can be compared to him... He is born in India but respected and honoured by other countries... It's a big shame that India does not respect him. India does not have any value for him... He is not the one to be judged by us... He is and will always be number 1 till the whole universe exist...