Annabhau Sathe


Annabhau Sathe was the greatest personality in the matang community in Mharashtra Despite lack of formal education, Sathe wrote in Marathi 35 novels, one among which was Fakira (1959). Fakira, which is currently in its 19th edition, received a state government award in 1961. There are 15 collections of Sathe

The great man in Indian history... Because he going school one and half day... But his the all time best writer in India...

#_One of the greatest person ever...

Anna bhau sathe was one of the greatest writer. He was not going to school but he wrote a lot in Marathi.

Good writer good poetry good leadership

Without school education he write ovel and stories. He is real hero because he people how leave in life. "Earth not stand on snake head earth is standing poor workers on hand" Anna bhau sathe is greate writer, social worker.

This is the honourable person without education

The greatest writer and social reformer...

He is a greatest writer in the world because he was not educated but written whole books

Annabhau sathe was agreat writer, social worker, strong fighter for freedom of maharashtra movement. His literature is famous in the world. There are so many statues of Annabhau in the world. The government of Maharashtra awarded his FAKIRA as the super creation of literature. He is the role model for Communist s. He said that this earth is on the hands of worker not on the snake. So I think He is the most famous personality in the world.

Annabhau Sathe is the real great man

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He Was Great Social Reformer, He Was Great Writer, I am Greatful To Him. Salute Him. Thank You...

World's best writer ever and ever our Annabhau...

He was great writer. He is not attend school but great writer.

Very great person as well as great writer, and a great leader of labour

Annabhau Sathe is a great Indian writer

Anna bhau sathe is great writer ever and freedom fighter by his poem's Powada and song

The great writer who did not attend school in his life but write so many books.

Annabhau sathe was a great person in matang community,hi is not attend school but hi is great writer, Hartley salute him.

Good man. Hi is not attend school than long history. Hi is great writer

Annabhau sathe is the great man of literature and fighting for the Human dignity and source of inspiration...

Without education to make a great writer...its very amazing...salute to great man

Anna Bhau sathe don't attende the school in his life but he wrote a lots of book with is pen (lekhani) he was a great writer eve in india

Great literature by annabhau sathe