Guru Gobind Singh

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Guru Gobind Singh; born Gobind Rai, was the 10th Sikh Guru, a spiritual master, warrior, poet and philosopher.


He is the greatest Guru and King that Humanity can have. He sacrificed his own Sons for the sake of humanity. He is the saviour of religion against evil practices, injustice and is only personality in the world to achieve such feats within a very short span of life. He instilled great power in common men and women who further fought against the injustice existing in the society and helped the poor and down-trodden to lead life without fear. He is the greatest of all!

Guru Gobind Singh was the greatest of a man with a combination of many sides to his charismatic persona - a guru, mystic sage of highest order, strategist, courageous warrior, a poet of poets, transformation leader, visionary par excellence, above all most righteous human being with values of kindness and humility. Yet he remained detached from the world and its material ambitions. He lived and lead the people with example in most turbulent times of history and created a legacy of supreme courage which changed the course of India.

He raised sword not for himself or his family, but for the protection of others. He had all his life full of sacrifices. But even after losing his family, he didn't stop fighting against the evil & injustice. He is my inspiration and for many people. He was not just a great King but a great Poet as well who infused waves of valour and fearlessness among people through his poems.

It's wrong to compare Guru Gobind Singh with any other man on earth. He is far above them.

Guru sahib jee is the only reason why India is free today. He sacrificed the lives of his entire family to save humanity especially the Hindu faith. Inspired a common man to fight against millions. Saint and warrior like no other.

The first Saint-Soldier ever in the history of the world.. Saint for the world to spiritually enlighten them and soldier for the downtrodden and their rights..

He is undoubtedly the greatest of all. Has anyone ever in the history of the world sacrificed his sons, his mother for the sake of humanity? NO is the answer. He is not only the saviour of his own religion but of the whole India where the mughals had almost conquered India and the people of India were treated like animals. He instilled a josh in the Indians and people fought against all evils and here today India is all free and on the verge of becoming a developed country.

He is 10nth Guru in Sikhism... He is greatest personalities in the world...

He is the savior of religion against evil practices and injustice. He is the real saint and soldier same time. He sacrificed his own family for the sake of humanity. He installed great power in common men and women who further fought against the injustice. He is the greatest of all.

The saint and soldier who sacrificed is life entire family Father, mother, 4 sons and himself for humanity, human values and fought the enemies of humanity against all odds.

I have not come across any person who has fought for the weak, downtrodden, he sowed the seeds of secularism for humankind.

Greatest & undisputed of all times.

No one can take place of him, no one can compare with him, at age of 7 he sacrificed his father to save Hindu religion. Sacrificed whole family for humanity. Great saint, great warrior.

He is greatest leader in the history who created Saints and Soldeirs in our modern society. He uplifted the poor and week people to stand and injustice. He taught society to lead a respected life and fight against all wrongs whosoever it may... Even then rulers. His sacrifice is unique and matchless in the history of world.

Try to trust lets see how you feel

In true sense a great warrior and a saint, the only example in this world.

A great warrior was he! He brought the Khalsa to Sikhism and defend our religion bravely, with no shadow of fear he carried himself with such honour and went to any and every extent to save the righteousness mankind which was diminishing in the period of Mughals.

He sacrificed his own 4 sons for the sake if humanity, for the equality of men and women, for honesty to prevail amd evil to be destroyed. They fought incredibly well, incredible well - there were 40 of them and they all fought courageously among thousands and won.

He brought justice, fairness, equality, rational thinking, earnestness, kindness, knowledge and key principles of morality which resonated that period even to his two younger children who were devastatingly walled to death when the innocent yet still wise and sacrificing little children had refused to convert into the religion of Islam which the Mughals were forcing them to do - from which they immediately refused. After being walled their bodies were ...more

He has supported down trodden people and respected all human beings. Sacrificed his family for humanity.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji sacrificed his everything in the humanity. and Formed a Group of Dare Devil people to fight against the Evil Practices, Injustice. without any personal Interest, He is evergreen Warrior and Guru.

He is the first saint-soldier who sacrificed his father and four sons for the sake of humanity.

He is the greatest man in the whole world

The only Man till now who sacrificed his family to save other peoples religion and showed people human rights and stand for yourself. Creator of Khalsa who is recognized within thousands others by giving them special identity.

A motivational speaker, poet, writer, leader, and what not. Best leader the world have seen in modern world.

The great warrior saint who fought for truth and against oppression, injustice and evil. A Guru who enlightened and showed the right path to many...

The greatest person on earth, who sacrificed himself and his all family for people. He protected people of all religions.

I strongly believe that Guru Gobind Singh and his family sacrificed their lives for the noble cause to save humanity and human values to upkeep society and the whole nation from being degradation of civilisation.

His words will be repeated until time immoral

Stated the following

I speak truly and all should listen that they,who love God,alone will realize him

Some worship stones or put them on their heads,some suspend small stone idols from their neck.

Some claim to see God in the south and some bow their heads toward the west

Some fools worship idols or proceed to worship the dead.

The whole world, is gripped in false ceremonies and has failed to discover God's secrets

Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed whole of his family including his four young sons so all humanity could live free from tyranny and injustice

He has to be the greatest human being of all