Guru Nanak

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The greatest departure Guru Nanak made was to prescribe for the religious man the responsibility of confronting evil and oppression. It was he who said that God destroys 'the evil doers' and 'the demonical; and that such being God s nature and will, it is man's goal to carry out that will. Since there are evil doers in life, it is the spiritual duty of the seeker and his society to resist evil and injustice. Again, it is Guru Nanak who protests and complains that Babur had been committing tyranny against the weak and the innocent. Having laid the principle and the doctrine, it was again he who proceeded to organise a society. because political and societal oppression cannot be resisted by individuals, the same can be confronted only by a committed society. It was, therefore, he who proceeded to create a society and appointed a successor with the clear instructions to develop his Panth. Again, it was Guru Nanak who emphasized that life is a game of love, and once on that path one ...more

Guru nanak was great men in his time - LavleshRay

Why top ten list in our Guru Nanak dev ji. Cus my Baba ji was number 1 always No1 - Sukhwa

He laid down the foundation of Democratic principles-Freedom of speech, expression, belief, thought, religion, equality, no discrimination on the bases of caste, color creed, birth.
He said, why look down upon women who have given birth to kings.
He laid the foundation for one of the youngest and most modern religions in the world-Sikhism.

Whoever has made this top ten voting is totally wrong because you have put all Religious Gods also with normal people. Do not compare politicians and sports persons and all other normal people with the God. How can make like this? Just think

Guru Nanak's religion is very simple. See GOD IN EVERYONE. ALL ARE GOD CREATION WHO created Different religions and colors and animal and plant life. If all religions belief that nothing happens without God instructions and not even a leaf moves without his instructions then how can people on earth can claim that their religion is the only one for all mankind. God wants all type of religions and if he did not want different religions he could stop it as we all claim that God is all powerful. So he don't need mankind to force or entice humans to change their religions. Esp God don't want people to go around killing people in the name of religion because he is the creator and all belongs to him alone. Then who are we to change his creation. Are we and our thinking greater than GODS. Is God at fault for allowing all type of religions. God is one for all. No religion has monopoly on God. So live and let live. God told mankind to pray to him to thank him for all he has done for us to save ...more

Does my Guru need to be in any race?

He is number 1 and will always be number 1

Please don't post such messages In fact oppose such things and ask them to remove the name from the race

How can Mandela, or Jackson or tendulkar or In fact anyone who has ever lived be compared to Guru Nanak. Have you seen the list there are sunny leone and mayawati also in list

Are they even close to the minutest dust particle on which our Guru might have stepped on leave aside being compared to Him so please request you to not support such rubbish survey

Guru Nanak started a religion upon instructions from God Almighty 550 years ago. By then he had witnessed the troubles and outdated beliefs of others during his travels and preached there is ONE GOD FOR ALL MANKIND. People were still trying to follow the rules of living that were preached thousands of years sgo and were not applicable to the progress man had made. He preached to live peacefully with each others and the msny religions. If the world can follow Gurus teaching today there will be very less trouble in the world. Gurus religion is very simple. See GOD IN EVERYONE. ALL ARE GOD CREATION WHO created Different religions and colours and animal and plant life. If all religions belief that nothing happens without God instructions and not even a leaf moves without his instructions then how can people on earth can claim that their religion is the only one for all mankind. God wants all type of religions and if he did not want different religions he could stop it as we all claim that ...more

He is the first guru of Sikhs. He preached equality among men and women. His three main teachings were to earn for livelihood, share and pray to the Lord. He also preached that there is no Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh. These are all man made religions. There is only one God. Humans have divided the god with different names for their own convenience. I love him because he does not have any strict rules that one should have in order to be religious. He has a simple teaching to connect with the Lord Which is simple living and high thinking. He only wants us to earn an honest living and live a simple life. I love him for this.

Selfless man with thinking ahead of his time, preached love, kindness and equality. Did not discriminate, black, white, brown man or woman. Above materialism, preached spirituality as opposed to dogged myopic view of a single religion.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest blessings to the world. His teachings are global in nature and followed by all. Simple living on the path of purity, virtue, goodness, secularism and tolerance. He taught us how to think beyond the man made concepts of religion and sects, and believe in one supreme God who loves his creation equally. He showed us the path of purity in living and charity to all. His teachings are truly a source of inspiration and like a true Guru, he connects us to the Supreme Almighty. He is a true son of God!

Guru Nanak is best in the world, he has spoken for women rights and against caste system, this time women have been very depressed, God is one and all human race is one - Harjassingh

He is the creature of our world. The most inspirational God. He has always taught that the God is one. - Kuldeepkaur

Hi friends he is the one person who kept the humanity on the top. In his teachings he taught to be human and respect human. GOD IS ONE. Live and let other live. Their is no place for anger hate and revenge. he was the first person who kept man and woman on same place. There are same rules for both of them. He talks about human rights at that time when nobody nows these words. He said God is no where it's inside us only if you love him you will love his creation either it was human or animal or your surrounding. He talks about environment he talks about balance of nature decades ago when know one thinks about them. He talks about sharing helping others. it is difficult to describe GURU NANAK in words.

Guru Nanak is such a Guru who not only highlighted the and rejected social inequality regarding upper class and lower class, male and female, blind faith etc but also taught to the world how can one find the GOD while performing his/ her social responsibilities and duties. He gave the message of only one GOD to the world

He Was the the first psychologist who asked people to look for God within themselves and use the power of your mind to make yourself better and better as each moment passed on. He was peace advocate, poet, musician, linguist, negotiator and demonstrated spiritual awareness non compare for that period. He brought light to a very oppressed world and took people to greater heights of self worth and equality. We are proud to be associated with him as our first guru and the saviour he was for the people At the time!

Actually! Guru Nanak Dev Ji can not be compared in a list like this, he stands above all because he is a messenger of God and did everything for humans no matter what religion, caste, creed the person belonged.

I respect all the other religious personalities and pay my tributes to them as this is what Guru Ji taught us

The first words of Guru Nanak declared the brotherhood of man. This principle formed the foundation of his new spiritual gospel. It involved a fundamental doctrinal change because moral life received the sole spiritual recognition and status. This was something entirely opposed to the religious systems in vogue in the country during the time of the Guru. All those systems were, by and large, other-worldly. As against it, the Guru by his new message brought God on earth. For the first time in the country, he made a declaration that God was deeply involved and interested in the affairs of man and the world which was real and worth living in. Having taken the first step by the proclamation of his radical message, his obvious concern was to adopt further measures to implement the same... Dashambir Bajwa

Guru Nanak travelled far and vide to Asia, Africa, Middle East and the entire Indian sub continent to preach that God is One. The message was so powerful that anyone who came in contact became his disciple irrespective of caste culture gender and religion. The preachings of Guru Nanak are universal and not only restricted to a particular sect. He insisted on earning a virtuous living, remembering the fearless God and share your earnings with the needy...

Guru Nanak can't be compared with these men and women. He is much above all in his teaching. He first practised what he preached. It is very easy to tell people what to do and what not to do but very difficult to practice in life. He was more like God Himself

When Guru Nanak Dev ji were 12 years old his father gave him twenty rupees and asked him to do a business, apparently to teach him business. Guru Nanak dev ji bought food for all the money and distributed among saints, and poor. When his father asked him what happened to business? He replied that he had done a "True business" at the place where Guru Nanak dev had fed the poor, this gurdwara was made and named Sacha Sauda.

The first prophet to emphasize that we are all children of the same GOD and that no one religion is superior to another. Guru Nanak was radical in thought and inspired people by awakening their inner soul to question the present day superstitions and customs created by people

Well he was ranked as number 1 in all book, he did many great things in his life, he always thought of others, he loved and died poor, he didn't seek revenge.

The sad thing is that people always try to ruin his greatness by saying lies about him and they try to destroy his view, but they always fail because people who read about his life will know why did he deserve to be the number 1 upon all humans.

Read about his battles and the aftermath so you can know and understand that he didn't fight for glory or money and know how he treated his enemies and the people around him.

GURU NANAK was the founder of Sikhism religion in which he insisted the equality of woman and man. He has always taught that God is One. He preached and practiced on universal brotherhood, truthful living and empowerment to women. I think his greatest teaching was that all human beings are equal irrespective of cast, creed, sex and religion AND though religions are many,

He is the man who given the message of equality, no violence and endless good things He was a great poet a philispher a singer and a traveller. He mentioned in his hymns. in each his hymn he given a message for everyone for good conduct and selflessness toward the creation of the almighty. His sayings are totally modern and scientific. So he deserve to be on highest niche.