Greatest Political Punk Songs Of All Time

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1 American Idiot - Green Day

Way out in front as voted by the people. An absolute masterpiece in telling it as it is President Bush. Hopefully many Americans woke up after this song was released.

The only song where u can tell President Bush to get screwed. Its awesome!

this one changed the nation thoughts about the Bush Administration - I<3Queen

Lol duh

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2 Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols

Please. Can someone please put a single bullet in my head. Please.

Great song but not actually political. The Sex Pistols were not Anarchists, they just used the term for shock value and to show their nihilistic views. The song is not about actual Anarchy.

C'mon! Green Day aimed against a president, and even in a very small way! The Sex Pistols aimed against nothing more and nothing less than THE ENTIRE UNITED KINGDOM!

How is this below Green Day? they're not a bad band, but pay the devil his due! - Alpha101

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3 Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against

That very first part when the opening chords and the first verse combine just gives me the chills "warm yourself by the fire son and the morning will come soon I'll tell you stories of a better time in a place that we once knew" great song

Great song, the music is angry and fast with some more melodic parts and is perfect for the lyrics. Rise Against truly believe in what they do, and this is why their political songs are the best

This song is obviously the best, with an awesome energy and screaming by the refugee's rights! with Tim's voice and lyrics deserves to be the one

This, American Idiot & Killin in the Name Rule - eddie95mufc

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4 Holiday - Green Day

This song is just a great political song. It has got the right words at the right time, the instruments sound amazing, it has got the right speed and the agression needed for a political song. It made a good single and and it stands out of the crowd. Simply all the things needed.

This songs tells president bush to go to hell! And it's by far my favourite Green Day song!

American idiot addresses bush' idiocy. Holiday represents political mistakes in the USA made by the whole population, like electing such a dumbass.

By far the best green day song

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5 Mama - My Chemical Romance

Mama we all go to hell. Only the best songs start with those terribly tragic, still great words!

I will admit I vote MCR for everything. But they are definitely a punk band that addresses real problems. Gratz.

I honestly think all their stuff past three cheers is rock, not punk, but this is a great song none the less

Umm are you kidding me?! This is by far NOT a punk rock band

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6 Running the World - Jarvis Cocker

I thought this is a list about punk songs!?

7 Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys define punk rock. They're probably the most political band I've ever heard. They should be in the top 10, not Chemical Romance. They're pop-punk, if anything near punk.

I thought this list was POLITICAL! Have you ever heard this song?!?! Should be in the top 10, as much as I love the songs in the list, some songs such as Mama is not political.

They're political, satirical and darkly humorous. Fantastic

I don't think most of the voters here know what punk rock is. Hey, kids! THIS is punk rock!

8 God Save the Queen - The Sex Pistols

Amazing song and the best political punk song by far... Pistols rule

Should Be number one! An amazing song with an incredible political meaning. Jonny Rotten is boss.

Should be numer one. No question. More of a protest than Anarchy. This is Chapter 1 in punk politics.

9 Franco Un-American - NOFX

when the album came out i must've listened to this song over 100 times, literally. great song. real catchy keyboard part too.

Simply Brilliant.. Can't Get Anymore Punk Than That -

I wanna move north and be a Canadian

10 We're All to Blame - Sum 41

Hear the intro of the song. The chorus gets better every time until the end. Great vocal range by Deryck.
This song should be at least in the top 5. This was inspired after civil war in Congo, where Sum 41 got stuck as fighting erupted outside. They were with a UN member at that time. They got out safely, and named the album after hi,. Chuck. - uberudit

We Are all to blame... great song!! -

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? Banned from the Roxy - Crass

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11 Cocaine Socialism - Pulp
12 State of the Union - Rise Against

Like Anti-Flag... Listen to these lyrics & watch the video. Pretty sick

Great song about the past 10 years of foreign policy

Simly amazing, one of my favorite songs

13 Turncoat - Anti-Flag

Should of put this higher..AMAZING Punk song -

Anti-Flag are the ultimate political punk band. Why aren't they number 1?

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14 The Saints are Coming - Green Day & U2

Vote for the original version by The Skids or, at least, the one by Paranoid Visions, before voting for this one.

Its political but bad collab

15 Kill the Poor - Dead Kennedys

This song is amazing political commentary. Those of you who remember the neutron bomb (that killed all the people but left the buildings standing) will remember that it made no sense for any moral standpoint anyone could explain. Yet it was a serious proposal. This song shines a spotlight on the thought processes of the people who are really running things. A political masterpiece of a song.

How there are no Dead Kennedys songs in the top 10 is beyond me. This is a great song from maybe the all time classic political punk album.

Everyone should own Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables!

This should be in the top five, at lease. Never been a huge DK fan, but this is one of the best punk songs of all time. - Alpha101

16 Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine

Is there anything better than Zach de la Rocha shouting in a mic?

17 The Decline - NOFX

This is an 18 minute long song about America. It tackles topics about television, war, Christianity, and the ending of morality in the USA. Progressive Political Punk, the Decline gets my vote as the best. - isaacthomashinkey

Longest punk song ever written, third longest song of any genre. 18 minutes on everything wrong with America.

18 Hero of War - Rise Against
19 Roll On - The Living End

Great Australian Punk Song... Stands Up For Workers Rights!! -

20 Baby, I'm an Anarchist! - Against Me!

you left me all alone, all alone

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