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1 Illmatic - Nas

The big difference between illmatic and mmlp is this. Lyrical content that defines what real hip-hop is, was, and should be. Illmatic is Highly intelligent, creative, down to earth, and UPLIFTING to the struggles from where hip-hop culture originates from. Not knocking M, he's brilliant, but illmatic captivates us because the stories their represent black culture before the major corporate take over of hip hop (rap is dead). Mainstream rap is much different now...(money, killing, drugs, ) Most eminem fans didn't even listen to rap until he became famous, which is like the kids today who think Justin Bieber is the king of pop. A white fan base can carry you along way (bieber) with or without talent so I don't think its the fact that people have a problem seeing Eminem as the best because he's white...its just the fact that his mainstream message...I've had a pretty hard life, I'm angry, so I should act out and think crazy, isn't really what hip hop/rap is about.

Best hip-hop album ever, bar none. While Eminem is skilled, there has never been, and there never will be, a better album than Illmatic, which happens to be Nas at the top of his lyrical game, which is considerable, to say the least. The production was near perfect with DJ Premier on the boards for some of the tracks, and LES and Q-Tip had their moments as well. This album changed hip hop fundamentally, and that is why there is no better album. - strategicnuclearmoose

Illmatic was overshadowed at its time by Biggie's album that was commercially successful. It still rose through the years and slow made people realise how lyrically talented Nas was - tequila

It isn't necessarily the message sent in the album, even though they are deeply inspiring, it's the flows that Nas brings when he speaks in this album. Each cut seems to always bring a lyrical synchronism that no other album I've ever heard. It's been 20+ years and this album still has some of the lyrically colorful combination of bars in the history of rap, and the craziest part is that he did this in 1994 when nobody had ever heard of this kind of synchronizing of words and melody in the history of music. Not to mention, Nas was 19 years old when creating this piece along with intellectually stimulating lyrics that continuously throughout time make you keep wondering, who's world is this? The craziest rap album of all time because it's simple, not over the top, yet it grows on you and never, ever gets old because it's straight, 100%, real. And, at the end of the day, isn't that how the rap game is supposed to be exemplified? How real things can be? Naw, Nas killed it in 1994 and ...more

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2 The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem

Lyrically fluent, honest, shocking, incredible album. If you hate Eminem now, go out and buy this album and listen 1-18. You will find it difficult to not respect him. Believe Me!

Everyone can say what they want about Eminem, just because he is white. But this album is a masterpiece, each song is shockingly brilliant and is just incredible. Stan is one of the greatest stories I have ever heard in a song and songs like Criminal, Who Knew and The Way I Am are classic songs that told all his critics and haters to shut up and listen to what he had to say. He made this album with no fear and that is what makes this album so special.

Everyone on here doesn't like a white guy being at the top of rap but that's just the way it is.

To the people who say that a majority of Eminem's success is because he's white, get your facts straight. Eminem entered the rap game in an era where you were often ridiculed and not taken seriously if you were white and a rapper. You had to be accepted by the black community to make it in the game. Eminem has always had fantastic skill and it showed, but people disregarded him because of the color of his skin. All it took was one man to accept him, and that man was Dr. Dre. He didn't care if your skin was rainbow, if you could kill the mic, he wanted to work with you. Hell, even Dre's associates underestimated Em. They clearly heard his skill on his demo tape that was sent to Dre, but they didn't want him because he was white. Fortunately for Em, Dre was there to give him that one chance to make it in the Hip Hop game. He looked past his skin color and gave him the opportunity to make it big and introduce the world to some real talent, and it worked. So no, Eminem is not famous ...more - Mcgillacuddy


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3 Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G.

This is what hip hop rap is all about. All the songs are just over the top. This album changed the game. This album changed east west beef. Long kiss goodnight. Pushed it to level in hip hop that will never be reached again. Puff outro took it to BEYOND beef. All the tracks came out on the radio. The only album that has done that to this level. Illmatic from nas is original greatest album. This isn't a album the is the gospel of hip hop. The murder no the killing of pac and big changed the game no changed the world. This album is forever the best album ever made. His storytelling his delivery his heart was on display. His life was in this and his death is in this. It's not a album it the man in words. It's a thin line between love and hate. Love It or hate it this debate is over. As the words of rick flair to be the you have beat the man. The man is dead and took the title with him.

Although I haven't listened to EVERY rap masterpiece yet, I have listened to all the ones mentioned above. But honestly I love every song on this album! My favorite! Don't get me wrong, I ain't 'bout the West Coast-East Coast thang. I love 'Pac but I like this more than "All Eyez on Me". I'm still yet to listen to other 'Pac albums like "Makaveli - Killuminati: The 7Day Theory" and "Me Against the World" but I listen to TONS of music and this is my favorite album! Don't download songs. You need the whole thang.


Possible one of the best hip hop albums of all time, this album put east cost hip hop on the map. This introduced biggie to the world. The lyrics are so clever and the flow is perfected. This is real hip hop. Every song is just amazing. This should be in the top 5.

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4 Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - Wu-Tang Clan

Amazing group of rappers, all did an amazing job on this album, making it one of the greatest rap albums of all time!

Greatest masterpiece of all time.

This is the greatest album of all time.

Revolutionized hip hop and paved way for nearly every hardcore rapper after 1993.

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5 To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

To Pimp a Butterfly hits you in a completely different way when you analyze and break it down piece by piece. This is a masterpiece, and easily the greatest rap album of all time. When you can relate to the topics very heavily, you start to take notice how much care, passion, and emotion were put into this record to give us some amazing commentary on society, storytelling, and symbolism through intelligent lyricism and wordplay. You can tell a story and the summary of the album just by the titles of each track, as well.

To pimp a butterfly might not be as easy to listen to as gkmc but it makes up for it with its rich themes and jazz incorporation. And also from Wesleys theory down to mortal man there is literally no filler, no skip panos tracks even including the interludes. This album focuses on themes of fame leading to depression and feeling empty then realizing that your fortune and newly discovered fame has led you to abandoning your home where your loved ones still fight a continuous battle against poverty gangs and discrimination. To close it all off he asks the audience that if his life went wrong or he made a bad decision would you still love him and his music? After that track started to fade he continued with his letter that he had been reading pieces of at the end of each son only to realize that it was dedicated to Tupac. Then, something even more surprising, Tupac responds! Kendrick and Tupac talk back and forth about philosophical views and just life itself. This is, quite honestly the ...more

Nothing is on the level of depth, meaning and complexity as To Pimp A Butterfly. The several concepts and philosophies in the lyrics along with an intricate reason behind every single beat and rhythm withing the allbum, historic. This is not just a rap album, it is a sublime piece artwork, a masterful story and a movement all in one. Kendrick Lamar goes throught the depths of his own life, society, Lucifer and of the people around him. The several genres of sound used all with a meaningful reason. The number of concepts and messages he explores is unfathomable. Honestly, no album could come close to this legendary work. There is just far too much to talk about in this album, one can only go listen and learn for themselves. This the Greatest Album of All Time. No Question.

Besides being an incredible album musically, this album could be enjoyed on so many layers. Every time you listen you discover something new and sometimes rediscover things you thought you already understood.

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6 All Eyez on Me - 2Pac

Pac is the greatest rapper of all time

Pac has been dead for 15 years and he is still in First place with over 75 Million albums sold.

2pac was and is the greatest writer, rapper and personality of the rap game.

Tupac wrote this in just two weeks, and it's considered one of the greatest rap albums of all time. Enough said. - MemeReview

People call this trash because pac didn't have some huge ass political statement on it but you know what? Those concepts, of political and conscious hip hop are not what makes 2pac one of the greatest. He made an album that could vary in terms of mood track to track, but kept the same concept, had great production, and 2pac demonstrates his RAPPING skills. Not his skill at choosing a genre. Now don't get me wrong, dear mama, changes, etc. I have nothing WRONG with those, it's just not what makes him the best, just the simple concept of having conscious songs, but people act like those are automatically his best. 2pacalypse wasn't an amazing album, sure it had good lyricism at times and certainly bright spots, but if he spent his career with lots of songs of that album that were highlighted in his albums, never changed production quality, never improved technically, in terms of rapping, and never honed his lyrical skills any more, he wouldn't have so much respect. This is why this ...more

I think tuPACs albums where great rylics good flow and passion I think PAC was the God of rap

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7 The Chronic - Dr. Dre

This one in my opinion should be top 3. From track 1 to the last it's all good. Everybody I know likes this album, don't know why it's so low

This should be higher to be honest this if it wasn't for the chronic snoop wouldn't be as well know and that's a fact

The debut album of one of the most respected hip-hop producers in the world

The Chronic changed everything in the rap game from a musical and production stand point. Most rappers today were probably not born at the time this album dropped. It's a true classic album that should be number 1

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8 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

Anyone who thinks the Eminem show is better than this should lose their ears. This album marks the reincarnation of a god through Kanye. There will never be a rap album to surpass this masterpiece.

Most influential and creative rap album ever simple. Runaway is the greatest song to ever be made. No artist will ever touch the level Kanye is on

One of the best Albums ever. Kanye West at his magnificent best. The production is perfect, All the songs are amazing there is not one bad song on this album, Kanye steps up his lyrical game, his flow is great and the features all shine whether it be Nicki's verse on Monster or Rick Ross's verse on devil in a new dress. Kanye uses My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as a platform to show that after the Taylor Swift incident he is not just one of the most creative rappers of all time but one of the best artists of all time. The best album of the decade so far and truly a masterpiece from start to end. Thank you Kanye Omari West for blessing us with a truly timeless album which just like Illmatic, Ready to Die and other classic albums we will be telling our grandchildren 50 years from now.

Kanye changed the rap. Other albums in this list are good, but Kanye's is legendary.

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9 The Eminem Show - Eminem

every song on this album is good it never gets old - 3anegroes

Only guy who could have 2 albums in top 10

Because most of the people who are voting know nothing about Hip-Hop. - RobertWisdom

Its what made me start rapping

for me till i collapse was the reason i bought the album - Phuffu

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10 Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.

It has been years since I first heard it and I still come back to it regularly, it never gets old, or loses it's edge. Has there ever been an opening track like Straight Outta Compton? Did there even need to be another track on the album after that? Probably not... But there is, and start to finish it's just one absolute classic after another, for me it's the highest point of RAP ever, and I honestly don't see anything else coming close to the genuine edginess or relevance this has in abundance. The honesty and humour that embelish it's excellent social commentary is something even the most talented of wordsmiths cannot replicate and the fact that the listener never once gets a sniff of pretension speaks volumes for what the album has to offer, there are great artists, great producers, great lyricists, great innovators, great pioneers, and great events that change the course of things to come, but has there ever been a RAP album that oozed all of this greatness combined from every ...more

This shaped rap, Eminem shouldn't be top ten

Sold more than one million records and had no radio play or video play was crazy, some can't sell a million records with 3 singles

This started it all for westcoast and gangsta rap just an awesome album which which crossed the line in the best way possible.

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11 Life After Death - The Notorious B.I.G.

Absolutely Incredible.

My favourite Biggie album, every track on here was dope as

Why is this so low. This is considered one of the greatest rap albums of all time. It is 1/7 albums of rap to be Certifed Diamond selling over 10 million albums and it can't even make the top 10. The Notorious B.I.G.'s 2nd and last studio album to be finished before his death. With singles like Hypnotize, Mo Money Mo Problems, and Sky's The Limit are top ten hits. Other songs on this album are great like Ten Crack Commandments, Kick In The Door, Going Back To Cali, and You're nobody till somebody kills you. Beating Puff Daddy's " No Way Out " album to nominated a Grammy. How can this not make the Top Ten.

How is the carter 3 bigger than this! Damn mo money mo problems and notorious thugs are the bomb! B.I. G should be there next to
1. Ready To Die-Notorious B.I. G
2. Illmatic-Nas
3. Life After Death-Notorious B.I. G

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12 It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back - Public Enemy

The use of samples and sound effects to create musical tracks with Chuck D's booming vocals and Flava Flav's adlibs on top makes this a brilliant masterpiece.

This was back before political rap went off track. Personally I thinks its gotten out of hand. Chuck-D was brillant at gettin his message across without tryin to be contriversal. This might be thought of as a critism but its praise for not trying to stir up the media into givin them free promotion because the quality of this album speaks for itself

This is my favourite album ever! You should know this should be on first place, Rolling Stone ranked it higher than any hip-hop album on the list

This is it, people. I know there's a separation between fans of old rap and modern rap, but give this a listen. It's good to know where your music came from.

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13 Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z

This album and illmatic are the best two rap albums ever made and it will always be that way. So many genius songs on this album its unbelievable. To name a few, can't knock the hustle, politics as usual, devils, cashmere thoughts and friend or foe

Jay z is best rapper overall,been around the longest and keeps making good metirial,dr dre snoop em are all legends but quilty dropped over the years,respect to BIG an PAC young fellas that past to soon

Jay-Z at his best, overlooked.
D'Evils *****
Dead Presidents ******
Regrets ******

Jays flow solely on dead presidents states that the album is one of the greatest ever.

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14 The Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest

No doubt the most influential rap album of all time. Q-Tip is an amazing emcee and everything about this album is near perfect

Felix told me it's good

Back in the days...

Jazziest rap ever and an amazing piece of art from A tribe. Recommendations:Excursions, check the Rhime,what, butter, and scenario

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15 Me Against the World - Tupac

Should be higher best 2pac album

Come on all eyes on me over this? Please. No disrespect to all eyes on me because it is a great album but has more filler than my Mothers stomach. Me against the world is pax at his best. He is also in one of the worst places in his life but that gave way to amazing music. The only track that I would consider even slightly mediocre is outlaws

I know Tupac fans go on about how great all eyes on me is but I personally think me against the world is just abit better and deserve just amount as credit don't get me wrong all eyes on me is great I just feel with me against the world he put more soul and passion into it and you can just really feel him.

dear mama, temptations, so many tears

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16 good kid, m.A.A.d. city - Kendrick Lamar

Great Album, the beats are pretty good but the storytelling from front to back is just wonderful. Insane lyrics, the whole album together tells a story of his life in Compton. The album doesn't fall of much at any point.
Swimming Pools (Drank)
B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe
Backseat Freestyle
The Art of Peer Pressure
Poetic Justice
Good Kid
m.A.A. D City
(Nearly the entire album, and it has great bonus tracks on the deluxe version too)

Best hip hop album of all time lyricism, beats,storytelling is on another level is simply the best

The storytelling in this album is like nothing I've ever heard.

So consistent. This is the only album where every song is a hit. The lyrics flow so well and the story they tell us is a masterpiece mix of memories, struggles, and goals. This album has a bonus track that also includes all amazing songs. From Backseat Freestyle, to Poetic Justice, to Real, this is hands down the best album of the 2000's and one of the greatest albums of all-time.

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17 Paid in Full - Eric B. & Rakim

Without this album, we would have never had most of the albums listed above. Eric B is one of the best DJs of all time combined with one of the best rappers of all time. Every song on the album is incredible. Start to finish. Some people might not like the beats anymore because they are used to the way music is produced now. The imagery Rakim uses in every song on this album is unparalleled to anything I've ever heard. "Dance with the speaker till You hear it blow, then plug in the headphones because here it goes" lots of double entendres "whoever's outta hand imma give them handles, light em up blow em out like candles, or should I just let them melt? " Literal meanings to aspects you wouldn't normally think of like using the "rhyme can't be kept inside" breaking the word inside into different bars. Rhyming paragraphs with paragraphs conveying a logical message. Playing with syllables. Using math. He proves he ain't no joke to start off the album. "As the rhyme goe on" gets rougher ...more

Im guessing a bunch of suburban teenage wiggers are voting since eminem, lil wayne, and 2pac are the top 3. Em and Pac are good I will show them some respect but lil wayne is garbage. Rakim set the standard for hip-hop and this is the thanks he gets lil freakin wayne is ahead of him.

Yes I do love most of the albums above this, Tupac and biggie were legends as is Eminem. the wu-tang clan is raw and rugged bringing their own style and Nas is my favourite rapper and illmatic is my favourite album. but this is the best album not our favourites. paid in full is a pure blood classic that every rapper that came after these two (all of the above) owes a large chunk of their success to. this album inspired so much talent in the rap scene its almost a crime this isn't at least in the top 5

Best rap album. This paved the way for all the rap heavyweights. Lil Wayne shouldn't be in this list

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18 2001 - Dr. Dre

Easily the best, next to Illmatic

This should be WAY higher. Maybe the most well produced albums of all time Along with the chronic, with each song from top to bottom having amazing features, rapping, and production. This is is especially impressive being that the song has over 20 songs and still manages to make every song enjoyable. A classic indeed.

Easily the best, appeals to everyone

Are you kidding me? Top 5 at least like the beats in this album are amazing. I personally think this is better then the chronic. This should be top 5 end of story

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19 Madvillainy - Madvillain

The production is the best, lyrics are the best, it's the best.

If you like something more abstract, this album will scratch that itch.

There is no hip hop album that has ever been released quite like this one. MF Doom has a totally unique flow and is easily one of the greatest wordsmiths not only in hip hop history, but in music history. You could read any verse of his at all, and it will blow your mind. Then there's Madlib, who, thanks to his incredibly vast knowledge of music, makes some of the most beautifully abstract instrumentals ever. I could go into great detail about every individual track because they're all fantastic, but I can't. You just have to experience it for yourself. - Mard

MF Doom is the most underrated rapper of all time hands down. His flow is butter smooth, I mean he says it himself. Madlib’s beats are insane and sampled to perfection. Could be #1 if it they were mainstream artists. Best underground album of all time! - BaileyC12

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20 Liquid Swords - GZA

Lyrically, this is one of the greatest albums ever made. I'd go so far as to say it's as good (if not better) than Illmatic (lyrically, of course). However the Wu-Tang style is not for everyone, and it definitely took me a while to begin appreciating Liquid Swords. This is what turns people off about this album, it's not like anything you usually here out of a rap song (unless you've listened to Wu-Tang). That being said, if you give this album say, three or four complete listens, then you will realize why this needs to be at the top. Is it the greatest album of all time? No, it's too stylistic for people's taste and very different from any genre of rap/hip-hop. However, I'd take this over big albums like The Chronic or Me Against the World.

Wu Tang Destroys Every One On That List

This is probably the most lyrical album I have. GZA The Genius obliterates everything, stomps on everything, cuts everyone's head off, and he dropped megaton bombs more faster than you blink. A darker atmosphere created by RZA's infamous producing combined with THE GENIUS makes this album so legendary. Never forget guest appearances including Ghostface Killah dropping it on "4th Chamber".

NOT IN TOP 10? Everybody know this album is one of the best of all time, at least top 10

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21 The Slim Shady LP - Eminem

I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned, this is Em's 3rd best album. It ain't as good as MMLP and The Eminem Show but it is better than Recovery and Infinite and much better than Encore and Relapse. Rock Bottom is one of his best songs and just shows you how hard and how far it took him to get to the top and no one will have it harder and deserves to be named the G.O.A.T

Are people crazy? This album is #1 of all time! How can you possibly think Encore is better than this? People gotta have more respect for Slim Shady, best lyricist ever, great flow, The Slim Shady LP, has so much good songs, this album is even better than albums like "All Eyez On Me" "Marshall Mathers LP" Illmatic" "Ready to Die", those albums are awesome, but this one is even better!

How in the world is that not the number 1 Eminem album?
I'll never understand people

Common 19 is to low for this album should be way higher, I get that it's not top 5 but common should easily be top 10 every track was fire.

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22 Get Rich or Die Tryin - 50 Cent

Best thing I've ever seen hala...

Greatest album, either this or the marshal mathers lp. Listen to the whole album front to back. In the club, if I can't, 21 questions, like my style, pimp, blood hound, patiently waiting, wanksta to name a few. The whole track list had songs that would've been singles for any other rapper but this list needs to update and be real with the truth...

There's a reason this album sold over 10 million copies. It is amazing. 50 cent raps like he is already on top of the rap game, this combined with Dr. Dre's beautiful production makes for one of if not the best album of the 2000's. Who in the world hasn't heard In the club

Why is this so low should be a lot higher

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23 Revolutionary Vol. 2 - Immortal Technique

Genius Sheer Genius so underrated and overlooked

Absolutely stupendous album, I genuinely can't find a single bad track on this entire album. One of the most underrated records of all time.

Very underrated album, should be on top - fuadmondeo

A load of truth to the world

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24 It Was Written - Nas

Almost at illmatic's level

This is a classic! But illmatic is better.

One of the most underrated albums, there are some great songs on this one.

I'd truly call this an amazing album. It is definitely not on the same level as Illmatic, but it doesn't have to be on the same level as Illmatic to be amazing, because let's all be honest, no one can follow up on an album that is better than every album in hip hop history. - TheMusicNerd

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25 Graduation - Kanye West

Great album, shows how ye can incorporate numerous sounds into his music

Not one Kanye album sounds similar to the other and I think that's beautiful! This plunged Kanye into mainstream with its killer production and authentic sound! Good choice!

Kanye is just perfect on this album almost reaching his prime.
The stories are both about overcoming hunger, success, going for your dreams
It's an actual graduation.
Best albums of all time for me, after My Dark Twisted Fantasy.

One of the best albums of all time in my opinion.

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26 Raising Hell - Run DMC

This disc was far too influential to be left out of the top 25. It took early hip-hop to people who wouldn't have heard the genre otherwise.

walk this way, its tricky, my adidas

27 The College Dropout - Kanye West

The fact that ANY eminem album is above this is hilarious

Best album by kanye

Superb album from start to finish, there's no dip in quality. The songs and skits are brilliant. The best part is probably the last 3 songs and last Call is a great ending.

This is probably the best list overall on this site even if there's too much love for Eminem as always.

WOW! Can't believe albums like recovery can be on top of this masterpiece.

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28 Doggystyle - Snoop Doggy Dogg

This is one the the best albums of all time. Should be top 5 at least. - jamieadric

With songs like Gin And Juice and What's My Name it has to be a classic


1 of the best Rap Albums ever made. Very underrated by the looks of it.

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29 Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - Raekwon

Amazing album, one of the greats

Every song on this album is amazing

This is one of the best albums ever, in the same level as 36 chambers, truly masterpiece.

You can listen to this album from front to back.

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30 The Black Album - Jay-Z

It's pretty good why all the hate - Genesyis

Is really fantastic it has very many cool songs it must be top 10 not here. Because the songs like dirt off your shoulders or encore or lucifer are excellent

I don't believe this should be considered a top album.


31 Black Star - Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star

Extremely underrated album. You gotta give it a listen.

32 The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory - Makaveli (2Pac)

What who is voting on these albums makaveli should be in the top 10 of all albums this alone is better then most all these rappers hole life in the game most of the young folks don't even no about 2pac and what he did for the game how haed he went on his songs and albums and how he paved the way most of these rappers could not even get in his business at all this man alone was the best of all rappers not just this album but everything he put out was great what

This album is truly a masterpiece. All the songs mesh together well and the album has an incredible flow to it. This album should be Top 10. PAC destroys every single track with his raw delivery. This is a must have for all you "true hip hop heads" out there. This record by itself is better than most rappers whole career catalog. It's just unfortunate that he wasn't able to continue his music. Thug In Peace Makaveli! WESTSIDE!

Makaveli is one of the greatest hip hop albums to be recorded and his best work. His raw emotion and delivery showcases in this body of work he put together. I remember when it was released I had never heard him rap this way with so much hate and disgust for his rivals. Til' this day no one has put out an album to match the quality.

This is my favourite of all classic rap albums everything in this is just so deep and on another level.
This album proved his definitely not afraid to speak the truth, every song just gives me chills

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33 Late Registration - Kanye West

Gone is probably the best last call track in rap album history! The production on this album is insane and all in all beautiful story telling on this one Ye!

Beautiful album. Kanye has always done things his own way. Rap was bound to change sometime, and Ye was the man to do it.

His best work then Graduation falls behind it.

Get this off the list

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34 Stillmatic - Nas

Why is this album so low it should be top ten and there shouldn't be any Kanye Albums over this album period - germshep24

I remember when this album was released I couldn't listen to anything else for a month I was that hooked

A classic. The debate between stillmatic and the blueprint still goes on to this day. Whether you think stillmatic or the blueprint is better all hip hop fans agree that they're both amazing albums. Classics.

This is Nasir Jones' 2nd best album after Illmatic

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35 Below the Heavens - Blu & Exile

On of the best albums I've ever hear, regardless of genre

36 The Blueprint - Jay-Z

Maybe not top ten but should definitely be higher. At least top 20

Jay's best album no doubt. Should be top 10 in my opinion.

Wait... why is this so low? It hurts to think about so I wont.

Needs to be higher!

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37 Licensed to Ill - Beastie Boys

These guys are one of the few people who STARTED Hip-Hop. It's not number one but it at least needs to be in the top ten - maxican03

How is this below anything by Kanye West? - Rorywilbren

The best rap album before straight outta compton

Incredibly influential and kickstarted a string of classic albums unmatched in hip hop. Learn some history.

38 Stankonia - Outkast

ONE OF THE BEST EVER, creative, clever, and extremely catchy. 3k and BigBoi deliver an amazing project


No way this classic shouldn't be in the top 10. 3000 is top 5 rappers of all time.

39 The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem

It's real has feeling and less

It's new but it's the best there is not a bad track Rap God and Bad Guy are better than the whole Recovery album that has the 20 stop

First Eminem album I've ever purchased. Do not regret it one bit. This man is a genius and this album proves that.

Not his best but still pretty good

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40 The Infamous - Mobb Deep

None of the songs are skippable on this masterpiece of an album. Highlights:
Every single song on the album, especially Shook Ones, pt II, Survival of the Fittest, Temperature's Rising, Give up the goods (Just Step), The Start of Your Ending (41st side) and Q.U Hectic.

Top 5 album

Infamous is best album of all time period

This deserves to be much much higher, this is a classic and helped bring the east coast back into the game when the west coast were dominating. Who doesn't like Shook Ones Pt II? Other great songs include "Start Of Your Ending" "Trife Life" "Survival Of The Fittest" "Cradle 2 The Grave" and "Up North Trip". This is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. Prodigy and Havoc are such a great team and in my opinion the best hip hop duo of all time.

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41 AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted - Ice Cube

Needs to way higher at least top 20

One of the best rap albums ever. Political and non apologetic. How is this not higher?

Absolutely should be rated much higher. Ice Cube is one of the greatest.

How is this not higher. Ice cube is a true genius

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42 Aquemini - Outkast

The best rap album of all time followed by To Pimp A Butterfly and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

This is the best rap album ever, maybe the best album ever, period. Can't understand why 'Aquemini' is always overlooked.

A straight classic and is mostly forgotten. The live instrumentations make the feeling of this album an experience to listen to

Outkast hit an absolute home run with this. The style within was quintessentially southern, but very creative in terms of electronic production, as well. And does a rap duo get better than Andre 3000 and Big Boi? Phenomenal album.

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43 Capital Punishment - Big Punisher

This should be way higher pun is had a unique flow like no other, this album is very underrated it definitely should be in the top 50 at least

One of the deadliest flows to ever touch the mic.

How is this not on here?

#106?!? This must be a joke!

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44 Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys

This album is the Abbey Road of rap music. - JCHOW

Should be the top three with Run DMCs Raising Hell, and Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Significantly better and more consistent than anything rated higher.

Revolutionary and groundbreaking. This is the most creative artistic expression in all of Hip Hop.

Man number 1 leaves all for dead amount of samples in there the work just getting them wow.

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45 The Score - The Fugees

The first rap album I ever bought. Great for it's time because it wasn't 100% hip hop, there was a strong reggae element and great acoustic tracks gave it a more widespread appeal. Great album

I just found this album and I can't get enough. It's truly a masterpiece beginning to end

Songs like fu gee la, mask, killing me softly all show the diversity of the group, making it an instant classic

As a music producer and hip-hop head, I have made it my mission to listen to the hip-hop classics. From the likes of Grandmaster Flash through contemporary rap albums like DAMN.

When I came across this album, listening chronologically from the roots of hip-hop, I knew I had found a true GEM. Over two decades later and this album still shines just as bright!

46 Death Certificate - Ice Cube

Absolute masterpiece

47 Criminal Minded - Boogie Down Productions

The bridge is ouvah

48 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Their best album, but it's not rap buddy.

What is this album doing here? It is great, but what the hell :')

49 No Love Deep Web - Death Grips
50 O.G. Original Gangster - Ice-T

Ice T was the first Hip Hop I properly LISTENED to and connected to. There is no Cat that is cooler. He REALLY doesn't get the respect that he is due. Dre, Cube and all the rest would tell you, under no illusion that T was the OG, the first ACTUAL Gangster rapper. That's just fact. His flow on this LP is insane. Check out 'fly by' or 'escape from the killing fields'.

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