The Eminem Show - Eminem


Not only is this Eminem's best, but this is the greatest rap album ever. The five singles from this album are the following: Without Me, Cleanin' Out My Closet, Superman, Sing for the Moment, and Business. All are among his best songs and have countless outstanding lines, especially Without Me and Superman, filled with poetic genius. The album also features notable songs not released as singles, including Square Dance, Say Goodbye Hollywood, and Hailie's Song. Another song not released as a single on this album is 'Till I Collapse, which I believe is the greatest song of all-time to never have been released as a single. Eminem was at his best on this album.

This album doesn't have a bad song. This was Eminem in his prime and had great songs like Without Me, Cleanin Out My Closet, Sing For The Moment, Business and Till I Collapse. Even though The Marshall Mathers LP was incredible in so many ways, this album is the best to listen to and showed a new side to Eminem, this is my favourite.

Yes I am white and yes my favourite rapper is Eminem, but there is no need to moan at me because of it. I listen to other artists such as Nas, Pac, Dre and Biggie but I prefer Eminem and that is how it is and you won't change my mind. This is my fave Em album just behind The Marshall Mathers LP but Illmatic would go in between these 2 then 2001 would go next. This album doesn't have a bad song and it was Em at his prime.

This album has purpose, purpose you can hear in every single track, verse, line, rhyme. If you ever do listen to the album, listen intently, you will be missing out if you listen to this as just ear candy

Every song on this album is great, all the songs compliment each other. The downbeat of When the Music Stops, the beat of Superman, the atmosphere, beat, flow, lyrics, everything about this album is fantastic. Absolutely the best.

Eminen doesn't just have the best rhymes or rapping capabilities overall, his puns and rhyme schemes are so intricate that it takes a couple of times after listening to an album/song to understand the underlying messages and brilliance in his music. This album is an absolute classic. Em is definitely the goat, period.

From Slim Shady (LP) to Marshall Mathers (LP) to Eminem (Show). He named it The Eminem Show because he realized this is what he wants to say as an artist, not as a persona. And Eminem makes it feel like a show, this album is bigger than his previous work and Em let's no one get away unharmed. This record feels honest and raw and the tracklist nowadays reads pretty much like a list of classic songs.

I love this album! Eminem is the worlds best rapper. This album is filled with great songs like without me. The Marshal mathers lp would be my next choice. My most favorite song by slim is mockingbird though.

I think The Eminem Show is awesome the rapping the swearing for me this album is my favorite followed by marshall mathers lp 2 and later a album like Recovery and then there's Relapse I did like Relapse too it was little more funny than other albums I listened to I'm not influenced by rap I do not use violence but I think hip hop is cool honestly I think so you can mess me up.

The meaning on songs like Till I collapse, Sing for the moment and the more funny and up beat songs like business and superman show 2 different sides of rap in one album which is why it's one of the best albums of all time.

The Eminem Show is an inevitable classic that never gets tired of hearing. Whereas Illmatic might have been lyrical and MMLP might be a musical blaze, both of those albums contain instrumentals that does not exude the same amount of fire as the lyrics have. The Eminem Show is Eminem's and Hip-Hop's best album.

Great album. Eminem at the top of his game with songs like without me, till I collapse, cleanin out my closet, sing for the moment, and others. Not a single bad track on the album

This album show's Eminem's best! It have emotional songs like Sing for the moment, Cleaning out my closet and motivating songs like Till I collapse!

By far the best. Every song has a great beat that you can get into, and clever lyrics with great meaning. Sing for the moment is a legendary song

Come on people, put everyone out and this first, and every single album by em in the top ten

Eminem's flow and emotional depth really push him over any other rap album. Eminem expanded his artistry and just took his raps to the next level. GOAT Album.

Every song on this album is good to listen to and contains such a widespread variety of them. Not to mention the INSANE rhymes on it.

What puts this ahead of MMLP is that every song 1-20 is an masterpiece. Each has a wonderful purpose and multiple are award winners. This album is packed with word play and controversy. The best part f this album is Eminem's ability to make you laugh, cry, and question his humanity in the same line. Brilliant

To me, this is number 1 and Illmatic is number 2, and to whoever wrote a comment on Illmatic that said "any Eminem fan who puts any Em album above Illmatic hasn't heard it", yes I've heard Illmatic, it's amazing but TES is the best by far with Illmatic as number 2

Not a bad song on the album, Till I Collapse is my favourite Eminem song and shows a mature side to Em.

This is definitely Eminem's best album, having amazing songs like 'Till I Collapse, Sing for the Moment and Without me.

Classic. Lyrically impeccable. Em's flow his unstoppable on this album. Definitely a top 5.

Album has the most replay value ever. Every song is a masterpiece and Eminem is at his very best in this album

Eminem second best album and one of the best of all time

Simply, the best album of Em. Better than MMLP. MMLP contains many stupid songs like Kill you, drug ballad, who knew etc. But this album doesn't have a single bad song. It's so consistent. From the beginning till end you will have same good feeling, like you won't have an urge to skip any track. Sing for the moment is the best song of this album. It contains so many wide concepts unlike any other album of Em.