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201 Full Clip - Gang Starr

A decade of hits made by the lyrical genuis guru and best producer of all time dj premier - QB

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202 The Fix - Scarface V 1 Comment
203 Speakerboxxx/The Love Below - OutKast

A diamond album under top 100

Why's it down here?

Won album of the year at the grammys in 2004

204 Overly Dedicated - Kendrick Lamar

Even though it's a mixtape it's better than albums higher on this list

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205 Wu-Tang Forever - Wu-Tang Clan

HOW IS THIS SO LOW?!? Hands down greatest hip hop album of all time ever. Not just the production, the flow from track to track (continuation), the lyricism, the message(s), the personality, the vibe... it has everything.

I agree this is a good album but honestly, you choose this over 36 chambers? Really... - Totalbeasto001

206 Oxymoron - School Boy Q

Easily one of the best albums of the 21st century, no other words needed.

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207 It's On 187um Killa - Eazy-E V 2 Comments
208 Goblin - Tyler the Creator
209 Real Brothas - B. G Knocc Out & Dresta

One of the most underrated G-Funk albums of all time, no joke

210 Dare Iz a Darkside - Redman
211 The Money Store - Death Grips

What a shame it is so low... Such a great album.

212 Paper Trail - T.I.

Best all around rap album

I want yo body, need yo body, long as you got me you won't need nobody. Yo this album brings my mood up so much. I listen to it constantly. T.I. has many hits and albums that are arguable some of the best bit come on why is this at 249? This brought us Dead and Gone! But wb WHATEVER YOU LIKE! come on this is too good man

213 Paperwork - T.I. V 1 Comment
214 Sex Packets - Digital Underground

Underrated - jack2244

215 Doris - Earl Sweatshirt V 1 Comment
216 The Bar Exam
217 Peoples' Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm - a Tribe Called Quest V 1 Comment
218 Run DMC - Run DMC
219 Follow the Leader - Eric B. & Rakim
220 Polarity Switch - Masta Artisan
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