Greatest Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs Live


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1 Californication

The jam at the beginning when they played at slane castle is the best thing I have ever had th pleasure to hear
Also, john's live solos are way better than the studio ones

This is music at it's purest, words cannot describe how perfect the intro is! Saw them live in Ireland, equally amazing! ❤

2 Can't Stop

Hearing this live was one of the greatest moments of my life. The intro was insane and the excitement and energy just built up like crazy. I saw them during the I'm With You Tour and Josh did just as good of a job as John and his backing vocals were absolutely beautiful.

You just need to hear/see this song Live in Slane Castle to prove it is their best live song. Also when Flea sings some parts, it is a perfect combination, and John's solos are just awesome! Anthony modulating his voice at the middle of the song and Chad at its maximum. It should be Nº 1, not 5º like it is now... - Itzi04

3 Snow (Hey Oh)

This is an amazing song, with amazing guittar riff - the bass continue this incredible song!

4 Under the Bridge

The Live at Slane Castle is outstanding! The best version of the song by far!

5 Dani California
6 Don't Forget Me

Don't forget me is one of those songs were you don't know what to expect live. but the air is always filled with excitement as the song goes on

Its between this and californication, but I decided on don't forget me because of the beauty of it when played live. Especially the live version at La Cigale where John goes crazy, it is just perfection, but as I said - californication is a close second

I mean, COME ON. Who can listen to this song and not like it?

Live at La Cigale. Check out the YouTube. You're Welcome.

Frusciante is a golden god.

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7 By the Way
8 Scar Tissue
9 Otherside
10 Give It Away

Give It Away was intended to be a party song, and the live performance of this song fills the audience with such energy, that the original aim of making this song is fulfilled.

Best song live ever (with frunciante)

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? Around the World
? Dosed

They've NEVER played this live except for snippets. - Dunsparcity

The Contenders

11 Soul to Squeeze
12 Wet Sand
13 Nothing to Lose
14 The Zephyr Song
15 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
16 Easily
17 Tell Me Baby
18 Look Around
19 Stadium Arcadium
20 Suck My Kiss
21 Universally Speaking
22 Get Up and Jump
23 Sir Psycho Sexy

Nothing better than hearing them rock out that magical outro live and in person!

Nothing better than hearing Anthony sing about a young cop girl live.

24 Venice Queen
25 Throw Away Your Television
26 Higher Ground
27 Fortune Faded
28 Knock Me Down
29 Especially in Michigan
30 Annie Wants a Baby
31 Aeroplane
32 Dark Necessities
33 Go Robot
34 Monarchy of Roses
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