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21 Johnny Unitas Johnny Unitas John Constantine Unitas, nicknamed "Johnny U", or "The Golden Arm", was an American professional football player from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Top Quarterback to ever live from the Baltimore Colts.

22 LaDainian Tomlinson
23 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, GOIH is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team.

He is the coolest striker ever born. His team real Madrid is also best but unfortunately this time in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE they lose.he should be above messi

24 Kevin Durant Kevin Durant Kevin Wayne Durant is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association.

He has improve a lot this year

25 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds
26 Wilt Chamberlain Wilt Chamberlain Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain was an American basketball player . He was born on August 21, 1936 in Philadelphia and died on October 12, 1999 in Los Angeles due to heart failure . more. V 1 Comment
27 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao

He makes boxing fun to watch. Mayweather is boring sure he won fights but he just ran away from the other guy and only hit them once a round. Let's get the Pac man above mayweather

I'm filipino, and personally best boxer ever! My family almost always gets together to see him box, and most of the time he always wins, he's been going down hill because he's now a congressman, Watch him box ans you will see the pacman kick butt! Go Filipino!

Should be in no.7,8 or 9! One of the greatest athlete who came from nothing to Pacman!

He make the filipinos proud by just playing a boxing

28 Shahid Afridi
29 Diego Maradona Diego Maradona Diego Armando Maradona is a retired Argentine professional footballer. He is known for "The Goal of the Century" and the "Hand of God" goal.
30 Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matthew Thomas "Matt" Ryan, nicknamed "Matty Ice," is an American football quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League.
31 Nadia Comaneci Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci is the greatest. She received the first perfect ten in the Olympics the world has ever seen and received a total of seven. She's the best.

Nadia Comaneci is the greatest sports star of all time! Not only get the first perfect 10.0 from Olympic judges, she did it in the hardest sport. Perfection in gymnastics is so rare and she was the first one to get a perfect score in major compition. She is amazing.

32 Bo Jackson Bo Jackson

He had the fastest 40 at 4.12 and ran up a wall to top it all off he threw 300yards by Garth the best just watch sports science

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33 Floyd Mayweather
34 Mike Tyson Mike Tyson V 2 Comments
35 Rahul Dravid
36 Tiger Woods Tiger Woods Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is an American professional golfer who is among the most successful golfers of all time.

Greatest golf player I knew in history

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37 Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Williams Manning is a former American football quarterback who played 18 seasons in the National Football League.
38 Derek Jeter

The guys a true leader, in the biggest stage on earth. Plus he has 5 rings, over 3000 hits, and 1st ballot hall of fame

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39 Donald Bradman Donald Bradman Sir Donald George "Don" Bradman, AC, often referred to as "The Don", was an Australian cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time.

53? He was so good at cricket he even got a knighthood and he is at 53?

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40 Dhyan Chand

The best sportsmen. He can make losing game into a wining game with his extraaordinary skills.

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