Top Ten Greatest Summer Olympics

What edition was the greatest in your opinion from the greatest competition of the world - the Summer Olympics?

The Top Ten

1 London 2012 (United Kingdom)

It was like the Commonwealth Games on a grand scale. Superbly organized, great facilities and a real party atmosphere. The athletics stadium was packed to capacity on the first morning and runners with no chance, finishing half a lap behind the 2nd last were given a round of applause. Nearly everything was ready a year ahead and the opening ceremony which factions of the press expected to be a farce was an unequivocal triumph. I believe I am right in saying that in the chaotic run-up to 2016 that London was the first to be approached to bail them out if need be.

As an American, I guess its not very patriotic, but to me the best Olympics in my lifetime is definitely the London Games of 2012. Best volunteering, best venues, best ceremonies and best facilities. Loved every minute of it.

The best 6 weeks of my life, hope I live to see London host for a 4th time. The atmosphere throughout the whole city was amazing. My home town, proud of you London.


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2 Sydney 2000 (In Australia)

Best by far

god tier

Just the best

Oh yeah yeah

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3 Beijing 2008 (In China)

Best open ceremony
best people

Best ceremony


Those olympic games were amazing! Nothing will be quite the same after Beijing. The opening ceremony was an incredible feat. All other efforts to imitate it will be futile (well, the only possible serious contender will be Tokyo 2020 if they use all of their global soft power - manga characters, Japanese pop music and traditional festivals).

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4 Barcelona 1992 (In Spain)

It showed Barcelona to the world... And the world is still coming to see it.

Amazing games!

Dream Team. Summer Sanders. US Swimming was solid. All in all just a solid and very memorable games!

This and Sydney 2000 did much better for the country. 1992 made Spain's image and popularity skyrocket around the world

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5 Athens 2004 (In Greece)

The classiest and most sophisticated opening and closing ceremonies. They set the standard for future games.

History and sports together...amazing combination

Olympics @ their home.

This opening ceremony is unsurpassed. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

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6 Rio 2016 (Brazil)

I'm not Brazilian but screw those ignorant pathetic dumb people who said Rio's opening and closing ceremonies were awful...i slept during London 2012 opening ceremony

Amazing games despite all fear created by international media. Great venues, breathtaking open ceremony and unforgettable characters. Rio was the best seed since Sidney.

I got really bored with London 2012's opening and closing ceremonies, I was more interested to watch Rio's opening and closing ceremonies than London's

Although the media did all they could to jeopardise the atmosphere at the games, there were only a few hiccups and the people really participated. 208 nations "lived under the same roof" respecting each other: it was amazing to see North and South Korea taking a selfie! ; north Korea at the podium with US! ; Hussain Bolt's happiness; the beautiful scenery of Rio and so many other mesmerising moments.

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7 Seoul 1988 (South Korea)

The olympics that reunited almost all of the countries after the other countries boycotted 1980 and 1984 summer olympics

I pray that South Korea will do an another amazing opening and closing ceremony at PyeongChang 2018.

Last Olympics with the amazing drama between the United States and the USSR makes it amazing

This was the historical game with re-united between West and East nations.

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8 Atlanta 1996 (In Usa)

Incredible Opening, The Greatest!

There were better Olympics, but Atlanta pulled it off very well.
Opening / Closing Ceremonies Rocked! Competitions were intense. The City suffered from lackluster Architecture & some logistical problems, but we overshadowed by the Games themselves. The Bombing was tragic, but to blame Atlanta is like blaming the victim of a murder. I think Atlanta deserves more love than it got.

Great city to bad there won't be another one here for a long time


9 Montreal 1976 (In Canada)

14 year old Nadia Comaneci scores first perfect ten and wins three Olympic gold medals.

10 Tokyo 2020 (Japan)

I wonder how this could go wrong?

People say that this is going to be the most Geekiest olympics of all times since something epic is going to happen at the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan

Hopefully they will put up a great opening and closing ceremonies!

I'm excited for their handover ceremony at Rio 2016 closing ceremony!

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11 Los Angeles 1984 (In Usa)

Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Edwin Moses, Mary Lou Retton, Evander Holyfield, need I say anymore.

Use of existing stadiums and arenas. No need to build new ones. Green olympics before being green was cool.

Wonderful olympics. Well run. Opening g and closing ceremonies were outstanding and very impressive.

12 Mexico 1968 (Mexico)

Probably one of the most politically moving Olympic Games. I’m surprised this wasn’t number one


13 Rome 1960 (In Italy)

Muhammad Ali Games

Abebe Bikila won marathon running without shoes.
Cassius Clay won gold on boxe.
Rome is Rome.

14 London 1948 (United Kingdom)

Lol pretty ok

A struggling world, devastated, damaged empty, just three years after the end of world war 2 a city moved out of the rubble and reignited the flaming passion for sport everyone has deep down.

The world moved on from horror, and London helped that process. The simple Olympics.

Helped put the world back on it's feet!

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15 Moscow 1980 (Russia/USSR)

The best olympics ever


Fantastic Closing ceremony.

The best ever

16 Berlin 1936 (Germany)

Asthetics played a BIG role so yeah!

Huge olympics for black athletes.

17 Vancouver 2028 (Canada)

Sorry but LA is hosting 2028

The 2028 Olynpics are in Los Angeles

Who knew that would come? Nobody! Well, even Vancouverites believe there to be a Vancouver Summer Olympics.

18 Melbourne 1956 (Australia)

First time ever athletes paraded as one nation in the closing ceremony..a stiring memory

19 Athens 1896 (Greece)
20 Amsterdam 1928 (The Netherlands) Amsterdam 1928 (The Netherlands)

Olav V of Norway won gold.

21 PyeongChang 2018 (South Korea)

This is winter olympics not summer lol

Honestly this was the best summer Olympic games

22 Tokyo 1964 (Japan)

The 1964 Summer Games were the first Olympics held in Asia.

23 Paris 2024 (France)

I think that the 2024 Winter Olympics will be amazing, and I'm curious to see how they will make such a big stadium in that small crowded city.

24 Los Angeles 2028 (USA)
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