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21 Hot Shot

I love this guy his transformer is awesome - VideoGamefan5

22 Dreadwing

Dread wing is supposed to be one of the the best deception on the list. He did great on transformer prime but bad thing he died. He could fight up with useless bulkhead, moron wheel jack and the cheater Optimus. But everyone like the auto bots, I am insanely disappointed. If I could make my own list I will put the stupid auto bots at the last, including Optimus and bumblebee.

In transformers prime, he is a cool deception. He is a skilled warrior. He have a laser cannon, a sword and explosives. He is one of the greatest transformers. He is brave and powerful enough to fight up with Optimus prime.

Who do you think will Win?

In transformers prime He is a coolest deception. He is skilled in explosives as well as fighting with a sword. He could kill Optimus prime. He have a sword, a laser cannon and explosives for weapons. He also have the ability to fly.

Basically if a Blue Angel became a Transformer. - ShuhBanggg

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23 Hound

Funny and strong I like when he thought the spider is poisons and when the red bumblebee was on him he use his smoking thing and killed him

Watch transformers age of extinction HE KICKS BUTT - thegreatvoter

Should be close to 10 the he has mini guns swords everything

Hound is kickass

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24 Blackout

Took down military base

Coolest looking character in the movies, in addition to being one of the memorable decepticons in the series.

Blackout is a major antagonist and one of the decepticons who appears in the 2007 transformers film

25 Skyquake

He was awesome and was ready skilled but he was nothing compared to his brother

26 Ratchet

Ion't get it whats not to like about Ratchet. If it wasn't for him there would be no medic and with no medic the more bots get hurt and gives them a higher chance of loosing I feel that Ratchet should br one of the top favorites

Ratchet deserves to be with bumblebee, at least 6th place, he survived throughout the entire franchise until lockdown came and well...ripped out his all spark, but he's still very cool!

Ratchet should not be a contender he is a fan favorite and were would the Autobots be without him the Decepticons would easily win the war Optimus Prime might even be dead already.

Then why did he get killed and Optimus survived lockdown and the prototypes - thegreatvoter

Ratchet should be like number 3, he is so good in idw and plus, he has duel pistols

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27 Devastator

I love his awesome size and sucking ability. I don't mean the one that was actually called Brawl. - thedoctor

I can't believe no one put him up until I did! he's truly awesome! - Abejorro97

He has five people hooked on to him

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28 Prowl

Prowl is really great as it should be in transformers movies.

Prowl was very important in the IDW comics, not so much in the show which disappointed me. I think prowl is awesome and deserved more fans. SHOW YOURSELVES PROWL FANS AND FACE ME!

Prowl is The Autobots security force and second in charge to Optimus.
He really should benumber 6on this list

He was also the best looking of the original Autobot Cars and best detailed.

29 Bonecrusher


One of the only decepticons to appear in all of the resent movies. He is a beast!

30 Bulkhead

His incarnation in prime is especially well done!

31 Sentinel Prime Sentinel Prime Sentinel Prime is the name of several fictional characters in the various Transformers series. First mention of Sentinel Prime was in issue #65 of the US Marvel Comics Transformers series, where he was mentioned to hold the Autobot Matrix of Leadership before Optimus Prime.

He only got beaten by Megatron because Megatron fired from back otherwise, on the building he already defeated Megatron. And even Optimus was losing.

Sad he's almost as strong as Optimus and he's down here

Tell me again why he's not in the top 5

He is the 10 th best

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32 Cliffjumper

Mess with Cliff, and you get the Horns.

Starscream didn't even mean to killed him he deserves to be forgiveness

Poor Cliffjumper only got a few episodes in TFP. In G1 he had way more but wasn't as important. He just can't win...

33 Brainstorm
34 Predaking

Predaking is stronger than Optimus and Megatron. That says enough!

Dudes a bad ass and supposedly the most powerful transformer

He is awesome

Number 1

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35 Stinger

He is a cool Pagani Huayra and bumblebee called him a cheap knock off (that is quite funny)

Stinger sucks. made by KSI, insulted bumbleebee. and useless

36 Demolisher

In Armada he is the best. Not only loyal soldiers are among the Autobots.

A Decepticon with a huge armament of weapons and transformed into a cybertronian tank. He can be very deadly against his foes. One of the strongest Decepticons and transformed into a giant construction vehicle in the movies.

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37 Chromia

Jazz has a new girl friend!

38 Sunstreaker

WHY IS SUNSTREAKER ALL ALONE?! Well it's no wonder he wanted to destroy all the humans. Why does his twin have more fans then he does?! He's got audio fins on the sides of his head! He's gorgeous, and awesome!

Sunstreaker is my favorite other then Optimus Prime,

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40 Skywarp

Because he teleports and has cool colors.

I always thought Skywarp was pretty awesome. 1. He can teleport. 2. He's cute. 3. All of the above.

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