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61 Roadbuster
62 Sixshot

He was built for war. He apparently cannot die.

5 alt modes army blue

63 Blurr
64 Eren Kurosaki

Best hybrid transformer. Eren and Ichigo combined. Badass car too. Favorite

65 Stabby McWheelfeet
66 Scorponok

He's a scorpion that shoots missiles!

67 Scourge
68 Blitzwing

OK, I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm talking about Animated Blitzwing. He's icy, hotheaded, and crazy at the same time. Need an example?

"The name is Blitzwing, insect! Remember it! 'Cause it'a the last thing you're gonna hear before I -- Express my feelings in song! The itsy bitsy spider!... "

Yeah. You've gotta love him.

69 Mixmaster

I like mixmaster! He's a pretty generic character, but that's why I like him! He's so unique with those shields and that third form of a turrent.

70 Landmine
71 Tracks
72 Slag V 2 Comments
73 Snarl
74 Lord Straxus

He's the governer of the decepticon- owned city of polyhex, he lives in a fortress called darkmount, he has a giant axe- what isn't there to love about this awesome decepticon leader?

75 Acid Storm

Looks like starscream but green.

76 Astrotrain

He has to modes is huge in vehicle mode

77 Ransack
78 Silverbolt

Underrated... But dangerously strong.

79 Slipstream V 1 Comment
80 Elita One

Optimus is coming for a wedding.

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