Top Ten Greatest Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics, the winter multi-sport event held every four years.

The Top Ten

1 1994 Lillehammer, Norway

Natural beauty, small-town feel, games of innocence. Allowed previous professional skaters into the Olympics. The remembrance of Sarajevo. Opening Ceremonies were spectacular.

2 2010 Vancouver, Canada

This should've been top 1 at the first place. Also, why weren't Pac-Man characters at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? Why did Peach replace Rosalina?

Kim Yuna winning gold

Great games done by the Canadians. No Biased Judging. They respect the other athletes with fair judging unlike what happened at Sochi, Russia at the 2014 games. - Jiaan

Crosby man! OT winner gives Canada gold! WOOHOO! - 2234

3 2018 Pyeongchang, South Korea

Looking forward to this winter olympics

Excited for their opening and closing ceremonies

GO KOREA! Even though I'm not Korean... so excited for this winter olympics

Russia banned from 2018? This is really bs! Politics is so disgusting

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4 2002 Salt Lake City, United States
5 2006 Turin, Italy
6 1998 Nagano, Japan
7 1988 Calgary, Canada

Because its Calgary. Its just Calgary. Nothing special just a city built on a river. Nothing as huge as Turin or Salt Lake City. It was fricken Calgary.

8 1992 Albertville, France
9 1968 Grenoble, France
10 2014 Sochi, Russia

Besides the ring not opening everything else was amazing! The opening was extremely well done, as well as the closing! What really pissed me off is the pictures of the hotel which were later admitted to be fake, they're trying to show Russia as a bad place however the real pictures were shown later and you could see how great everything looked!

This winter olympics was horrible. I hope Korea 2018 will be better than this

The women didn't do well at Figure Skating.

Adelina is under suspicion of doping...HAHA KARMA

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The Contenders

11 1952 Oslo, Norway
12 1960 Squaw Valley, United States
13 1924 Chamonix, France
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