Top Ten Hacker Stereotypes in Movies

If you don't fit in those stereotypes, then you're not a real hacker (heh). But in all seriousness, this is a satirical list pointing out the common stereotypical hacker traits in movies.
The Top Ten
1 Type really fast

Hackers in movies: Type a long sophisticated code within just ten seconds that has the ability to hijack anyone's computer regardless of security.
Reality: Get frustrated upon a problem and have to open up stackoverflow every 10 minutes.

2 Anonymous mask

The most iconic stereotype when it comes to hacking movies. Heh, you're not a real hacker if you don't own or wear one of these.

This is what every stereotypical hacker wears. Nothing else needs to be said.

3 Hoodies

Especially those black or gray hoodies that give a "mysterious" vibe. No one will find out your true identity if you tighten that hoodie up.

4 "I'm in"

Also: "We're in", "We just hijacked the mainframe", and an honorable mention: overusage of the word "quantum" and "firewall".

5 Lots of flashy windows

Bonus points if they contain massive texts of code jargon and other blinky stuff. Don't forget to add spinning matrix cubes and loads of progress bars, for that extra feel as if you're "actually" hacking something.

6 "Access Granted"

The most iconic message when you succeed on hijacking a computer in hacking movies.

7 Being in a dark room

Ah yes, for that extra added mystery. Bonus points if the room is 100% silent.

8 Black & green background

It's not a real hacker background if it doesn't contain strings of random binary codes.

9 Nerd
10 Must have several computer monitors

Paired with at least more than several flashy windows with jargon, to maximize "hacking" efficiency and multitasking. Don't forget to have two keyboards

The Contenders
11 Sunglasses

The little brother version of the iconic anonymous mask, to show how much of a "pro" of your hacking skills.

12 In a wheelchair
13 Have a very deep voice

I have a very deep voice and I couldn't hack if my life depended on it. (I otherwise don't fit the description at all, the exception being "Nerd")

14 Silent Room
15 Caught
16 Matrix
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