Top Ten Happy Madison Movies that Don't Star Adam Sandler

When it comes to Adam Sandler's movie production company Happy Madison,their movies range from,terrible to mediocre,so here's the list from best to worst of everyone that doesn't have Adam Sandler as the main star,as that makes the much harder to do.Movies like Grandma's Boy I heard are good,but I haven't seen them yet,so I will start with the "good ones" I have seen,and anyone else can add on.I know that this list will change,and I think that's for the better,byeeee!!!

The Top Ten Happy Madison Movies that Don't Star Adam Sandler

1 Here Comes the Boom

This is a very formulaic movie,but it's good when compared to other Happy Madison movies(Master of Disguise,anyone),and it does have a few funny jokes,Bas Rutten is great in it. - JSpice50

2 Joe Dirt

The redneck Forrest Gump.Haven't seen it in a year,but I remember it being pretty funny,and it has Christopher Walken in it,so,yeah. - JSpice50

3 The Hot Chick

I don't why I love this movie,but I do,it's probably my biggest guilty pleasure ever,though it does have some legit laughs("You can put your weed in there"),my only problem with it is Rachel McAdams is barely in it. - JSpice50

4 The Benchwarmers

I used love this movie in 5th and 6th grade,mainly because I was obsessed with Napoleon Dynamite and wanted to watch it because Jon Heder was in it.Haven't seen it in over a year,but it's on T.V. soon,I doubt I'll like it as much as I used too though. - JSpice50

5 Dickie Roberts - Former Child Star

This is a weird movie,because it starts off really good and pretty funny,but then evolves into a stereotypical kids movie,though it is saved by David Spade's sarcasm. - JSpice50

6 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

This movie is not really good,but I have only seen these 6 Happy Madison that don't have Adam Sandler as the main star so yeah.This movie is basically the same as the first,but bad,there is a great fight scene towards the end though. - JSpice50

7 Grandma's Boy

Haven't seen it - JSpice50

8 Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Haven't seen it - JSpice50

9 Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Praise the son of Shrek

10 The Animal

Haven't seen it - JSpice50

The Contenders

11 Bedtime Stories

It has him so remove it.

12 Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

This movie I did watch,but I gave up on it.It was unfunny,and crude to be crude - JSpice50

13 Zookeeper
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