Top Ten Hardest Bloodborne Bosses

List of the bosses from Bloodborne from hardest to easiest. Keep in mind, this is completely opinionated and open for debate. Also note that when I created this list, it was originally ranked on the difficulty of these bosses on my first playthrough. Some bosses are significantly easier when you learn their attack patterns. Also note that Chalice bosses are not included, but feel free to add them.

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21 Defiled Amygdala
22 Watchdog of the Old Lords

I feel like the reason the chalice bosses are ranked lower is because less people have fought them.

This boss hits really hard, but once you figure out his moves, he's a complete joke. - MKBeast

And as for the defiled Watchdog, same strategy applies, except you need to be good at dodging, or else you might get one shot, not to mention the fact that the defiled Watchdog has a large pool of health. - MKBeast

Wow, this was so easy - matthewwilliams2

This list is pretty misleading really. The latter chalice dungeon bosses are infinitely harder than any of the main game bosses( and required to platinum bloodborne). This boss on level 2 of the pthumeru defiled chalice is probably (along with defiled amygdala) the most difficult boss in bloodborne, much harder than Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen (the real final boss)

Wrong. Neither of those two are really that hard. The best way to handle Watchdog is to not get greedy. It's probably a good idea to level up your character's vitality and whatever attribute corresponds with your weapon the best. - MKBeast

23 Living Failures

One of the easiest bosses in the entire game. They are incredibly slow and the arcane attacks can be avoided by hiding behind the plant in the middle. Fun, but very easy

You can see why they are Living Failures... Basically something to make you feel good after all you've gone through Ludwig and about to go through Lady Maria.

Worst thing about this boss is running outta bullets, I parry every single attack so easy. - matthewwilliams2

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24 Micolash, The Host of Nightmares

Hated this fight, imagine a chase fight, but, it's foggy, very confusing without having any direction or insight to what's going on, if you haven't fought him, expect looking for him for 20 minutes, and then getting one shot by Call from Beyond.

This boss was the easiest in the game for me, and I consider it more of a chase than a boss fight. Once you finally duel with him (twice), all you have to do is be up close to him so he doesn't use ranged attacks, and just wail on him. He doesn't hit hard at all, and he can be taken out very easily. - Ornsmoughstein

A very long boss fight for me. Its not hard, I just hated the thing that he is running almost all the time. - thesheepersgame

Interestingly the hardest boss in NG+7 not including DLC. I basically don't die on any bosses(no DLC) beyond NG+, but he One-shot kills me with Call Beyond countless times. The trick is to keep close to him regardless of your health, even when he is about to kill you with his fists. If you panic dodge away and heal, he might Call Beyond, and spam it multiple times (4 times once, yes, I perfectly dodge Call Beyond three times but get caught by the 4th, didn't play the games for a week).

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25 Headless Bloodletting Beast

I killed this guy in 3-4 attempts, and THANK GOD it's over. This guy isn't the hardest to dodge, but Lord help you if he hits you. Don't lock on to him, as the camera will get you killed, and watch out for his smashes and stomps, as they hit really hard. - MKBeast

As for later attempts, I realized how easy this guy is. He's a boss best taken on solo, otherwise his health is gonna be ridiculous. Bait his attacks, back up, step back in and get a few hits, back up and repeat until you've staggered him, which is when you can score some damage. I advise leveling your character up and bringing its vigor to 50+. - MKBeast

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26 Pthumerian Descendant

Are you kidding me? This guy should be next to Martyr Logarius. He's quick and aggressive. If you let him reach his second phase in the dungeon where you fight Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen you're as good as dead. This guy deserves to be on the top ten.

Nobody really talks about this boss. If you're going in solo, be ready for serious R1 spamming. This thing hits really hard and can combo you to oblivion. - MKBeast

27 The Witch of Hemwick

The boss had a great concept and design, but terrible execution. The support these witches have is really slow and barely hit worth any damage, the witches have low health themselves, and you can damage the second one before the first is even dead. There might be trouble if you're not good at dodging the second one's attacks, so be careful with that, but other than that, these witches are a complete bore. - MKBeast

As for the Chalice witches, I hate their guts. Their support is actually really tough this time around. Luckily, the witches never move from their spot, so other than the support banking you, they're still not that hard. - MKBeast

A lot of people consider this boss to be the easiest in the game, however, if you don't know what you're doing, this boss can be tricky. There are two witches, and they'rev invisible until you're up close to them. Their attacks are very easy to dodge, but they have one attack that can restrain you while they perform a visceral attack on you which can take out a ton of HP. Overall, this is an easy fight, as their minions are slow, and don't pose much of a threat, but coming into this battle blind isn't a good idea. - Ornsmoughstein

28 Brainsucker

Easily the most annoying enemy in the game, and the boss is even worse. Not only does he try his damnedest to grab you and drain your insight, he spams this arcane projectile that stuns you, making you open for a grab. Other than that, it's a complete pushover. - MKBeast

Easiest boss to with bolt and thrust damage. However is the 2nd most annoying boss spams the arcane paralysis thing as soon as you enter. Rom is spider minions are 1 in the annoying category.

29 Undead Giant

The first Giant I fought was a piece of cake. But when I got to the one with the club and sword, the best chance I had was 2 cannonballs (maybe 3) and hitting the pocket on his leg that does massive damage.

Depends on which giant. The one who uses the balls on his back is a NIGHTMARE. It causes immense damage if you can't dodge it. - MKBeast

I'm later dungeons, these things hit REALLY HARD. I swear to God, if you get hit by a giant, you're probably screwed. - MKBeast

Not that hard, no matter which dungeon. - matthewwilliams2

All of these things are annoying. It Honestly appaled me how hard this thing hit when I fought the very first one in the Pthumerian chalice dungeon and it annoyed the hell out of me. I am running a somewhat tanky build (vit, endurance, strength) and was level 29 when I fought it. Long story short, strafe left, learn when to dodge, get in one or two hits between attacks, don't waste fire paper unless running a low damage build.

30 Loran Darkbeast
31 Celestial Emissary

The only thing that makes this boss tricky is that there are tons of little creatures (forget what they're called), and they can overwhelm you if you aren't careful. However, the boss is among these creatures, and you can nail a lot of this boss's HP before he transforms into a giant. This boss is fairly easy to dodge, but his minions can overwhelm you if you are not careful, so be patient with your hits. This boss shouldn't pose much of a challenge. - Ornsmoughstein

Don't get cornered. Other than that, this thing is a complete joke. - MKBeast

Easier than even The Witches

The real one hides in the back, and if you hit the real one with Shaman knife dagger thingy, the others will mess him up. - matthewwilliams2

32 Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

You need to complete possibly 7 chalices to get to her all increasing in difficulty. The defiled chalice which you have to do is insane, so technically this is the hardest boss to get to, but she's pretty easy once you do. She has powerful attacks but is slow and easy to read. I did her first attempt

Nothing too hard, but can be infuriating if you don't know how to handle the baby crying. - MKBeast

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