Top Ten Hardest Bosses in the Mother/Earthbound Series

This list will be combined with my opinion and a lot of people I have seen talk about the games. Please vote who you think your hardest boss was. Is your boss not on the list? Add it on.

The Top Ten

1 New Fassad - Mother 3 New Fassad - Mother 3

This boss is right after you regain duster again, and if you are playing through the intended way then he will be 5 levels behind Lucas, Kumatora, and Boney. and don't forget he has 3000 HP and starts healing by 500 when he is almost dead. I had to grind for half an hour just to get my party at a high enough level to beat him, and I have seen streamers take hours to finish him. - JTLH101

2 Diamond Dog - Earthbound Diamond Dog - Earthbound

I only beat him because of luck

Sometimes this boss is easy, sometimes it is not. this boss is extremely hard because the difficulty of him will change depending on how smartly you play until up to him (by that I mean stat wise, the game does not literally make him harder.). my second run through the game I abused save states throughout the fight and finished with only Paula still alive. every lets play I see of earthbound the lper says that he is a tough boss. - JTLH101

3 Plague Rat of Doom - Earthbound Plague Rat of Doom - Earthbound

This boss is especially hard for those on their first playthrough. the only reason it is so hard because it has very high damage attacks, even though he misses a lot he can demolish your whole party in a few hits. one lets player even played the boss after poo left his party again and only had jeff, ness, and paula for the fight. - JTLH101

4 Jealous Bass - Mother 3 Jealous Bass - Mother 3

You are seriously forced to grind for money and buy pencil rockets and the latest bat (couldn't find the name, sorry) for lucas. there is not much buffs or debuffs you can use on him making the toughest boss in the early part of the game. - JTLH101

5 Mr. Genetor - Mother 3 Mr. Genetor - Mother 3

Mr. Genetor is hard, but not so hard that you will have to grind for him. he will reflect physical attacks when he is not charging making Duster and Boney useless the whole time, but even when they are bashing the crap out of Mr. Genetor he will be healing himself anyways, keeping him high on health the whole time. - JTLH101

6 Ness's Nightmare - Earthbound Ness's Nightmare - Earthbound

There are two ways to go about this boss, you can wait and heal until he runs out of PP, or just go right into the kill, both are hard and tricky to pull off. - JTLH101

7 Giygas - Final Phase - Earthbound Giygas - Final Phase - Earthbound

This one is simple, if paula is dead your screwed and you have to try again. - JTLH101

True, but I managed to beat him, anyway.

8 Starman Deluxe - Earthbound

This guy starts with a shield beta making it so that your only hope of defeating him/her/it/they (i don't know, it's a robot) is by letting jeff blast some bottle rockets at its face, while at the same time the other three do not do anything to Starman deluxe - JTLH101

9 Porky's Porkies - Mother 3

These guys have a lot of health and a lot of good attacks. all you can do is spam pk ground and love hopelessly trying to defeat them. - JTLH101

10 Mecha Drago - Mother 3

This boss was so hard that I gave up on the game the first time I tried to beat him. its pretty tricky knowing how close to the start it is. - JTLH101

The Contenders

11 Porky - Mother 3
12 Masked Man - First Battle - Mother 3
13 Heavily Armed Pokey - Earthbound
14 Thunder and Storm - EarthBound
15 Titanic Ant - Earthbound
16 Mondo Mole - Earthbound
17 Trillionage Sprout - Earthbound
18 Shroom! - Earthbound
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