Top 10 Hardest Geometry Dash Demons Not Including Impossible Levels

The Top Ten
1 Bloodlust

da hardest

2 Plasma Pulse Finale
3 Gamma
4 Spacial Rend
5 Erebus
6 Yatagarasu

Yatagarasu oh that great godly level (I only have 0% in that level) so hard it should number one

7 Sonic Wave
8 WoodKid

Got deleted but it was unverified even after 2 years so they had to nerf it and when it finally got nerfed, DELETED HAHA

9 God Eater

This shouldn't be here! Impossible levels are not included.

10 Note Circles


yeah! - randyr

The Contenders
11 Sonic Wave Infinity

Why is this last? It is harder than Sonic Wave and It can be harder than God easter because some people say that SW is harder that god eater.

12 Zodiac
13 Down Bass
14 Back on Track


15 Tartarus
16 Kenos
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