Top Ten Hardest Sports

Hardest sports to do that take the most skill but not given credit to.

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Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.

We lift heavier matts than people, we condition harder than football, we have to mentally prepare outselves for 4 different events, memorize so many things, ever single little move we make matters, we physically are in danger all the time every practice. Literally. Our hands rip open and we have to learn to control ourselves and face our fears. You have to push yourself and go to practices more than others. You have to fully commit unlike some others you can just quit or not try or else you will hurt yourself

Definitely, I've been doing gymnastics for ever now probably about 8 years, (i'm young). I just got my BACK HANDSPRING on the BEAM which is crazy hard because basically you are jumping backwards on to your hands on to a brown thing that 4 INCHES WIDE. This sport is definitely the hardest conditioning is BRUTAL and there are no easy practices no long breaks like other sports. One last thing is you HAVE to be strong and have endurance because then you can't move up levels and YES there are levels I'm a level 6. This my opinion that gymnastics is the hardest.

I have done gymnastics for 9 years and I plan to continue. Gymnastics takes skill, strength, and flexibility. Some people think it looks easy but it takes time and persistance. People don’t understand how hard you have to work. Gymnastics has so many possible injuries and can mentally hurt you. Gymnastics is such a tough sport, you can’t make it far unless you have the perfect mindset. Gymnastics proves oh isi ally and mentally challenging. If anyone tells me gymnastics is easy I would like to see them try

Gymnastics is definitely the hardest. All the people that play ball sports and hokey at my school think that their sport is so hard because they train for two hours in the sun and do ten sprints on a hard practice. *snort*. Gymnastics requires so much more than a simple ball sport. It requires insane amounts of strength, but also grace, flexibility, endurance, balance, speed, control, mental strength like focus, and much more. Then there are little annoyances like let's see RIPPING YOUR ENTIRE HAND RAW. People at my school are so baffled that I train 25 hours at minimum every week. I have been since I was 6 years old. (But I started gymnastics at 2 years old). I look forward to the fitness tests at school so I can laugh at the "tough" boys do 10 push-ups and then complain that their arms hurt for the rest of the day while I am not breaking a sweat at 80 push-ups because that's what I do at practice everyday. You don't understand. On different sources comments said that ...more

Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Swimming is one of the most demanding sports in the world. I train almost every day of the week, I have dryland which is INSANELY hard, imagine working so hard for months, ussaly YEARS to get beat by someone who's less than a blink of an eye faster than you. Kind of disappointing, especially when you just missed first place by the smallest little bit, I think swimming should be at least where it is now, but probably the number 1 hardest. Oh and by the way I play Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and am a Competetive Skate Skiier, I used to do dance, skating, and gymnastics too, and Swimming is definitely the hardest I

To all those people out there who say, “swimming is easy” or “ I could beat you in a race” YOU ARE SO WRONG we train more times in a week than there are days in a week, often doing two practices a day plus dryland. Every practice pushes you to the limit and you leave sore and exhausted. Not to mention the early mornings, and late nights, that leave us groggy and tired. AND for every kick and stroke we use every muscle in our body. Swimmers have to have an incredible amount of strength and endurance. And swimming is not just physical! Every practice requires us to be focused mentally, while also pushing our bodies to the limits. And competitions are often three to four days, staying in a hotel with two sessions a day (prelims finals) for ten minutes total of all out swimming. And the competitions sometimes happen during the week, putting schoolwork on top of all that! Swimming is without a doubt one of the hardest sports, and nobody can tell me otherwise!

If all swimmers were cats, we would have lost our lives in the first couple months on the team. People think swimming is easy, but it isn't. I have trained so hard for months just to drop a couple hundredths of a second so I could make the cut. I have a big meet coming up in three months. I am preparing now and training hard now. Next month, I'm cutting sugar out. The week before the meet, I am doing technique. I try to make my legs kick harder and my head to stay in perfect position. When I get up in the morning, I workout. I go to swimming for an hour and a half, after doing Dryland for 30-45 minutes. I go home, incredibly sore. Sometimes I can't eat for another hour after I swim because I am just that sore. You are probably thinking weakling, but I will literally throw up if I ate because my abs are on fire. And then that night I do another workout. So, next time when you call Swimming easy, I encourage you to go to a swim practice. Not only are practices are hard, but meets are ...more

I've been swimming at a high level for most of my life now and I can honestly say this sport is CRAZYYYY demanding. I don't think its as bad as gymnastics because we don't have the threat of dying everyday, but we do work just as hard as them. What people don't understand is that as a swimmer every muscle in your body is used for every single stroke and kick. Not any other sport in the world does that. We not only swim for hours a day we train on land for hours. So basically its like ok your done one practice, but now your expected to jump in the pool and swim as hard and as fast as you possibly can every single day. And for all the people that say they taught themsevles how to swim and its not diffuicult at all anyone can do it, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. This is not your back yard pool swimming, we are really swimming. After every practice you can barely walk you are so sore, and getting changed is so hard because you can't even lift your arms over your head. When you have meets, every ...more

Actually swimmers have the threat of dying every day. We could drown or have a heart attack or stroke and we are at highest risk for ebola

Figure Skating Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, duos, or groups perform on figure skates on ice. It was the first winter sport included in the Olympics, in 1908. The four Olympic disciplines are men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dance.

I think figure skating is at least the second hardest sports because it takes will, determination, and gut. I am a figure skater my self. Every day you go to practice and train and work your butt off just to be the best. To get a jump right you have to jump it exact just to land it and get full points for competition. You have to jump and land on a blade that is thinner than your finger. And every day you practice and practice and it seems like you are going no where and not improving in any of the jumps that you are learning but when you land that jump it feels like all your hard work, pain, and tears is worth it and you realize that you are one step closer to your dream that you had since you got foot on the ice for the first time. When I first started skating I had a coach that told me that whatever I did was correct. When I was ten I got an new coach and I had to learn everything from the beginning. All that years of training for nothing. When I was twelve my coach left out of the ...more

Alright.. So I'm a figure skater myself, and to be a competitive figure skater, it takes more hen just stepping out on the ice, jumping from forward to backwards, its harder then that, you're throwing yourself up in the air trying to spin 3-4 times in the air, there's spots in it where you're going to wanna give up, but you really can't give up, its something you're going to fall in love with, and something that you're really going to hate, but you just need to push your self through it and say, 'i know I can' because its just not something simple, its not something you can just learn in a day or two, I've been skating since I was 2 years old, and I still haven't got to the level I need to be at.. It takes skill, you need to have dedication to the sport and determination. I'm at the rink 5 days a week for longer then 3 hours. I personally think figure skating should be near the top, not number 7. So I think everyone should sit back and think a little bit harder on what the hardest ...more

You guys don't have to think in your sport you memorize the routine and that's it there's no split second decisions or pressures you just go do your performance (no dude racing at you at 90 mph) it might be hard but once your memorized there's not a lot left to add.

Figure skating takes confidence, determination, and strength. You have to change your life in order to do many of the moves in it. When I started to figure skate, I needed to turn my whole life around in order to even have any chance in it.

Figure skating is definitely the hardest sport. If you're thinking figure skating is just gliding on one foot and doing a little turn, it's much more. When you start learning to glide on one foot for 4 yards, doing a bunny hop and little turns, I don't think that even counts as figure skating. The real stuff starts when you start doing the flying sit spin, the illusion and jumps with 1-3 revolutions. You need to have precise leg, head, hips and arm positioning and impeccable timing to have enough rotation to the jump and land it. Personally I think it takes way longer than 4 years! When I was on freestyle 4 (which took me almost 4 years) I still felt I was on an extremely low level because I barely fell down and personally I think it is. I was only beginning to learn single jumps. If you don't fall at least 90% of the time while learning something new, you're not trying hard enough. Practicing takes dedication and pain. Some skaters wake up before school to practice. Some skaters ...more

I am a very good skater and my first time on ice I need to learn one week to begin to skate.

Horseback Riding Horseback riding (or Equestrian) is one of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. If you don't have a good relationship more.

I have been riding for 9 years. I have done gymnastics and many of my friends do competitive cheer. When you fall in thoes sports there are mats. There are people to help you. When I fall off my horse there are no mats. There is no padding. I fall either on jumps on on the ground. Sometimes you get kicked. Sometines you get dragged. Sometimes you get stepped on. And there is no bench in our sport. There is no time out or pause. We have two minutes in the ring to show what we got. There is no re-do. You have to commit fully. I have been severely hurt by my horse. I have been bucked and reared off. I have fallen on jumps. I have been dragged, stepped on, kicked, and bitten. I get right back on and its like nothing ever happened. You push through pain and discomfort. You train long hours to get things right. You put your own life on the line when you ride. You are sitting on a 1k +pound animal with a mind if its own. There is no going back once you really truly get into the sport. It ...more

In no way does the horse do all of the work. Heels down, toes up, calves back and on, supporting the horse, back straight, shoulder back, hands low and still in constant contact with the horses mouth without pulling too hard, look where you're going. Maintain this position perfectly while controlling a 1,000 pound animal with a mind of its own.
This involves moving it with just one leg, constantly supporting it and worry about exactly how fast or where it's going, posting or rising up and down in the saddle with almost no help form the stirrups, turning with a bit of leg rein, weight shift and looking, but not too much or too little of anything while maintaining speed and perfect position. Try reining in a 1,000 pound animal going 20 mph with just your arms, but not pulling too hard. Try having to be constantly aware of every part of your body and your horse's at every second while moving at 20 mph, making hairpin turns, jumping fences and despite the speed always be three steps ...more

The reply that say have you ever seen a true equestrian flew is suppose to say flex

It is the thing that keeps up breathing, living, and being. It is more that a sport. If is a life. One little thing, one millimeter more rein on one side and you could die. A butterfly could change weather you ride off or are ambulanced off. Your are going 45 mph towards some thing that wont move if you hit it. Your team mate is something that is 10 times bigger that you and can kill you as easily as you breath. There is no safe. There is no perfect. And there is no redo. There is no bench. We ARE the secret athletes that put our lives in the hoofs of a flight animal and others say its easy. There is no easy. There is no turning back. You have to commit or you are falling off. I am a cheerleader. I get thrown 20 feet in the air. Every time there is a possibility that my team will not catch me. If they don't I land on 3 inch mats. But in ridding when I fall from that height and there is no one there. There is no one to catch me. I am falling either on the solid wood poles or the dirt. ...more

I have ridden for ten years. Believe, me it is the most difficult sport. Anyone who says different is wrong! Most people say Equestrian isn't a sport because the only time they've ever ridden is on the beach while on vacation. That is NOT riding.

I'm a show jumper. This is what I have to do: I get on a 1500 pound animal, who has been trained all winter and is at his peak, hurtle myself over 4 ft obstacles that are often 3 ft wide, whip around corners as fast as possible while not knocking anything down.

Yes, the horse plays a big part in the sport (obviously) but when I am racing around the competition ring, who do you think is keeping that animal balanced? Who do you think is telling the horse exactly where to put each of his feet, every single step of the way? And, in the judged classes, you have to make it look pretty and smooth.

A lot of people say Equestrian isn't a sport because you don't have to be fit to do it; that's also not true. I admit that I'm not a ...more

Let me ask you this, did you actually ride? And by ride I mean do a dressage pattern, jump a stadium course, gallop a barrel pattern, or rope calves. Because sitting on a horse while it walks and being led around, or trail riding at a national park where the horses are half dead and all you do is walk up a gentle incline, That is NOT riding. I know wrestling is hard and dangerous, but all those things you said that it takes to do wrestling, aw, what was it again? Skill, determination, physical endurance, strength, and the will to devote your body to gruesome, exhausting workouts? That sentence perfectly describes riding. I'm not saying that you're wrong, oh wait, yes I am! You. Are. Wrong. Thank you and goodbye.

Water Polo

I have played water polo for two years because my mom suggested it to me before my freshman year. Prior to playing waterpolo, I had only played 10 years of baseball and 1 year of soccer, so I did not think it would be that hard. Well after playing it for two high school seasons and two winter travel seasons I can say it's the hardest and most demanding thing I have ever done in my life. My team practiced 5 days a week. If my coach was to get mad, he would just condition us until one of us almost left. From personal experience, I would highly recommend to play water polo in high school as it can help you get in amazing shape, and besides how awful people are making it sound, it is fun. I am not saying it isn't hard, because it is, I am just saying that it is probably the most fun I have had in a sport ever.

I have been playing water polo for four years, and I can definitely say that it is one of the toughest sports in the world. Having to swim back and forth, tread water, and physically fight the other team is hard. Not to mention having to tread water with someone literally on top of you. You need to be in tip top shape or you will die. The conditioning you have to do to get in shape for this sport is incredible. I have been kicked in the groin, stomach, and grabbed about everywhere else. The grabbing in this game is incredibly constant. Someone is always trying to grab your suit, wrist, leg, anything to get an advantage.

I started playing polo when I was in my early 20s. I was a county level swimmer from the age of 8 who got fed up of swimming up and down, and thought I'll give water polo a go. When I started I was fit, fast and thought it would be easy and I'd swim circles round everyone..o, how I was wrong!...I will never forget how hard that first training session was- the stopping, starting, changing direction, jumping out of the water felt far tougher than any swimset I had ever done (and that was just the swimming part of the polo training). I remember playing my first game in training and lasting about minute! swimming with someone on top of you/ wrestling for position made the sets of 10x50m sprints off 40 I did the week before feel easy.

I also remember my first proper game- getting elbowed in the face, loosing my trunks and being held under and kicked off more than once! It killed me... and I was only in the pool for about 5 mins of the whole game.

I have now been polo for ...more

I was a super fit teenager. I could swim 100 lengths of a pool, had a sub 5:00 mile and could do 5 miles in under 40 minutes. I played hockey, soccer, rugby, track and field events and was the regional runner up in wrestling. I was even into body building and had a great physique.

I can appreciate the skill required to learn figure skating and gymnastics. But those are short bursts of energy. I played one game of water polo... well not really. I joined a scrimmage. Oh my god! I was so humbled. There is no way swimming is tougher, just no way.

Swimming is just one component of water polo. Read the other comments Water Polo is top 3 at least, for sure.


Motocross is not just sitting on a dirt bike and twist the throttle back around a circle. You have to have the balls to jump 100 ft jumps and to ride a turn full throttle leaning the bike and putting pressure on the outside peg. I have been racing motocross for 5 years and I have broken my foot and have bruised my kidney and I've also had three concussions. Yet I still love the sport and my love for the sport will never end. You burn about 1000 calories just being on the bike for 30 minutes. Your arms get so tired that you can't even hold onto the bike anymore. If you think the sport is easy than you get out there and try to hang with us!

I am no James Stewart or Chad Reed, I am not a professional in my sport by any means. But whenever o r where ever I ride, it demands more skill more physical experience and more mental capabilities than anyone could know. When you ride your complete hardest, you will never feel that burn on anything else. Your entire body will be struck with pain, but yet it's the most fun you'll ever have. All the other sports deal with yourself and a ball, a bat or something small in that manner. Motocross is you and a 250 pound machine with 50 horse power, depending on the bike, with all sorts of vigorous obstacles, with the danger of other riders around you as well. I think this is the most extreme sport!

I've done Motocross for many years and I have to say just a little day at the track = SUPER SORE the next day! I've been knocked out twice in races and have had 4 concussions. Motocross is often overlooked by some. But there is a reason why not many know of or do it, because it takes time, patience, balance, and skill. Its a lost art. But for those who have a passion for it and where born into it know what I'm talking about. And others might say taking a big right hook in MMA or Boxing takes more endurance that a 30 minute moto with 2 extra laps are crazy, because they have obviously never sat on a dirk bike, let alone risen one. In my opinion, from a experienced rider. It's the most physically demanding sport in the world. Cheerleading is cool and all but to a contact sport player or a motocross rider its not a sport. When someone talks about a motocross injury its either a broken bone, split something or brain injury. A dance or cheerleading injury is "! I just sprained my angle! ...more

A guy told me motocross isn 't that hard, and that baseball is harder, this was my reply.

First off, its Motocross . So you say Motocross isn't a physically demanding sport? Well let me share some knowledge with you. Getting tackled by 250 pounds going 20mph , How about getting hit buy a 235 pound metal bike going 45mph? Constantly squatting down and jumping explosively blocking a shot , How about squatting every time you hit a jump, bringing a 235 pound bike with you by squeezing it with your legs? get tripped on your shin at full speed , Yea that's gotta hurt, but not worse than getting sideways on a bike and taking a handlebar to the gut. Which can slice your insides open like bread. Get hit 200 times in a matter of minutes , what sport is that? Definitely not football, basketball, soccer or wrestling. How about you get hit 200 times in a race with flying rocks traveling at 60 mph cutting your flesh? I have holes in my Jerseys from roost, got scars to prove it to. A dirt ...more

Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

Wrestling takes a massive amount of technique, strength, power, speed, anaerobic endurance, and reaction time. Most sports need one ball. Wrestling needs two.

Wrestling is so hard because of the time and effort into it. I mean anyone can wrestle, however it's the people that can wrestle well who really put the effort and time that the sport requires. People do not understand the preparation it takes to be a wrestler. It's like being in the army. When you are wrestling, you do not even have time to think about what you need to do. You just have to go out there and do it. Of course this takes practice because for your moves to be automatic you must drill them at least 1000 times before getting it perfect. And that is only one part of the sport. When a wrestler is cutting and maintaining their weight, they usually go to sleep on an empty stomach. Cutting weight is very exhausting and sometimes you question why you're even doing it. It's the wrestlers that really want it who drill the hardest all the time, and the ones who push themselves to go run 3 miles a day at least. But these people get unnoticed my the many people surrounding them. They ...more

Okay here's the thing: everyone is completely biased when they say their sport is the hardest. I mean, I can see how swimming, water polo, and gymnastics are ranked high. However, a lot of people don't understand wrestling and therefore don't think it's hard. They just think about how it looks gay. People think their practices are hard because they do a little conditioning a day, like 20 minutes. Wrestling is ALL conditioning plus strength endurance. You are grappling with all your strength for 6 minutes (can be more or less, depending on how you do) against someone else doing the same. Also, what other sport has blood time and injury time?

Wrestling is by far the most difficult sport available. While it is tough to argue about which is more taxing during the actual sport due to everyone insisting their sport is the most difficult, certain things are undeniably harder in wrestling than anywhere else. Swimming may be dufficult becayse you can't always breathe, but in swimming you aren't being choked for 30 seconds fighting off your back. Wrestling demands more physucally from you in a short period of time than any otyer sport. I am more tired after wrestling all out for 5 minutes than after running 5k in cross country or anything else. The factor that really crowns wrestling the king of most difficult sports is the commitment it requires off the mat. Imagine doing any of the sports on the list, now imagine doing that same thing without eating the previous two days because you need to make weight. Also, you have to run for an hour in a 100 degree room in order to lose weight. In the end, wrestling is without a doubt the ...more

Soccer Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players each. It is played with a spherical ball. The objective is to score the ball in the other teams goal.

Soccer is for sure one of the hardest sports. People think, oh well you just kick the ball into the net, honestly that isn't how it works. When a soccer player receives the ball, millions of things are going through their head like, whether to dribble, whether to pass, whether to shoot. Once they decide, even more things go through their head. If they decide to take the ball themselves they have to decide where to dribble to, if they need to do any trick moves, and when they need to get rid of the ball. Then if they decide to make a pass, they have to think about timing, how hard the ball needs to be played, who to play it to, what kind of pass needs to be made, and then once they get rid of the ball, they have to make a run elsewhere to try to get open to receive a pass. If they shoot, they need to think where to place it and how hard to shoot it, they also have to follow up their shots.

Decision making isn't the only aspect of soccer that is important. You have to be fast ...more

90 minute game running through down a grass field smashing into other players and trying to beat 11 people fighting for the exact same thing. Speed, teamwork, endurance, high level foot/eye coordination (which is extremely hard to develop), strong bones, perseverance, a balance of aggressiveness and calmness, rapid foresight (ability to see the play before it happens and move accordingly), fast reflexes, clear understanding of the strategy (to play well or coach. ), instinctive body language reading (to understand where the player may try to move), good ability to communicate under pressure and a natural ability in at least one position (this is the most important, the best are born with ability and develop it, the worst aren't born with a natural ability and have no chance even if they try hard. ) Not to mention a high injury rate, if your not good enough you get hurt. Not knocking other cardio-sports but soccer requires a type of skill not visible in any other game, a near complete ...more

Soccer is definitely the absolute hardest sport that I have ever played in my entire life. I have tried just about every single sport imaginable, figure skating, competition cheerleading, competition swimming, gymnastics etc. And only some of those sports compare to the level of skill, strength, speed and motivation that soccer requires. Also in soccer you have to have aggression for the ball, which is something you cannot teach. In soccer you have to do all kinds of core training and running. How is cheerleading harder? I did cheerleading and it wasn't even that hard. Its only hard if you aren't good at it! Also swimming was probably the easiest sport I have ever played in my entire life. But then again how hard could a combination of floating, kicking and arm strokes in a chlorine pool be so hard? I can agree that gymnastics is one of the hardest sports but figure skating.. REALLY? Figure skating was again among some of the easiest skills for me.

Soccer is by far one of the hardest sports out there. I do gymnastics. It is harder. I did track and cross country. It is harder. I did basketball and baseball, and it is definitely harder. When was the last time you wrote a paragraph with your foot. That's right, never. In soccer, you use your feet, not your hands, which is a WHOLE new area of your body to master. I play midfield in soccer, and I can run up to 7 miles in a game, maybe more. I sprint, I jog, I kick, I THINK. That's another thing. You actually have to think when you play soccer. In cross country, you run, but you don't think. I'm not saying that soccer is absolutely the hardest sport, but it is MOST DEFINITELY harder than most sports.

Freestyle Wrestling

The only sport where the practice is the same as competition and the same level of intensity. Wrestling requires the athlete to use every muscle in their body at the same time. A wrestling match is continuous and folkstyle matches can last up to 9.5 minutes long, 9.5 minutes of pushing your muscles to failure with no breaks or rest. In a match, you are allowed only 1.5 minutes if you receive an injury, and if you take any more time the match is forfeited. Given the weight classes, practices are very high intensity and usually are held in the basements of schools with the heat cranked up to around 100 degrees. In addition to the practices, the most successful wrestlers do things such as run the streets at night - usually in many layers (a standard in practices as well) and sometimes plastic suits to lock the heat in - no matter the weather, as well as working out in a gym or at home or attending multiple practices. My senior season I walked into my first practice at 197 lbs and ...more

Dude come on seriously wrestling under cheerleading, horseback riding, gymnastics and water polo? Wrestling is no joke people work their living tails off on the mat. Wrestling requires muscle, stamina, quickness, toughness, mental toughness and believe it or not flexibility and lots of bravery. You will get slammed on the mat possibly break something if you're not tough enough simply because your opponent is more muscular than you. Its take tons of bravery to step onto a mat with another person who could possibly overpower you and not to mention you must remain aggressive thanks to the new rules, the coaches and refs. You have to sacrifice lots of eating time to make weight classes and the conditioning is extreme more muscle than other sport unlike football when players sit majority of the time. wrestlers always will either condition or break each others necks at practice and the only way to get really good is to work on technique and strength outside of practice. I've done wrestling ...more

I'm a girl and have been wrestling for seven years now I am only 11 years old. I don't wrestle girls I only wrestle guys. And I am also wrestling at an age group of 13 and 14 year old kids. I go to practice Monday through Friday every week and on weekends I go to wrestling tournaments Sunday is the only day I have off. Every day you have to give it your all or you don't get nothing accomplished. I've tried other sports before like soccer tennis volleyball and basketball but nothing compared to the exhaustion that I get on the mat. I wrestle with people that are two years older than me. During the summer I weigh like 125 but when the rest of the year I only weigh like 100 lbs. We wrestle all year round but don't have any tournaments after July. Then wrestling tournaments start up in October again. Wrestling doesn't only teach how to win a match it teaches discipline and endurance. The only People that think wrestling is easy are the people that have never done it before. Like my coach ...more

I haven't competed in many other sports, I was a wrestler, I also ran cross country bus that was just to add to my conditioning for wrestling. So because I have not competed at a high level in any other sports it is hard to sit here and type about why wrestling is harder than another sport. I can only use examples from my experience in wrestling. I started wrestling in the 8th grade, I wrestled in Oklahoma which is a well known state for wrestling. In wrestling one of the hardest things I encountered about the sport was making weight. I have pulled as much as 20 pounds in a one week period. It was not easy and I don't know if I could have done it weekly but 10-12 pounds was a weekly thing until my senior year when I really got my diet under control. At that point it was only 4-5 pounds a week which I would lose in 2 hours of a 3-4 hour practice. Practices regularly consisted of 2-3 hours of drilling and live wrestling and then 30-45 minutes of conditioning at the end. Jog sprints, ...more

Ice Hockey Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

Ya I'll be real here. I don't play this sport but I'm not going to be immature and bash on hockey. Kudos to those who play ice hockey. It IS a hard sport and this is coming from someone who doesn't even play the sport. I'm a synchronized swimmer actually and I am certainly no creampuff! I train 7 times a week each day being 3-5 hour long practices in the pool. But my point is, is that I respect hockey. And hockey players. Cause some people might think that hockey is overrated and that the guys who play it are dumb jocks, but I think it's a very physically demanding sport. Lots of injuries happen.

Gotta be able to not just balance on skates but do it while some guy is trying to shove you off the puck, gotta think and act quickly to keep up with the speed of the game. Hockey requires a lot of intelligence to know when to make the right play and determine what is the right play in a split second and takes a lot of physical athleticism to be able to react, play physical and move the puck well. Learning proper positioning takes time and it can take years to truly become a good skater. (Use your edges to stop/turn on a dime and to get enough speed to win races to the puck)

Hockey is definitely one of the hardest sports besides gymnastics and figure skating you have to go 30 mph on basically a knife while 5 other players are coming at you. My friend got blood all over the ice because someone stepped on her hand and my brothers friends elbow popped out and you could see his bone because of hockey you have to have balance, speed, and concentration you also have to do sprints with practices almost everyday. I have 1 day off a week from hockey at my brothers practices at least one person throws up a day not anyone can play hockey you can’t be scared. Hockey is super fun too I’ve had my friends try it and they had to hold on to the boards for the whole time. Hockey is super fun you make a lot of memories with your team

I play hockey and I'm a girl. Hockey is really hard. You need to have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner and the concentration of a brain surgeon. Sometimes it seems like the other team is chasing you with clubs trying to kill you while you skate down the ice dodging people. Other than gymnastics, hockey is by far the hardest and I think it should be higher up in the list.

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Bull Riding Bull riding is a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a bucking bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal tries to buck off the rider.American bull riding has been called "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports." To receive a score, the rider must stay atop the bull for eight more.

Notice how most of these comments are along the lines of "Look you're riding a bull" rather than anything intelligent or well thought out. This is not a sport. Contrary to popular belief, the bull has no desire to kill anyone. The animal is jut scared, stressed, overwhelmed and desperately trying to rid itself of the bucking strap. Yes, you heard right: that "blood-thirsty" bull is scared.
Bull riding is life-threatening, yes, but I wouldn't call it a very hard sport. All you really have to do is hold on tight and there's not much more to it.

Well the fact of the matter is that you have thousand pound animal strapped between your legs and your told to hang on. I'm not just saying this because I have seen bad stuff happen, but I was the person that has all the injuries to show it. So I have no idea why they put horse back riding before bullriding. Cause I train horses for a hobby and they aren't that tough to ride.

Risk does not equal difficulty. Just because you could get killed it does NOT mean it is a sport. If I walk on thin ice, I could get hypothermia or drown, but that does not make it a sport. I could get electrocuted if I stick my fork in the toaster, but that does not make it a sport. I could bleed to death if I'm careless in the woodshop and sever my arm with an electric saw, but that doesn't make it a sport either.
Point made, I hope.

Many people have died from bull riding. If you've rode a mechanical bull before, riding an actual bull is like 10x harder. People don't realize how hard it is but here's a little summary: it feels like you're standing on a gravel rode while a massive earthquake is hitting, it throws you around and basically plays with you like you're it's doll.

Competiton Cheerleading

I like how everyone else is saying that cheerleading is stupid and cheerleaders are stuck up brats who do the sport for popularity, and none of the cheerleaders have said anything mean to anyone about their sports... And we are the mean ones? Also I dare anyone who does not think this is the hardest sport to watch a competitive cheer team's practice like California allstars they condition for at least three hours and run at least six miles... As a warm up then for the next two hours they stunt until they are about to faint then we tumble. You know? The thing we make look easy when really we have to hold the perfect body position to literally DEFY GRAVITY while our muscles are the tightest they will ever be. Then we do our entire routine around 15 times which includes the hardest tumbling stunting and dancing we are able to do. If someone says one more thing about how cheer is not a sport I might go insane... You truly have to do the sport and take it as seriously as we do to know ...more

Cheerleading and gymnastics are the hardest.. But never compare the two because they are very different. Most gymnasts think cheerleaders are just bad gymnasts, but they are not. Okay maybe gymnastics tumbling is more difficult and has better form, but what people don't realize is that tumbling is not even close to being most of cheerleading. In fact it is about 30 seconds of a 2 min 30 sec routine. The rest is filled with extremely difficult stunts that are very dangerous, and to some they may look easy but they are not.. Cheerleaders purposely make them look easier because they never stop smiling. I know there is more to gymnastics to, but never ever compare them. And if you are a gymnast, next time you say cheerleaders are just worse gymnasts try doing every thing else cheerleaders do! Both are extremely hard, take a lot of endurance, and strength. The one that is not a sport is dance.. Sorry, that's a hobby. But CHEERLEADING IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT

Cheerleading needs more credit.
Cheerleaders are strong like weight lifters - we lift and toss other people to extreme heights.
Cheerleaders are confident like gymnasts - we trust others to throw ourselves in the air, and are daring to try new stunts.
Cheerleaders are agile and flexible like gymnasts - we stretch to our limits, and do high level tumbling and flipping - even putting this into stunts as well as on the ground.
Cheerleaders have the speed and co-ordination of a dancer - We dance to high energy routines.
Cheerleaders have the springy feet of a gymnast - we do jumps and somersaults from standing.
Cheerleaders have the energy of any athlete - 2 minutes 30 seconds to STUNT, JUMP, TUMBLE, CHEER and DANCE.
It's very dangerous, and you need team skills and athletic ability. We get injured and fall, but that never takes away from our spirit. Definitely should be 2nd on the list!

Cheerleading is definitely the hardest sport I've ever done. People tell me that cheerleading isn't a sport or that all it is, is a bunch of girls clapping and yelling. It's much harder and more complex than that. I've cheered for about 8 years now and it keeps getting harder and harder. In the past, I've played soccer, softball, and I danced. None of them compare to how hard cheerleading is. You can get very very injured if you make the slightest mistake. It's a HUGE team sport. Cheerleaders have to rely on their teammates to keep them safe. It's really complicated to learn all the chants and cheers because you have to remember the words and moves. Learning the dances is also very hard because you have to remember which move goes on which count and everyone has to hit their specific move on the right count or the routine wont look right. The conditioning is also a very hard part of cheerleading. People should go out and cheer. See how long they can take it.

Cross Country

Cross country runners are never really given much praise compared to people who play sports like soccer, and this is because soccer is an enjoyable sport. Cross country isn't something you can look forward to like you can for soccer. Those of you who disagree, either you haven't tried it or are biased for whatever reason. I'm going to put it straight.
Cross country is easily one of the hardest sports. I am not disrespecting the skill and determination involved in other sports, but cross country is endless pain. It's 10+ miles of running up hills in any weather, 100 degrees or rainstorms. There is no entertainment. You're bored, sore and gasping the whole time. You cramp and want to stop at every step you take. There are no breaks in the races

One of the least popular sports in high school, college, or at a professional level, not too many people know the struggle of running XC. However, after just a week of running distance for your first time, you'll find it harder than every sport, save perhaps wrestling. Your body can't quite affix to a schedule, and nobody can erase all your pain. You take a break for one week, there goes half of your stamina.

Nothing hurts more than running, and running, and running on and on, yet feeling like you have to keep going. Ever done a short sprint? Not too bad if you're in decent shape, huh? Okay, now try slowing that sprint down a little bit. Maybe 80% effort. Now run that for 3.1 miles. Can you do it? No way. Not without grinding for months to be at the peak physical condition. Your body breaks down, but you have to keep going. Your running form proves to be ineffective, because the economy of motion is useless in your arms, or you aren't striding enough, or you lack the muscle ...more

Cross country is by far the hardest sport known to man. The sport itself is mostly a mind game with yourself. Your mind is telling you to stop and that you could just give up right then and nobody would care. While you're running, it's you versus your mind and the clock. This sport also requires you to have much more responsibility on how you perform. In other sports, for example, football, you will work as a team and the whole game is really a team effort. Cross country, however, is based on your personal times and how good they might compare to the other runners. Doing cross country is also one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences that you will ever go through too. The part that hurts the most is wanting to stop so bad, but your body doesn't let you and neither does your coach. Well, sorry to bore you but overall, cross country is the hardest sport. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

For all of you who think cross country is running in circles, you are wrong in endless ways. First off, cross country takes an incredible amount of determination, dedication, and effort. Our practices are 2+ hours long, with 90 minute workouts and then 60 minute ab and arm exercises (yes, you need arm and ab strength for cross country as well for better form). Other sports like football and soccer are physically taxing, but they're also FUN. Cross country runners are pushing through pain with no enjoyment, but because they have the strength. Second, it's not a short amount of pain either. Gymnastics is hard, but it's a few very short moments of concentration. Cross country is 16 minutes for an insane 5k, but takes usually 20 or so minutes. Third, unlike track, cross country isn't on a flat course. Ever tried running up hills while maintaining a sub 6 minute mile pace? Try it and then continue to think cross country's easy. Next is the fact that yes, cross country takes an INSANE ...more

Volleyball Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.

volleyball is always getting under rated because everyone is saying well people do not hit each other it is not physical . well you go try play volleyball let's see how "easy" it is . yeah your not swinging your fists at each other but is still a really hard sport to learn and do

Volleyball is extremely difficult especially competitively. This sport is a complete mental game. Once some one gets in your head your cracked and the game is over. You have to think about everything your doing in fast paces. Where your supposed to be when there hitting. How high your platform should be when your passing. How much leg muscle you should use to push a hut. Foot work is different in passing, setting and hitting. You have to master every piece of volleyball to succeed. Plus conditioning. I've ran track and I think I do more running and conditioning at a volleyball practice then I did in track. I practice for 4 and a half hours every Saturday. Just to prepare me for an all day tournament. You don't see swimmers swimming for 6 hours or any other sport play 6 games in a day! So volleyball is extremely hard because it's a physical endurance sport and a mental sport.

People always tell me that volleyball isn't hard. And it's annoying like why don't you go out and play throw yourself on the ground dig a ball that's hit straight to the ground and return a serve that's hard. Yes volleyball isn't the hardest sport I get that but for it to be 24 makes me so mad. All people think that volleyball u just stand there and pass a ball and someone sets it and u just hit it over the net. No that's not all it is. You have to have muscle and you always have to be watching. U have to be watching the other team including your team and the ball. Your not just standing there. I was playing at a tournament the other day and I ran into the score table to save a ball we don't let a ball drop and yea it hurt but I saved it and we got the point. And I just had to keep playing. Another time is I dove on the ground to save a ball and I banged my head on my arm so hard and I got up and kept playing. I've almost fractured both of my ankles I've jammed my fingers who knows ...more

Volleyball is probably not the hardest sport in the world, but it is pretty difficult for a while. It takes strength, knowing where to be at all times, and bravery. You need strength to serve the ball, to pass the ball, to spike the ball, and even to set the ball. If you don't have strength, then you won't be able to do much. Also you have to know where to be at all times, because if you aren't where you are supposed to be, you lose the point and possibly the game. It is very important to be where you need to be. Also bravery is very important, possibly the most important. The whole time you have to be brave. You have to go for the ball. You have to fight for it. Yes, there are so many injuries that can be caused by this game. Some include, spraining your leg or arm, breaking your leg or arm, and getting a concussion. You have to be brave, but know all of these things. You fight for the ball no matter what happens. Volleyball is very difficult sport, competitively and mentally.

Sure. Passing a ball over a net isn't that hard. But have you played a good jump serve. Exactly.


Cycling an extremely difficult sport. My brother and sister are both cyclists. My brother is an international however. Training consists of mental and physical attributes. Mental training is preparing yourself to realise that there will always have an obstacle in your way, doesn't matter what sport, also mental training is having your mind set to doing you best, putting 150% or more all the way. Physical training is preparing your actual body. You must have upper body strength and most important lower body strength, legs. Physical training consists of a lot of leg work and working on endurance whether you are a endurance rider or sprinter endurance is very important in cycling. In sprinting you have to keep at a certain speed for a length of time in some events and then find the strength in you to go at a higher speed and keep accelerating more and more until you cross that finish line. I would personally categories cycling as one of the top 20 hardest sports because I know for a fact ...more

I do Cycling myself, I also played inline hockey, water polo, swimming and tennis, if I were to put these sports into an order from the hardest to the easiest it would be: 1. inline hockey 2. Water polo 3. CYCLING 4. Swimming and 5. tennis. It is a sport were you need a lot of stamina and be exercised very well, you always have to push yourself to keep up and have a very good technique or else you have nearly no chance in keeping up with others. My heart rate sometimes goes to 200 beats per minute and I am very experienced! Also it is not to sit a lot at the pc or desktop because you can get a lot of cramps when in a race or training, I think this sport should deserve a vote and be in the top 15 at least!

Over 100 miles at over an average speed of 25mph for 7 days then have a day off then do it for another 7 days have a day of then again another 7 days and this is just one race in the season. People might think their just riding a bike but it's the toughest sport just for the endurance and just how hard it is on the cyclists bodies. Yes there are tough sports like rugby, ice hockey boxing where physical contact is part of the sport but the matches/bouts last a short period of time compared to a cycle race and their not expected to do it all again the next day.

Gymnastics is perceived as tough because it draws soft people to the sport. Plain and simple. Cycling isn't about the parcours... it's about the willingness to suffer. I don't care if we're on level ground or a 20% incline, you just have to put out more watts than the guy next to you. Every season (at the amateur level I compete at) requires Thousands of base miles, every minute of which you're being passed too close by cars, sure gymnastics is dangerous if you fall on your head because you screw up just *this* much you're going to end up pretty broken. I could be riding along, in a straight line on the shoulder of the road, and at any moment a 3700 pound hunk of aluminum and steel traveling at 50 miles per hour can slam into me from behind. I never go more than two weeks without hearing of a major paralysis or death in the racing community. I was involved in a major crash (in my 3rd race ever) broke 3 vertebrae, and was pissed because I snapped my $3500 bike in half, and couldn't ...more

Long-distance Triathlon

It is beyond my belief that people believe that a long distance triathlon (or ANY triathlon for that matter) is ranked 20th overall. I know it does not receive as much media attention because other, more "exciting" sports are what the fans want to watch, but this is VERY hard. You have to be almost insane to do this sport. Those of you who were complaining about lactic acid, having to compete (or practice) several hours a day, well, tack on more than twice what you were complaining about, and you've got a long distance triathlon. 13, 14, 15, 16 hours straight of excruciating physical activity. 2.4 miles of swimming, ONE HUNDRED TWELVE (112) miles of biking (usually takes 5-6 hours) and then a marathon (26.2 miles) on top of it. Marathons themselves are an extreme showing of physical activity. Just saying, if this sport received more media attention, it would be #1 for sure. Inhuman levels of endurance and speed. The people that compete in these are the best athletes in the world. All ...more

I don't think most of you have even done a twelve hour race before? Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles, and then brag for the rest of your life. Not the average Joe can do one. The Ironman Triathlon is the toughest race in the world. Often called the hardest day in sport. It is not a sport for the weak minded. After a while, the body shut downs and the only thing keeping you moving is your mind. With high drop out rates, many question if they could even finish after racing a few hours into the race. Nutrition and hydration is key to a great race. This sport combines three tough sports into a monster challenge.

I don't understand how this is #27. I've been looking at various pages on difficult sports, and most "experts" seem to think that specific aspects of a sport is what make it hard (such as coordination, technique etc). NO. You automatically learn those things from being in that sport. You adapt. You can be the best basketball player, but be the worst in something else. Difficulty is NOT equal to practice.
What makes a sport hard is how hard you have to push your body and mind to the abosolute limit, to even compete. The foundation of all sports is in the Triathlon. I have done all 3 sports at a competitive level, and there is nothing like pushing yourself until you are going to faint or puke. You don't get that in other sports. Its not about practice, its about how hard it is for a body.
If you give anyone (fit) a (fair) amount of time (years) they can master any sport, just based on practice. On sports like triathlon, you don't get that. You have to have a superhuman body and ...more

This is without a doubt the most difficult, grueling sport that anyone could ever possibly imagine. I have been a competitive swimmer for most of my life, and have recently completed only sprint triathlons (of which have completely destroyed me. ) If I had to list the most grueling sports I would put cycling 1st and swimming 2nd; but combining them into a long distance event and adding a marathon at the end to make an Ironman triathlon? And THE TRAINING? Absolute hell, day in and day out. THIS IS NUMBER 1!

Basketball Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each end.

I have no idea why this is 51 but I feel like all of these sports are all hard to do we all have are opinions but my opinion is that I have been doing basketball for 9 years (I'm 13 ) and I remember my coach wanted use to join XC so we all did we all did for 6 years until school got in the way and I still have all the medals I've won and how much I had from just like 2 meets and for basketball tournaments you have to play 3 games that are each 1 hour to 1 hour and a half just to get a cheap ribbon and if u r lucky you can get a cheap bendy medal trust me I actually got one of those but in conclusion I think that all sports are hard in there own ways

Basketball isn't easy to play. Because you can always get injury by playing basketball I am a basketball player and I play really hard that sometimes I get my ankle hurt...

And if you want to be a basketball player you have to have all the skill to fit in the game...
You have to go to your practice at all times
People run 12 to 15 laps for their practice and that's what we do in our team.. To just get our skill motivated in the game, we run 5 laps every practice and we add and add to be more faster at running.

Basketball is easily one of the hardest sports to play. You have to practice your whole life to be any good. You can't just pick up the ball and be a great runner, defender, or shooter at once. You need to practice hour after hour. It is physically demanding in practice to stay in top shape and we have to be able to run for long periods of time and and be able to me a "big shot" under pressure. this sport only allows the best to play. If you're not the best you're sitting on the bench.

Heres the thing about Basketball many people don't understand. Whether you play professionally or just at your average pickup game... You're going to get hit, hit hard in your face, sternum, hip or wherever seems vulnerable. This applies to ballers who are very talented as well because its hard to stay in front of someone when they are good without fouling. You can also roll your ankle occasionally.

Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

Football IS the one of the toughest sport. Grown men colliding is always going to be tough to do. BUT, it is not very "hard". You don't get much break but you get some. And any break is better than none. It's not a very physically demanding sport. The hardest part about football? The practices. Sports like soccer rowing or water polo are MUCH harder sports. Put a soccer player in pads and make him running back? He'll damn near die. But a football player in a rowing boat? And he'll place last. Football belongs higher on the list but not in the top 10. I have played many sports and Football had the worst practices by far, but the games were nothing.

This is the worst list I have ever seen. Football at 20? Really? Competitive Dancing is ten spots higher, let alone swimming being number two. I played football in parks and rec when I was a lot younger, and it was hardcore. One time some kid got hit so hard he broke some ribs and they had an ambulance come out onto the field to bring him to the hospital. This is Parks and Rec for middle school, not even a Middle School team. Bring it up quite a few notches to the pros, and people are tearing ACLs left and right, breaking ankles, and getting concussed every week. Football is without a doubt top 2 or 3.

I totally agree even in middle school ball I got a concussion and was out for weeks I agree this is the worst site ever

Ok I respect all sports but this is total bull! I would love to see anyone of you who talk crap about football step on a field with an NFL team. you would be destroyed! There is a reason football is the number 1 sport in america, its because there is no other sport like it. So lets have the people talking trash race an NFL wideout. I think you forget that these athletes are ranked the best in the world with regards to speed, strength, power and size. And whoever said "football is not very hard" is a retard and has no idea what they are talking about. I bet they have never played it. lets have any one of you race an NFL wide out or out bench an NFL lineman or out jump an NFL DB. if your going to talk trash make sure that the people you talk trash about can't make you crap yourself. so please all these people talking trash I dare you to step to an NFL player. and lets see who is a real athlete and doesn't need a horse to run fast or steroids to be strong and to the person who ...more

NFL players are that strong because of how much they work out. Lifting weights is what makes them strong not playing football itself. Sports such as swimming or wrestling have you use every muscle in your body and you can not even begin to compare this sport to one of those.

This one of the hardest, most physical, most gruesome sport out there right behind Rugby and AFL. Really AFL is both Football and Rugby mixed. Back to the point. Football is physical, hard on the mind, hard on the body. People say,"Oh Football is just another sport that's trying to be a worldwide sport." Well guess what it's already worldwide. This sport should be 3rd-5th. I am on of those people that actually play, and know what it's like to get your hind end ran off by your coach. I'd like to see the people that put this as an easy sport do 10 gasers. That's daily for me. First time I did a gaser I felt like I was alive. Football also teaches discipline. If you have good self-discipline you will last a long time in Football. If you don't you won't last a scrimage. If you want to see football look up Sean Taylor highlights on YouTube. People have died playing this game. I don't think people see that. People should also notice that people can get hurt just by tackling wrong. If every ...more


Laugh out loud! Hockey is no doubt the hardest sport! All the sports that are considered to be 'harder' than hockey in this list are actually all p**** sports! Like how is swimming number two on the list, like come on I do 60 lengths across my 10m pool everyday and it's a pear of cake. Playing 1 hard 45 second shift in hockey takes all my energy out of me. In hockey there is what is called 'hockey sense' in which in order for a player to have this they have to see the ice clearly while having the puck and avoiding hits from opposing players and make the best play possible. Also let's not forget about the razor sharp blades flying through the air after hits, and a dense 8 ounce puck made of rubber having the possibility to reach speeds of 100mp/h and players and goalies having to stop/block it. Just every aspect of hockey makes it the hardest sport to play. And by the way motocross should not be considered a sport as it requires no physical activity!

There is no sport as difficult or as demanding as Hockey. ([ ]=reasons)

[1] One of (if not) the hardest sport surfaces played on. [2] Travel at high speeds (15-30 mph) with [3] blades/knives on your feet (if you think they are safe go on YouTube and see what happened to the goalie's neck that lost to a blade). If blades are not dangerous enough for you, [4] then look out for the other team who is moving just as fast as you are and can [5] hit you as they please. Faster than you is [6] that solid rubber puck (arguably harder than a baseball) [7] that can move faster than 100 mph (Kulyash 110 mph slap shot). Don't think that'll hurt, go online and see what happened to Matt Hendrick's cup when it went up against a puck. [8] Durability is a key component, there is a reason why the average NHL career is only 5.5 years. While it is not 162 games long like a MLB season, [9] the 82 games you do play in a NHL season will wipe you out. You should also have a good dental plan, because ...more

I played rep hockey, and believe me. THIS. IS. THE. HARDEST. SPORT. ANY. HUMAN. HAS. EVER. PLAYED. Try skating around at 30mph while trying to control a tiny piece of rubber and shooting it into a net guarded by a full grown man. Try doing this while 5 other full grown men are trying to stop you, or at least break your neck. We hockey players work 24/7, we have a practice every single day, and it is usually 2-3 hours. With that, there is dry land training. Also, it has the most skills to master like skating, puck handling, shooting, body checking, and much more. Its insulting to not be number 1, because this is both the hardest sport in the world and the best one. None of the sports ahead of us should be. THIS IS THE GREATEST SPORT OF ALL TIME.

You can imagine Zdeno Chara as a star basketball player, you can imagine Pavel Datsyuk as a speedy soccer player, you can imagine Jarome Iginla playing professional baseball (because he did), but can you imagine LeBron James, Christiano Ronaldo, or Miguel Cabrera quickly getting into hockey? No. None of them have likely ever worn ice skates. Anyone can mount a horse, throw a football, wrestle, and row with a slight amount of practice (I understand the difficulty of becoming skilled) but hockey requires the ability to skate and not just a little bit, you NEED to be an excellent skater to play the game at all. Hockey is tough. Period.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is not just a sport, it's a sport that includes lots of tears and lots of strength. It does look very pretty and all of that but it's very painful and each rhythmic gymnast gets an injury... But I love it and I will fight. By the way it's not just twirling a ribbon how you would think! It's hard since you have to start at early age (around 6-7), have to have flexibility, have to have incredible high jumps, have to have great balance, have to have great spins(up to 7 spins with leg in front, leg 180 degrees, leg at the back and loads of other spins) and a rhythmic gymnast has to have strong arms since she has to throw her equipment up to the ceiling (around 6 metres up) and so she could stand on her hands. Thanks for reading. Rhythmic gymnastics to my opinion is hard what about you?

This is a sport that requires more than just endurance, as are many of the higher ranked sports.
It should be ranked higher because this sport requires strength, balance, poise, agility, flexibility, coordination, and skill. You have to be a ballerina, a contortianist, an acrobat and master 5 different pieces of equipment.
Maybe because it is a girl's sport... Who knows!

I'm an artistic gymnast and I've seen fithmic gymnastics they train just as hard as us and they are amazing they at least have to be in the top ten like common cheer in front of this cheer is stupid rhythmic gymnastics is amazing this defiantly should be in the top tens

How the hell is this not on top of the list do you know how much flexibility it requires to be able to do this and do you know what it takes to get that flexibility?

Pole Vaulting

I believe pole vaulting should be higher on this list! Right next to wresting and gymnastics. One of the things these sports have in common is that their whole body has to be in shape to gain any success. Pole vaulting has a physical and mental strain. You are constantly hurt, so there isn't any excuse why you are giving it your all, because everyone is in pain. If you are getting bruises on your legs and arm... you're doing it right. The hardest part about pole vaulting is, no matter how hard you try you seem to never perfect the sport. People literally train for years to perfect this one "trick" and almost everyone fails.

Pole vault is the ultimate test of endurance, strength, and sheer will power. There are so many depended variables in pole vaulting that if one thing isn't satisfactory then it will lead to the entire vault being terrible. Not to mention on how long it takes to improve form to be able to vault higher. Then there's also other factors to be added into vaulting, you have wind, temperature, trying to get on a larger pole. It may not deserve #1 on the the list because I respect gymnastics to be extremely hard but it definitely deserves to be in the top 3.

Pole vault should be way higher. To be a great jumper you need to be great in every area, like running, strength, endurance, etc.. There are so many things you have to do in just one single jump, and you can always improve something. Also not many people can do this because they are too afraid! So not every athletic person can do it. Pole vaulters are definitely special and deserve more recognition.

I think pole vaulting should be number one on the list because there is so many things you have to do at once. Like you have to think about planting the pole, your knee pop, making sure you don't move your hands, keeping your arm straight, jumping off the correct foot, starting off the correct foot, stwisting around at the right time, and a bunch of other things all at once. So it should be the number one hardest sport!

Boxing Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..

Boxing takes crazy cardio, speed, power, hand eye coordination, technique, reaction time, etc. This should easily be at the top of the list. It is 30 minutes of completely going ballistic on another human that trains to do the same.

ESPN officials agree that boxing is the hardest sport. If some sports authority agree with each other on the demand of sports, why is there even an argument with individuals? These authority figures have witnessed, studied, immersed and fully explored each area of each major sport, even minor ones. Putting this authority argument aside, they have very good reasoning skills when ranking boxing as such a hard sport. ESPN uses 10 key factors when deciding these sport ranks.


While sports like Gymnastics ranks very high on flexibility, boxing makes the over-all top marks due to the physical demand in every single aspect of these keys. Many sports lack some of these keys almost entirely (like fishing or cheerleading).

People are like gymnastics needs body conditioning what do you think boxing need we get hit all the time if your not focusing you can get a hook so quick it would hit you faster then a bullet and really boxing is 36 it's the most physically demanding every training session we are using every muscle in our body our backs arms legs shoulder forearms neck. Our hearts are strong and we have to be super fit to survive 3 minutes in a ring and the amount of rounds needed, you can end up with broken bones I know I have people have died our minds have to be focused and we need to know what punch our opponent is throwing at us like to see all you try that.

Boxing should really be up higher on the list. you literally put yourself in the situation that 95% of people avoid. you get put in this tiny ring with some other person and throw punches, mix combinations, dodge their powerful punches, keep moving, keep on your toes, keep hands up, and still go 3 2min rounds (depending on your group) it is basically a battle between strength. Physically and mentally. people saying gymnastics is the hardest sport and incorrect. Is gymnastics hard? Yes is it the hardest? By no means! Yes you need strength the do the flips and what not, BUT momentum plays a huge role with half of that.

Formula 1 Formula One is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and owned by the Formula One Group. The FIA Formula One World Championship has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world since its inaugural season in 1950. more.

Sorry, but Formula 1 is not a sport. I am in no way dismissing how incredibly difficult Formula 1 is (I would jump off a cliff before getting into and driving a Formula 1 car) but I would not consider it a sport. Sports concern feats of physical athleticism, agility and/or endurance. Formula 1 is a test of extreme skill, dexterity and nerve. They're different things. It disappoints me that something like Formula 1 makes number 34 on this list, pushing other (more worthy) sports like badminton and curling down into the 120ths and 130ths. By the way, I have nothing against Formula 1; it's very impressive and can be amazing to watch.

In order to drive a Formula 1 car competitively, you need be concentrating 100% all the time - if you even get distracted for a fraction of a second you will crash and probably get injured or even die, but while you're doing that you also need to be thinking about everything around you and how it will affect your driving, and you need to be thinking about strategies and tactics that are changing all the time. All while traveling at an average speed of up to 270km/h. At speeds like that, the g-forces experienced on fast corners are equivalent to having your own body weight or greater pressing down on your neck and face. And you're being subjected to that at least once every minute, for 2 hours.
Not to mention, you need to have a really good brain for physics and engineering, to help design and set up the car for your driving style

On a fitness level, some Formula 1 drivers (Rosberg for instance I'm pretty sure) takes part in triathlons. Fitness wise that says it all - you never would have thought someone who 'just sits down and drives' as many of you think that's all motor sport is, has the ability to compete in triathlons. But Formula 1 drivers can and do so quite well. Couple that to unrivalled concentration levels over the entire race duration and you'll see why becoming a Formula one driver is harder than most, perhaps all other sports.

Formula 1 is undoubtedly the toughest sport on the planet, people have died over the years and despite very high safety standards serious injuries continue. Drivers get paid millions of dollars for a reason and very few ever even make into F1 as only the very fastest and strongest race drives in the world are selected, so the level of competition is unlike any other sport.

Acrobatic Gymnastics

I am 10 and am an acrobatic gymnast. I train 6 hours a week and at home I spend 2 hours a day doing strength. I am in level 4 and am in a trio we have to learn a routine, be able to hold the skills, throw our top really high and be a bee to tumble. I used to do artistic gymnastics and it was easier than this, This sport is the hardest sport of all! It should be number one.

Pretty much like cheerleading, except there are only 2-4 people and the tricks are much more impressive.

Really? I do gymnastics, tumbling, and acro are you serious this should be at least in the top15

Definitely deserves to be much higher than Cheerleading

Power Tumbling

I am a gymnast and I agree that power tumbling should be up closer to number 2 or 3 because there are a lot of people at my gym that do power tumbling and they can get hurt a lot. I have seen people break their arms and legs before in gymnastics AND power tumbling! I is very harsh to watch but I mean I am used to it now so I don't have too worry that much. A lot of people can get hurt but some wont like break any thing but most injuries are from tumbling (especially power tumbling) and gymnastics. I agree that gymnastics is the hardest sport but I am not going to give up because of that! You have to keep trying and maybe you will be an number 1 all a-rounder one day like me! :) Good luck you folks out there and maybe I will see you in the Olympics one day and you will see me too! :P

Power Tumbling should be right up there with Gymnastics. I am a level 8-9 power tumbler and it is SO hard just like gymnastics! We have to practice multiple hours in the gym each week and we condition like crazy. We have to do floor, double mini and trampoline and each has its challenges. Lets see you guys jump on a two level tramp and do a double front on and double full off. We have to get so much power on floor in a couple of steps so we can throw double whips and what not. Not to mention the pain we go through and how much we work for things. Definitely should be up there with Gymnastics.

I think power tumbling should be #2 right with gymnastics. There is only a little difference between the two. Power tumbling is HARD. it requires lots of mental strength, physical strength, and lots of hours of practice and conditioning. I disagree with whoever put this so far down on the list.

I'm a gymnast and doing back tucks or handsprings is really hard I mean every time I come back from practice I'm always bruised but it is fun going in the por and showing your family how flexible you are

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