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Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.


Most sports only involve 12 minutes of actually doing something and unlike those sports, golf isn't like that. Golf usually takes up to 4 hours or more to play 18 holes while walking constantly, swinging clubs, and having to deal with the mental pressure of each shot. This is a physically demanding sport and is not good for anyone who cannot handle the pressure. This sport takes up a lot of time. To some people golf may be boring, but that is because they don't understand it or is not very good at the sport. Most sports don't have to deal with the weather and that is another issue. You have to practice so much that you know exactly where to aim and hit the ball if wind is coming towards you. You could be a good player, but some days you can play bad. Any other sport if you don't perform well, then you know why you didn't do well because it just takes practice, there is a definite goal to be made. Golf also costs a lot of money unlike other sports and that can be a hard problem also. I ...more

Golf is not a physically, but a mentally demanding Sport. I think it's safe to say, that Golf is the most frustrating sport you'll ever try. Of course, like any other sport it requires practice and concentration, but the club, the ball, the wind and the soil can be unforgiving! Even if it's just a small tap to get the ball into the hole, a stroke is a stroke! So every move has to be planned from the Drive to the Putt, and if you choke you can consider it a lost hole.
I know, some of you think, that a sport has to be physically challenging and sometimes risky. Golf is all about mental strength, sometimes a mental breakdown is way worse than an injury! (But really, you should try it! )

Golf is by far the hardest sport out there, it takes time, determination, and most of all, pure concentration. The slightest twist of your hand can make or break the shot, or even the entire round! Instead of playing with teammates and getting confidence from them, you have to believe only in yourself that you can make every shot a good one.

Golf is a real tough sport, with real mental anguish, where concentration has to be at is best - and practice has to be daily! The variety of different shots to hit is more than enough for it to be named worlds hardest sport! Draw, fade, spin, downslope, upslopes, from divots, bunkers, to putting chipping and driving! The amount of rules to is vast - and if you are a pro its essential to keep up to date! The mental aspect is huge. You also have to learn to grip a club correctly, judge the loft of the club, measure distances, cope with the wind! The amount of skills in it completely outweigh that of cricket or hockey - and that's why you have so much money injected into the game!

Golf for sure for me at least, is the #1 hardest sport. I really hate it when people say its "easy" because it's just a sport where you take a stick and hit it with a ball. It's not just that. You have to worry about the smallest things to get the perfect shot. A very slight hand twist, and it can affect your swing a lot. When I first tried golf, I got really frustrated, that I just wanted to take the ball with my hand and dump it into the hole. It takes a lot of practice, determination, perseverance, and patience to be good at this sport. Golf can be very challenging and risky, but you guys should all definitely try it!

Some people say golf is a "lazy" sport, but I do not think that's true. There are so many things to think about when you are getting ready to hit the ball. Your feet, the way you are holding the club, raising your head, wind direction, and so much more. It requires concentration, focus, and patience. When I first started learning, I felt like throwing my club in frustration. To become even average at this sport, you must practice. I also learned that you are the only person out there to blame if you mess up because you are on your own. Golf is a tough sport.

Golf should definitely be number one. I am just new to highschool and joined the golf team. Let me tell you have played heaps of sports from tennis to cheer to swimming. This is by far the hardest and most frustrating sport. You have to put in timeless lessons and training to even be considered decent at this sport. You have to be perfectly concentrated and have emense mind strength to even take a lesson because that's how frustrating it is. It is so much more then just hitting a ball with a stick. It is getting through sand, water, tall grass, trees, and fighting the wind to get a tiny ball into a tiny hole Lord knows how many yards away. It takes precision, dedication, skill, effort, and a tremendous amount of patience.

The commitment required by (most) players to excel is staggering. You can go to a course and see players who have been working at finishing at or under par for multiple decades. Even when you reach your own peak level of technique, strength, flexibility, course management, and mental acuity, a single lapse in any of these or even a freak wind or bounce can destroy hours or days of work. Golf is a very in between the ears sport. Yet someone as physically fit as Tiger Woods can literally be brought to his knees in pain or dejection or both.

You say it takes so much determination and time. Well, so does every sport. Almost every week my volleyball practices and tournaments add up to 14 hours, and that's excluding soccer. There's also many variables that athletes in other sports have to calculate. You may think this is easy, but I'm only in 8th grade. The 12th graders have a two day tournament every week plus a practice an hour longer. All you're saying is what pretty much every other sport goes through, except without the rough exercise and the dangerous injuries. Yeah, golfers get hurt, but we get concussions by playing the game.

Golf is by far the most difficult sport on the list I am sorry but there is so many more people in this world that can play just about every sport above golf on this list but if you told them to play golf they wouldn't even be able to call it golf because it would be so bad. I look at it this way if you practiced all these sports on this list each one for one year with no prior experience which one would they excel best in and which one would they least excel in. Easily answered huh?

Golf is one of The hardest mental games in the world one day u can go shoot 72 and the next 85 and it frustrates you so much but you just go back and practise and practice for hours and hours to have those excellent games and in a team if your having an off game you can get away with it and still win a tournament but in a golf tournament there's only you to help yourself to many people think that golf is an old persons game when in reality that's it is the most popular game in men over 18 and people say oh it's so boring and it's not a sport well that's because you probley would be crap at it because it is so hard and as for not a sport well u try practise for hours a day take a look at your sport and compare it to golf and then cut us some slack. Yours sincerely Ryan yelavich

Golf is really hard. This sport is not about your physicality. Tiger Woods is great because he has a really good mental game. There is no one out there to tell you what to do. You can be the best golfer physically, but golf is a mental game. This sport is about how well you play and if you can come back from a bad shot. You could hit the best shot in life ever, but if you can't do good in golf mentally, you are just another golfer.

Golf is more about mental game than pretty much any sport. You start solid, everything looks okay, boom a double bogey. Anyone would get frustrated at that, (unless double bogeys is good for you). Sure you don't need much muscle for it, which emphasizes the hardest part of golf, short game. You can drive it 250 yards, but you can't get a 10 yard chip close? You miss everything over 15 feet? That's what makes golf interestingly difficult.

golf I have to say should be the most hard sport because you have to know were to stand for each individual club and you can't look up because you would top the ball all the time. Then you have to know how far you hit each club then you have to know how much the wind is blowing and know were water could be. Last you have to be able to read the green which way its going.

Golf requires immense skill. To be able to place the ball on the green, in a good position, through wind is very difficult and requires time, patience and skill. The slightest turn of the wrist or mis-swing can lead to a bogey, double bogey or even a triple bogey. It takes lots of confidence to come back from a bad hole, and that is what makes golf so difficult.

I can think of maybe 1 sport harder than Golf, and that currently is at number 40. Anyone can hit a golf ball, but can you hit it straight? Or tap it into the hole? No one has any idea how hard mastering those two components to golf. it takes years to get good, but not great. it may even take decades to become a pro at this sport, proving that golfers are incredibly underrated athletes.

Golf takes more than just mental strenth, it also takes incredible control, stability, athleticism, hand eye coordination, balance and percerverance. Unlike most ball sports, golf is a difficult sport to pick up and nearly impossible to master. Consistence is key to the game of golf. If one is not consistent that round can be lost entirely due to one bad hole. You see this happen to the pros all the time. Like most sports, getting good takes practice, and lots of it. With so many aspects of the game that are all possibilities while on the course (putting, chipping, driving, bunkerplay, iron shots, fairway wood shots and crazy lies) Make this game so unpredictable and challenging. You can ask the best athletete in the world to attempt the game of golf and chances are he/she will struggle profoundly. 14 different clubs are allowed in your bag and you must master all 14 of them, something that takes years upon years to succesfully accomplish. On top of all this, one must be mentally ...more

Golf is always criticized as "being easy" because it looks easy. Nope! In knowing how to play, I see how hard some shots are for the pros. The other thing about golf is that there are no substitutions or breaks. That being said, I would place golf with endurance motocross, endurance cycling, running, and cheerleading, because I know how hard those sports are too.

Golf is a precision sport, if your swing is a mm of of plane or a cm too short, you will fail. Golf takes years to become good, if you don't train, you get worse, you have to get a 1 inch diameter ball into a 2 inch diameter hole between 90 and 650 yards away by hitting it between 3 and 5 times, negotiating through bunkers of sand, trees 20 yards apart, water hazards, 2 foot deep grass and huricane winds! ! It is by far the hardest and most precise sport ever!

Golf is definitely the hardest sport I have ever played it makes you master yourself while you master it. I have been playing for my whole life and still haven't come close to my full potential and lastly if you say it isn't a sport it probably means you haven't actually played it

In order to win in golf you need to out perform over 100 people over the duration of 4 days. Where as in other sports you only need to beat a few people or teams in a row to win

Golf is not easy by any means. It requires a great deal of strength, technique, and coordination. With that said, I believe that Golf is more of a game, rather than a sport. I have seen fat old men smoking cigars on my local course; they are not the pinnacle of athleticism by any means what-so-ever.

I dislike how people perceive Golf as such an easy game where you just hit a ball with a stick and not a sport. In all honesty those people are just narrow-minded. Golf one of the hardest sports out there it's a crucial truth that non-golfers would never understand.

Golf takes up a lot of time and determination. It requires coordination and flexibility. In golf, you can not have a perfect score, compared to bowling where you can get a perfect 300. Golf is most definitely the hardest sport.

Golf takes intelligence and focus. Whille other sports tend to be based on the physical fitness of someone, golf takes in every aspect of the body and is why this sport is so difficult. Also, in golf we are playing against the course and it's natural features that can be found anywhere. So whether or not the other team is good is not a factor; it is all about how well you know how to play the game.