Every one can walk and run but skating takes skill. Plus you need to learn the most skills-shooting, stick handling, hitting, skating, passing, shot blocking, should I go on?

Ice Hockey is by far the most demanding of sports. I will list the basic skills you need to "play" hockey first. Then I will go into detail. This is not exhaustive:

1) ice skating (hockey skating)
2) total-body coordination
3) endurance
4) strength
5) quick reflexes
6) agility
7) flexibility
8) durability
9) nerve (facing fear)
10) mental alacrity

1) Ice skating in hockey is not a simple skill and not something (as many would have you believe) that you learn and then can just do as normal as walking. Hockey skating requires very advance and difficult foot work (called edge-work). There are multiple ways to accelerate, stop, turn, change direction (different from turn) and reverse (go from forward to backwards). Want to know more about it, look it up on YouTube.

TL:DR - Hockey skating is more difficult than you thought.

2) Total-body coordination: Right after figuring out the basics of skating, you have to figure out ...more

Hockey is the hardest no matter what everybody else says! You can run by the age of 3! If you can do gymnastic at 2 it's not hard. Know why we wear equipment? It's because there are 9 other people on the ice going 90 miles per hour all going for the same puck! People say hockey isn't hard but in order to play the beautiful sport you must have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner and the concentration of a brain surgeon. You tell me if it is hard or not... Don't give me that crap about gymnastics is so hard because it doesn't hold a candle to ice hockey!

The 'gymnastics' you do at age two is nothing compared to the real sport. If you look at the routines elite and Olympic gymnasts do, then say that a 2 year old is doing that, you need to get your head checked.

It's true, everyone can run, but not well. Everyone can play hockey, but not well. You get breaks in hockey. Running? Hmm. Nope. Imagine skating across the rink non stop the entire game as hard as you could. No half time, no slowing down, nothing. I respect your opinion, just think about that.

Sure hockey is hard but you most definitely do NOT have the stamina of a marathon runner. Oh, by the way nobody can skate at 90 miles an hour.

I played rep hockey, and believe me. THIS. IS. THE. HARDEST. SPORT. ANY. HUMAN. HAS. EVER. PLAYED. Try skating around at 30mph while trying to control a tiny piece of rubber and shooting it into a net guarded by a full grown man. Try doing this while 5 other full grown men are trying to stop you, or at least break your neck. We hockey players work 24/7, we have a practice every single day, and it is usually 2-3 hours. With that, there is dry land training. Also, it has the most skills to master like skating, puck handling, shooting, body checking, and much more. Its insulting to not be number 1, because this is both the hardest sport in the world and the best one. None of the sports ahead of us should be. THIS IS THE GREATEST SPORT OF ALL TIME.

Laugh out loud! Hockey is no doubt the hardest sport! All the sports that are considered to be 'harder' than hockey in this list are actually all p**** sports! Like how is swimming number two on the list, like come on I do 60 lengths across my 10m pool everyday and it's a pear of cake. Playing 1 hard 45 second shift in hockey takes all my energy out of me. In hockey there is what is called 'hockey sense' in which in order for a player to have this they have to see the ice clearly while having the puck and avoiding hits from opposing players and make the best play possible. Also let's not forget about the razor sharp blades flying through the air after hits, and a dense 8 ounce puck made of rubber having the possibility to reach speeds of 100mp/h and players and goalies having to stop/block it. Just every aspect of hockey makes it the hardest sport to play. And by the way motocross should not be considered a sport as it requires no physical activity!

I am a competitive hockey player, a volleyball player, and a horseback rider.
I will tell you right now that riding is the hardest.
I have played hockey for seven years, ridden for five and played volleyball for only one. I love hockey, appreciate it, and would like to think I'm decent at it too. I've had coaches that were so hard on me that no other team was able to complete half our exercises without falling over with exhaustion. However, it must be said that that doesn't compare to climbing the side of a mountain on the bare back of a horse. Yes, you heard right, no saddle to hold onto. Horses and humans alike were sweating buckets within the first half hour of our ride. This went on for four hours up the mountain, and then back down. Let me tell you, falling onto your horse's withers every time he jumps down a steep bank is not fun. At all. Some people's saddles were sliding onto their horse's neck, that's how steep it was.
Oh, and whoever said that the players are ...more

Thank you! Someone has finally said it. I respect hockey, but not when the players are throwing crap at horse back riding, which is definitely harder. - Horsesrlife

You can imagine Zdeno Chara as a star basketball player, you can imagine Pavel Datsyuk as a speedy soccer player, you can imagine Jarome Iginla playing professional baseball (because he did), but can you imagine LeBron James, Christiano Ronaldo, or Miguel Cabrera quickly getting into hockey? No. None of them have likely ever worn ice skates. Anyone can mount a horse, throw a football, wrestle, and row with a slight amount of practice (I understand the difficulty of becoming skilled) but hockey requires the ability to skate and not just a little bit, you NEED to be an excellent skater to play the game at all. Hockey is tough. Period. - BKAllmighty

If you go by the 6 sports related Skills, Hockey is most likely the most difficult sport to play. The 6 sports related skills are Endurance, Power, Strength, Speed, Agility and Hand Eye Coordination.

Hockey requires such high demand for all these skills. It kills me to see people saying that all of these sports ahead are more difficult. Ya they probably are really difficult in some of the categories mentioned above but you can't say swimming and cross country requires hand eye coordination or agility.

Lets play a game people... It's called figure it out. - bradregehr

I'm tired of everyone's crap saying hockey is boring and it's not hard at all. Those people have probably only watched 2 minutes of hockey and never played! It takes years of training and you still aren't the best. Hockey is the not only the funnest, most exciting, and amazing sport there is, but it also is the most physical demanding so all you turd heads that say hockey isn't hard can lace up the skates and play me in a game of hockey no matter how old or young you are and I'm 13 and I could still beat 5 of that don't think hockey is hard BY MYSELF.

Really? I understand hockey takes practice and skill but do you really think that it is more challenging to play than to ride a bull? To swing yourself around on a pole using only your body force? To train a horse to jump over a bar, knowing that fail could seriously injure or kill you? To swim a few kilometers every day at practice? I've pretty much done a little bit of everything when it comes to sports, and I think it's safe to say that what I've settled on, swimming, is by FAR the most demanding. I think hockey is lucky to be in the top ten most challenging sports.

Hockey is a way more difficult sport. You have to be able to take multiple hits and stand your ground in a fight, and must have quick thinking/reaction times to control a puck while avoiding it being taken and you having a broken collarbone. Hockey is one of the most physically demanding and hardest sports, if not THE most physically demanding and most difficult sport, simply because of all the requirements. Oh have to be tough and strong, but also agile and quick. You also must think fast and be smart with your plays.

Are you serious? Ok sure, I've never done hockey but I can see its difficult, and I understand that it should be ranked higher. But don't go insulting other people's sports! Horse riding, for example, is truly one of the toughest sports out there. Like in hockey, equesterians need to have perfect balance ( because our feet lay on 2 centimeters above emptiness, and no, they don't just stick on to the horse), we need to calculate distances at high speeds just like you, we need to be in an excellent physical shape, just like you and multi task. The only difference is, we don't have breaks. We can't speak with our team mate. And when you sprain your ankles and break your bones, we het crushed by 2000 pounds and snap our necks and those injuries are fatal. So our sport takes as much passion as yours. Much mkre dedication (because let's face it, a horse is just a little more work than a hockey stick. It costs more too) and believe me, it takes just as much muscle.

Just letting you all know hockey is in the top 5 hardest and most dangerous sports because you can get you teeth knocked out easy and brake and twist a lot of bones or you could get a skate in the neck and slice your neck open this is bull how people don't recognize us hockey players. You may think oh a 45 second shift big deal, well no it's not a big deal cause you work harder in hockey then horseback riding or water polo that's not even a sport so you what back off and sorry I forgot one more thing there are hockey fights where you can get serious injuries so keep your rude inconsiderate comments to yourself!

People don't give us hockey players credit because it doesn't seem hard to them but you need to balance on 2 inch blades while staying out of the way of defensemen and trying to maintain the offensive zone. Its funny because you take a basketball player to play hockey and he can't you get a hockey player to play ANY sport and he can

In my "OPINION" I believe that hockey is the hardest sport do to the fact that I play hockey I can't compare it to anything else it takes a lot off time and effort to master the skills of hockey. That's the reason so many people can't compare to hockey as a worst sport, another reason people don't talk much about hockey is because 1. They don't play it 2. There jealousy or 3. Take take out the easy way to pick a non competitive sport like baseball and this is all from my experience I play A Bantom Major hockey for the New Jersey Avalanche and it hurts a lot to get shot by a puck and hit into the boards head or ribs first.

I tried gymnastics for a few years and it is not nearly as hard as hockey. I'm fairly new to hockey but as that one guy said, you are flying along at 50 mph trying not to get smashed into the boards and all at the same time you are trying to keep a puck away from your opponents to score using a stick that yes does take very good hand-eye coordination, so if you think that gymnastics is harder than get a clue and try this for a year or two.

You don't think hockey is harder than swimming? I have hockey 4 times a week for 2 hours and I'm only on the U14 Girls team. I have been playing for 7 years and I still haven't learned all the skills I need to be an amazing hockey player. Think about it, everybody swims and not everybody can skate across an entire rink in under 10 seconds or slapshot a puck at a high speed. Hockey takes speed strength and mental intelligence. You have to have a fast Braine to quickly decide what to do. Usually on a small team like mine we only have 2-4 defensemen which means we are playing double shifts most of the time and feel like we are going to faint throw up or cry because we can't push any farther. We have to have a lot of balance to skate at high speeds on small blades and we have to do this all while wearing full equipment. I would like to see all those swimmers try to play hockey and make it through one game.

Oh well yea anyone can mount a horse (well almost everyone) but only a select few can ride one. And no I don't mean seat on a horse. I mean ride As in steer, flex, control. Can you jump a horse, steer it around a barrel at a gallop, play golf on its back, stay on as it bucks and rears, leap of it and tackle a cow? No! Not unless your trained

Hockey requires a player to learn skating and stickhandling; both of which are motor skills foreign to humans. Running and throwing are basic motor skills and hockey has neither.

The people who actually think the sports ahead are harder are probably too scared to even remotely skate at a practice for a house team lol. If you think Hockey is easier than any sport above it, I'll be glad to invite you to a AAA tournament for belle tire in Detroit, then we'll talk.

GYMNASTICS? REALLY? In hockey, you get beat up, knocked down, and have to skate off the ice even if you break your leg. (Search up "hockey player breaks leg then skates off ice") Horseback Riding- should that even be on here? I understand Bull Riding, but cheerleading? That's not a sport. That's where you cheer for players playing a sport. Ya.

Okay hockey is the hardest by far. not only are we fighting for a puck, we are collecting hard hits, and the goalies are getting HARD DISKS OF RUBBER SHOT AT their FACES. also, yes gymnasts need balance but they have four inches to do their tricks on. hockey players have 1/8th of an INCH to do their magic on. so just think. which is harder?

Hockey is literally figure skating in a war zone. I have to have perfect edges while skating but I also have 5 other players literally trying to kill me. I have a curved wood thing that I use to handle a tiny little puck while balancing on 1/8 inch blades. I have to shoot, stickhandle, check, block shots, pass, and think the game while traveling at 25mph on ICE!

Yeah really hockey is by far the hardest sport to play because there are so many different aspects or skills that you have to learn like: shooting, passing, hitting the right way without getting penalties, and skating. Honestly if you ask me horse back riding shouldn't be a sport and neither should motor cross because neither if those require any physical activity or skill.

I play hockey. Look up Brendan Shanahan "Is Hockey Hard" quote and you'll get the real picture. I'm pretty sure hockey is harder when you have to learn how to move on a different material before you can even start to learn stick handling, edges, checking, etc. You have to sit on a horse, and I could sit as a 1 year old, but I sure couldn't skate.