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21 Boxing Boxing Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..

Ok. I have a friend named Emma. And she did Gymnastics for like 5-8 years! I have been doing Taekwondo for 4-6 years! And she's like "oh look at me! I can do the splits! "or"look I can do a back handspring! " And I'm just like " oh look I could just kill you right now! I'm serious! There is so many ways! (arm bar, choke, break as many bones as you can, shoulder throw, take down, and many more! ) so I asked her:" is gymnastics hard? ". And she's like:"are you kidding me! Gymnastics is like the hardest sport in the world! " And I'm just staring at her like she's crazy, and telling myself "don't throw her. Don't break her."(P.S. I'm a girl and so is my friend. ) anyway. I say that boxing, wrestling, and martial arts are hard because: in my school we had to to about 30-50 push ups every practice. And as I got higher in belt rank the push ups, sit-ups, and wall squats became longer and harder. Kinda for the range of push-ups and sit ...more

Instead of being sassy and putting up crap like gold and Figure skating I beg you try boxing. You'll think again. Training is extremely hard and you need to be very fit and strong. Sparring/fighting is harder than any other sport, you try getting hit in the face and body while trying to defend yourself, attack the other, keep your guard up, keep moving arond, keep your stamina going, drop combintations and correct punches. That's just the beginning. Strap on a pair of balls and try boxing, you'll most likely fail before you get any good.

ESPN officials agree that boxing is the hardest sport. If some sports authority agree with each other on the demand of sports, why is there even an argument with individuals? These authority figures have witnessed, studied, immersed and fully explored each area of each major sport, even minor ones. Putting this authority argument aside, they have very good reasoning skills when ranking boxing as such a hard sport. ESPN uses 10 key factors when deciding these sport ranks.


While sports like Gymnastics ranks very high on flexibility, boxing makes the over-all top marks due to the physical demand in every single aspect of these keys. Many sports lack some of these keys almost entirely (like fishing or cheerleading).

Why is this not number one!? As a boxer myself I know it's the hardest and most demanding sport out there. It's not just punching. Boxing demands Strength, Speed, Mentality, Endurance, Nerve, Hard Work, literal blood sweat and tears and more. Everyone who said Gymnastics number one, take a minute and enter the ring.

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22 Synchronized Swimming

The top two most difficult sports on this list are gymnastics and competitive swimming. Why don't you try putting the two already challenging sports together to create synchronized swimming. Imagine, you're standing in a line with your team of eight while watching the team before you swim their routine. The nerves build up as you get closer and closer to your turn. After the team ahead of you is finished you walk onto the pool deck in an orderly fashion. The goose bumps on your skin raise sky high as you pose along the edge of the ice cold, three meter deep pool. The whistle blows and the adrenaline rushes through your veins. What if you lose your nose clips? What if you accidentally touch the bottom of the pool? What if you lose track of your counts? All of these fears and many more go through your mind over and over again. You take a deep breath in. This is it, this is what you and your team mates have been preparing long and hard for. You see your coaches out of the corner of your ...more

Synchronised swimming is definitely the hardest sport in the world because you need to be just as flexible as a gymnast or a competitive dancer, you need to have the endurance of a field sport player, you need the strength of a weight-lifter, not speaking about the breath you need to be able to keep for minutes, nor the dedication to the sport you must give to not miss and lack out. People who think synchronised swimming is just paddling in water ("the proof: they smile! ") could not be more wrong. We train for hours on end: to improve our flexibility (by having 70kg women sitting on us for example) until we are sweating from the sheer effort of stretching our back, arm, and leg muscles; we swim laps on end (Doing both swimming and synchronised swimming, I can say that swimming in synchronised swimming is harder than in swimming. ) to make us stronger, faster, and fitter until we are panting, we do series of laps of sprints without breathing with no pause; then we need the ...more

My experience as a synchronized swimmer
I'm standing outside the pool nervous as heck. we are all in position to jump into the pool, we have a few seconds until jumping in and I can't even breathe properly if I mess up even the smallest bit I will let my whole team down. If my noseclip comes off it's over. If I run out of breath and I come up it's over. If I touch the bottom even for a second big penalty. All these thoughts running through my head as I Stare at the pool. And the music starts I start counting non stop I won't stop counting for 3 and a half minutes if I mess up the counts I'd mess everything up. I jump in the water on count I can't see a thing the water was so cold it knocked the air out of me but I have a lift to attend to so no time to breath. I grab the bases foot as my base grabs the flyer my other foot girl kicks me and the shins girl slaps me in the face luckily my noseclip didn't come off. I can't see anything and I'm still underwater counting and eggbeatering ...more

I haven't done this sport myself, but watching it, I can tell it is very hard. I can't imagine having to hold my breath for ages whilst keeping my eyes open and attempting to stay in time. Then having to push yourself out of the water up to waist height is just... wow. I can tell this is a very difficult sport.

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23 Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.

People always tell me that volleyball isn't hard. And it's annoying like why don't you go out and play throw yourself on the ground dig a ball that's hit straight to the ground and return a serve that's hard. Yes volleyball isn't the hardest sport I get that but for it to be 24 makes me so mad. All people think that volleyball u just stand there and pass a ball and someone sets it and u just hit it over the net. No that's not all it is. You have to have muscle and you always have to be watching. U have to be watching the other team including your team and the ball. Your not just standing there. I was playing at a tournament the other day and I ran into the score table to save a ball we don't let a ball drop and yea it hurt but I saved it and we got the point. And I just had to keep playing. Another time is I dove on the ground to save a ball and I banged my head on my arm so hard and I got up and kept playing. I've almost fractured both of my ankles I've jammed my fingers who knows ...more

In volleyball you have to know where to go every single serve and you can't just go wherever, you have to know where you are supposed to be for your position, because most everything is planned out. You not only have to know what you do, but also what your team does in case someone gets lost or someone is missing. When someone spikes the ball on the opposite team, that ball is most likely not directly at you and you will not be able to get to the ball in time if you just stand there, you have to pre estimate where the ball is going to go then when you see where it is going over the net you move, and get ready to brace the ball, so it will bounce of you platform(lower arms) and go up to your setter, other wise it will repeat because if it goes over the net it will just come right back, or the other team will get a point because of you shanking the ball, and then they get to serve. If your a setter you have to make pretty much all if you sets perfect so no pressure. If you are a hitter ...more

In volleyball you have to sacrifice your body for every single point! I come home from volleyball games covered with huge purple bruises on my arms and legs! It's so easy to get injured and you are constantly diving on the floor to retrieve the ball. It is also very technical! You have to be in the exact right place with your body positioned in the exact right way. One tiny error and the ball is shanked! You are constantly relying on your teammates for everything and you have to be prepared for whatever comes over the net. Volleyball is unpredictable.

Volleyball is the hardest sport because you only have about five seconds to do whatever you need to do. Then you need to be back in five seconds. Like excuse me... its obviously harder than other sports. You can easily fracture your ankle, break your ankle, break your wrist, fracture your wrist, or hurt your leg.

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24 Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick.

Come on how is competitive cheerleading harder than lacrosse? I'm not saying cheerleading is not difficult I understand not requires flexibility and strength, but it barely requires any endurance. In cheerleading you don't need to run, you don't get hit, and you don't catch or throw anything (besides people). Meanwhile in men's lacrosse there are many challenges for example defense requires strength, speed, ability to catch and throw the ball, and endurance. Middy (midfield) requires extreme insurance do to it's constant sprinting, strength, speed, agility, and ability to throw and catch. Also attack requires all the same traits as middy with less sprinting and all for all of these positions you need to be able to take a hit and shoot. Not to mention the goalie which is probably the most important player and also most difficult positions to play. Goalie might seem easy because it does not require much running or shooting but most people do not understand the importance and danger of ...more

Hey guys, you might just be talking about men's lacrosse here, but let's think about women's. I play on a 5th and 6th grade girls team. We have no protection besides a mouth guard and small cage mask. Sure women's lacrosse is technically a "non contact" sport, but those refs have yellow and red cards for a reason. And don't forget about these calls: dangerous shot, illegal check, stick to the head, charge, push, trip,shooting space. Those get called almost every game. I almost had my nose broken. And the goalie. Go ahead and say its easy. Because it's NOT. This has been my first year playing goalie. I have some serious bruises, a ankle roll, and wrist problems. Concentration, agility, and a mental game. Probably the hardest position out there. I think lacrosse, rowing, ballet, synchronized swimming, they should ALL be higher on the list.

You are being charged at be very large defenders, have to sprint into a shot distance, then you have to take a shot, at a goalie, who has a better chance of keeping the ball out, then you getting the ball in. Tell me that isn't hard? Oh, and almost every hit you can think of is legal.

How is volleyball ahead you have like 8 pep you can hit the ball son you don’t need to run like in lacrosse you need to be worried about getting hit and shooting volleyball is easy

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25 Football Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

Ok I respect all sports but this is total bull! I would love to see anyone of you who talk crap about football step on a field with an NFL team. you would be destroyed! There is a reason football is the number 1 sport in america, its because there is no other sport like it. So lets have the people talking trash race an NFL wideout. I think you forget that these athletes are ranked the best in the world with regards to speed, strength, power and size. And whoever said "football is not very hard" is a retard and has no idea what they are talking about. I bet they have never played it. lets have any one of you race an NFL wide out or out bench an NFL lineman or out jump an NFL DB. if your going to talk trash make sure that the people you talk trash about can't make you crap yourself. so please all these people talking trash I dare you to step to an NFL player. and lets see who is a real athlete and doesn't need a horse to run fast or steroids to be strong and to the person who ...more

NFL players are that strong because of how much they work out. Lifting weights is what makes them strong not playing football itself. Sports such as swimming or wrestling have you use every muscle in your body and you can not even begin to compare this sport to one of those. - maverick88

This one of the hardest, most physical, most gruesome sport out there right behind Rugby and AFL. Really AFL is both Football and Rugby mixed. Back to the point. Football is physical, hard on the mind, hard on the body. People say,"Oh Football is just another sport that's trying to be a worldwide sport." Well guess what it's already worldwide. This sport should be 3rd-5th. I am on of those people that actually play, and know what it's like to get your hind end ran off by your coach. I'd like to see the people that put this as an easy sport do 10 gasers. That's daily for me. First time I did a gaser I felt like I was alive. Football also teaches discipline. If you have good self-discipline you will last a long time in Football. If you don't you won't last a scrimage. If you want to see football look up Sean Taylor highlights on YouTube. People have died playing this game. I don't think people see that. People should also notice that people can get hurt just by tackling wrong. If every ...more

Football IS the one of the toughest sport. Grown men colliding is always going to be tough to do. BUT, it is not very "hard". You don't get much break but you get some. And any break is better than none. It's not a very physically demanding sport. The hardest part about football? The practices. Sports like soccer rowing or water polo are MUCH harder sports. Put a soccer player in pads and make him running back? He'll damn near die. But a football player in a rowing boat? And he'll place last. Football belongs higher on the list but not in the top 10. I have played many sports and Football had the worst practices by far, but the games were nothing.

Football isn't hard! I can tell you now, Rugby is harder. You play 80 minutes without any breaks instead of getting a break every 10 seconds! Rugby is hard, tough, but NFL isn't hard. They even added helmets and pads all around the body! - micahisthebest

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26 Tennis Tennis Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.

Tennis is brutal! Tennis requires an incredible amount of skill, the ability to co-ordinate every part of your body from the correct footwork patterns to the smallest manipulation of your wrists whilst hitting a moving ball and throwing your body all over the court.
Next is physical, as it's a whole body sport you have to develop every part of your body from both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to power and strength oh and don't forget its both lower and upper body exercises whilst maintaining good flexibility and agility. Very few other sports have to cover as many different areas of the body in order to compete at a high level and also, take into account tennis doesn't have an off season, you train and play throughout the year (unless top 8) your body does get punished. Every sport at a high level has a detrimental affect to the body so there's no need for me to say that tennis players are prone to severe shoulder and hip problems as I know other sports depending on the excessive ...more

Tennis should be higher in the ranks because you are alone with no coaching where other sports have teams and timeout and coaches

Tennis is #20? That is an absolute joke. In a couple of weeks you will probably (once again) see Rafael Nadal play Novak Djokovic in the finals of the Australian Open. As usual, they will play for about 5 1/2 hours in 100-degree weather with no significant stoppage in play (no halftime... No endless basketball timeouts). They might be only a day removed from having both been in similar semi-final matches... Plus the accumulation of punishment from the rest of the tournament... Plus no off-season. Make no mistake about it people, if you tune-in to the Australian Open Finals you will be watching the 2 best athletes on the planet. Period. End of story. I appreciate the grace, strength and focus necessary to be an elite gymnast but their routines are short with long breaks in-between and always in a climate-controlled environment. I could go on and on but the bottom line is pick a gymnast... ANY gymnast and if you think that person is a better athlete than Rafael Nadal then you simply ...more

I'm not sure what this list means by hardest sport but Tennis is definitely one of the hardest to actually be the best at. In other sports people are bringing up how dangerous the sport is but that has nothing to do with the level of skill it takes to be good at it. Tennis has to be in the top ten though. Tennis is so much harder mentally than any other sport there is. It's not like a team sport where you have the support of your team and you work together. That makes it so much easier. In tennis you are all alone on the court against your opponent. Every single point can determine whether you win the match or lose. Its all about which player is more determined to win. Tennis isn't hard at all for beginners or people who don't take it seriously. Its actually very easy. Tennis is only hard for advanced players like me, who try for every single point. If you aren't doing a good job or playing every point like its life or death you will lose. Its not like your team is there to win the ...more

Should be #3, after swimming and gymnastics. And why is it not there? It is much harder than soccer and way harder than you think!

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27 Mountain Climbing

If you haven't trained enough in gymnastics you are also dead... but seriously mountain climbing should be way higher on the list. I have never ACTUALLY mountain climbed, as there are no mountains where I live, but climbing vertically and sometimes more than vertical on a unstable rock while heaving your body weight up doesn't seem easy. I think this is even harder than gymnastics, and I am a gymnast who holds my opinion. I think because not a lot of people actually participate in mountain climbing is the reason why it's so underrated.

I don't believe that people consider golf harder then mountain climbing. That seems like a bunch of crap to me.

I've completed professionally in wrestling and swimming, climbing carries over similar training methods and takes it to the next level. If you haven't gone climbing just try to imagine pulling your body weight hundreds of feet on the side of a cliff while holding onto an excuse of a hand grip on sharp rocks with only a rope and a harness protecting you, but by far the most thrilling and mentally challenging sport I have participated in.

It is Gymnastics taken to lethal extremes making it harder. The training is just as hard.

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28 Ballet

I agree with you - ballet should be top 5 AT LEAST. Hey American football players? Yeah, you guys- do you train for 10+ hours a week, every single day? No, you have practice everyday for a few hours, rest up, play a game for an hour or two, rest up, work out some more, rest up, and so on. Ballet requires incredible strength and flexibility, as well as it being one of the most mental sports out there! If you're reading this and saying "mental sport? " than you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. There is so much pressure it's unbelievable. 10 year old ballerina's in Russia are stronger than some American football players. Imagine the entire weight of your body on a single toe, which is moving around really quickly and still supporting your body- but also balancing. Some people here have absolutely no idea what ballerinas and ballet guys do.

I'm a figure skater and I think that ballet should probably be 2nd or 3rd on this list. I train about 14-15 hours a week regularly and I understand how much strength, flexibility, proper technique, effort and so much more you need to have to practice sports like these. Even though many people think that our sports are really similar, it still amazes me every time I see ballerinas performing or even just practicing! How could people be so strong and do nearly unhuman moves while looking so graceful and calm? These types of sports require attention to little details as well. In basketball, does it really matter how much you point your toes when you jump up to defend a net? Things like this matter in figure skating (such as which edge you land your jumps on or when a certain arm moves during the take-off and landings of a jump) and I assume they matter a lot in ballet too. Many people probably don't understand just how difficult it is to practice ballet and even though I don't do it ...more

How can ballet be this far down? Ballet is the HARDEST sport, a bunch of doctors and other professionals voted on it, not some ill-minded people who don't know anything (such as the people here). It requires strength, gracefulness, flexibility, and so much more. All of you who think you're so hot, come take a class at my studio. The dancers here dance classical ballet, and can do planks for 8 minutes in perfect form, do tons of crunches, sit-ups, and more. They dance on their toes en centre! So, come on down, let's see what you've got.

I'm not sure if you could call ballet a sport, it's more of an art form but it's still a form of dancing. If chess and poker can be a sport, so can ballet.

Ballet is by far the hardest... Physical activity. As someone who does both ballet and gymnastics, I can say ballet is about 400% harder.
It's hard to get anything right, you have to have perfect stance at all times and if you're posture is slightly sloppy the teacher gets mad, to have to be about as as flexible as a contortionist, professional ballerinas have to be incredibly light (I'm 160cm and have to weigh 39kg if I want to be a professional) so your diet is just as strict as the activity, you have to practice 10+ hours of the day, etc. All while looking like a fragile and graceful little flower even though we are just as strong as a football or hockey player.
All sports are hard. They are physically and mentally tiring. But ballet is all the hard sports times one hundred. Even some football players, figure ...more - felispasta

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29 Cycling

Cycling an extremely difficult sport. My brother and sister are both cyclists. My brother is an international however. Training consists of mental and physical attributes. Mental training is preparing yourself to realise that there will always have an obstacle in your way, doesn't matter what sport, also mental training is having your mind set to doing you best, putting 150% or more all the way. Physical training is preparing your actual body. You must have upper body strength and most important lower body strength, legs. Physical training consists of a lot of leg work and working on endurance whether you are a endurance rider or sprinter endurance is very important in cycling. In sprinting you have to keep at a certain speed for a length of time in some events and then find the strength in you to go at a higher speed and keep accelerating more and more until you cross that finish line. I would personally categories cycling as one of the top 20 hardest sports because I know for a fact ...more

Tour de France hardest physical test in the world, fact

Over 100 miles at over an average speed of 25mph for 7 days then have a day off then do it for another 7 days have a day of then again another 7 days and this is just one race in the season. People might think their just riding a bike but it's the toughest sport just for the endurance and just how hard it is on the cyclists bodies. Yes there are tough sports like rugby, ice hockey boxing where physical contact is part of the sport but the matches/bouts last a short period of time compared to a cycle race and their not expected to do it all again the next day.

There are no other sports which take the human body to its limits as cycling does. Ride till exhaust for 5 or 6 hours everyday during 3 weeks non-stop can't be compared with any other sport. Maybe the technical factor isn't as important as it is in other sports, but the physical demand of cycling goes over any other sports by far.

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30 Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is not just a sport, it's a sport that includes lots of tears and lots of strength. It does look very pretty and all of that but it's very painful and each rhythmic gymnast gets an injury... But I love it and I will fight. By the way it's not just twirling a ribbon how you would think! It's hard since you have to start at early age (around 6-7), have to have flexibility, have to have incredible high jumps, have to have great balance, have to have great spins(up to 7 spins with leg in front, leg 180 degrees, leg at the back and loads of other spins) and a rhythmic gymnast has to have strong arms since she has to throw her equipment up to the ceiling (around 6 metres up) and so she could stand on her hands. Thanks for reading. Rhythmic gymnastics to my opinion is hard what about you?

How the hell is this not on top of the list do you know how much flexibility it requires to be able to do this and do you know what it takes to get that flexibility?

I'm an artistic gymnast and I've seen fithmic gymnastics they train just as hard as us and they are amazing they at least have to be in the top ten like common cheer in front of this cheer is stupid rhythmic gymnastics is amazing this defiantly should be in the top tens

This and ballet need to be WAY higher

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31 Competitive Aerobic Gymnastics

This should be so much higher than most of the things on this list.

Wow I don't even do this sport, but it needs to be higher on the list

This is not true this sport is hard

This sport needs to be at least in the top ten. It requires so much strength and insane flexability. It's the least most common sport and I think that's who it's so low. You have to hold 2 people up with 1 hand.

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32 Skiing

Okay I honestly hate it when people think skiing is easy like seriously get some skis on and try going through a slalom course. Skiing takes up every muscle in you body including your mind. First of all your in a spandex suit in the freezing cold weather which can get your nerves up and make you tired. Then you have to wait at the top of the mountain expecting the course thinking of all the things you need to do. Then when you get out of the gate you want to ski as fast as possible and you have to use every ounce of your strength to do so. You have to push lean forward and cross block gates and if you close enough to a hate while you cross block it, it may hit you which is a good thing. I have so many bruises on my back and arms and knees and shoulders from skiing. Then when your going down the hill you have to roll your ankles and knees to get the perfect edge around the gate and while your getting your edge you have to cross block the gates lean forward look at whats coming next and ...more

The reason this isn't higher on the list is because many people are not aware of all that goes on in the sport of skiing; especially racing. I'm out on the hill every day in the winter and at the gym every day in the off season. We stand at the top of mountains in nothing but a suit of spandex waiting for our burst out of the gate in temperatures people shouldn't be exposed to. Last year, I was going down a speed trap and I was radared tumbling down the hill @ 72 mph. Legit! It's a definite mind game. You have to go all out all the time, every time. So many people die each year from racing and ski JUMPING alike. Have you seen those jumps? You would have an anxiety attack just standing at the top of one! Skiing requires coordination of everything, balance forward on your toes on two simple planks on a hill, focus on your course and your edge angles, and most importantly, knowing that you have to do WHATEVER it takes to get down as FAST as you can.

50 kilometres and 7.3 m/s average speeds, down to minus 20 degrees Celsius or even colder, Top 10 athletes in max oxygen uptake: 5 are cross country skiers 4 are cyclists and one is a runner. I recently saw a 15 pursuit where the winner fell over the finish line like a potato sack and had to be dragged out of the finish area as if he was dead.
Personal peak levels when it comes to technique takes decades to achieve often.
If a grown up/youth starts from scratch they would run faster than skiing in the first 2 - 3 years or more, imagine the people averaging almost 9 m/s in a 10 km race then (10 km running record is 6.3 m/s, and that's on a track)...

Me, I am on a ski TEAM, I do competitions. If you say skiing is easy, Go right ahead and ski Corbets at jackson hole. Its not just the races in spandex suits that are hard. Freestyle or just doing chutes is plenty hard too - Yatagarasu

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33 Olympic Weightlifting

You need to train from child to be able to even compete professionally. You need plan your entire training cycle for an entire year before competition. Steroids are regularly used, and are also planned to around competitions (for testing). Most professionals need to train twice a day roughly 5-7 times a week. The amount of sleep per night, the food you eat, the need for regular massages to speed recovery all contribute to how you perform the next day during your training. Your output during competition is a direct result of how you perform throughout the years prior to competition, there is no luck involved. You either make the lift or you fail, and it's very rare that the judging actually makes a difference in the result. You can't just be dedicated to olympic weightlifting to be good at it. You need the genetics/physiology for it to really excel.

I've lifted for many years and I still can't snatch or clean & jerk very well.

Why is it so low? I'm no weightlifter, just a rugby player (it's like football, but for real men), a former horserider, but I had to vote for that one.

Horse riding needs LOTS of technique. Rugby players need to run fast, have good endurance, be tough and strong... We pump a fair amount of iron. But weighlifters just make me feel... inadequate. It's probably the hardest sport I've ever seen. It requires a HUGE amount of explosive strength, lots of flexibility, coordination, technique and discipline.

If you don't have all of this, you don't just fail to lift that weight, you may also wreck your back or your knees...

The most explosive sport in the world. One needs to be extremely proficient with the technique in both the snatch and clean and jerk in order to succeed in this sport. Technique is important, but so is the immense of amount of power and strength required as well.

This must b really hard..

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34 Pole Vaulting

To be a good pole vaulter you have to have the speed of a sprinter, the strength of a thrower, the flexibility of a gymnast, and the vertical jump of a jumper. There is a lot more technique in the pole vault than many people think. I am a pole vaulter in college and jump 17'6" and it took many years to achieve that. Pole vaulting should be number one on this list.

Pole vault is the ultimate test of endurance, strength, and sheer will power. There are so many depended variables in pole vaulting that if one thing isn't satisfactory then it will lead to the entire vault being terrible. Not to mention on how long it takes to improve form to be able to vault higher. Then there's also other factors to be added into vaulting, you have wind, temperature, trying to get on a larger pole. It may not deserve #1 on the the list because I respect gymnastics to be extremely hard but it definitely deserves to be in the top 3.

I believe pole vaulting should be higher on this list! Right next to wresting and gymnastics. One of the things these sports have in common is that their whole body has to be in shape to gain any success. Pole vaulting has a physical and mental strain. You are constantly hurt, so there isn't any excuse why you are giving it your all, because everyone is in pain. If you are getting bruises on your legs and arm... you're doing it right. The hardest part about pole vaulting is, no matter how hard you try you seem to never perfect the sport. People literally train for years to perfect this one "trick" and almost everyone fails.

I think pole vaulting is the hardest sport. You use all of your muscle. It is also the most dangerous. Your runner full speed at a same pit and fling your self 10-20 feet in the air and falling straight back down hoping to land on the pit. There is at least one person a year that dies pole vaulting

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35 Formula 1 Formula 1

In order to drive a Formula 1 car competitively, you need be concentrating 100% all the time - if you even get distracted for a fraction of a second you will crash and probably get injured or even die, but while you're doing that you also need to be thinking about everything around you and how it will affect your driving, and you need to be thinking about strategies and tactics that are changing all the time. All while traveling at an average speed of up to 270km/h. At speeds like that, the g-forces experienced on fast corners are equivalent to having your own body weight or greater pressing down on your neck and face. And you're being subjected to that at least once every minute, for 2 hours.
Not to mention, you need to have a really good brain for physics and engineering, to help design and set up the car for your driving style

Formula 1 is undoubtedly the toughest sport on the planet, people have died over the years and despite very high safety standards serious injuries continue. Drivers get paid millions of dollars for a reason and very few ever even make into F1 as only the very fastest and strongest race drives in the world are selected, so the level of competition is unlike any other sport.

On a fitness level, some Formula 1 drivers (Rosberg for instance I'm pretty sure) takes part in triathlons. Fitness wise that says it all - you never would have thought someone who 'just sits down and drives' as many of you think that's all motor sport is, has the ability to compete in triathlons. But Formula 1 drivers can and do so quite well. Couple that to unrivalled concentration levels over the entire race duration and you'll see why becoming a Formula one driver is harder than most, perhaps all other sports.

Sorry, but Formula 1 is not a sport. I am in no way dismissing how incredibly difficult Formula 1 is (I would jump off a cliff before getting into and driving a Formula 1 car) but I would not consider it a sport. Sports concern feats of physical athleticism, agility and/or endurance. Formula 1 is a test of extreme skill, dexterity and nerve. They're different things. It disappoints me that something like Formula 1 makes number 34 on this list, pushing other (more worthy) sports like badminton and curling down into the 120ths and 130ths. By the way, I have nothing against Formula 1; it's very impressive and can be amazing to watch.

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36 Synchronized Skating

If you think this sounds easy, think again. This sport requires usually 10 - 20 skilled figure skaters on the ice at once, all holding on to each other forming lines, circles, pinwheels, and more. If one skater falls, often other skaters will fall on top of each other. Every movement you make must be completely in sync, on beat, and in time with the music. You need to be powerful and graceful. People have gotten SERIOUS injuries from synchronized skating. I know one girl whose finger was cut off because she fell and the skater next to her accidentally stepped on her hand. It takes great determination and skill, so I believe it should be ranked much higher.

Many people only see what goes on above the surface of the water, while below the swimmers legs, and arms are constantly moving to keep them afloat. While it may look easy, and hopefully graceful above the water, the swimmers are so close together you are being constantly kicked, scratched, and punched by your fellow teammates. We spend up to 8 hours or more per day to perfect and make sure each swimmer looks exactly the same and is on beat with the music. And along with making sure you are in time with music, where you are supposed to be in relation to your teammates, and doing certain movements to to the music, you must hold your breath for more than 30 seconds at a time. And contrary to what many peoe believe it is a sport.

37 UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship)

I bet if any athlete from another sport who never did martial arts will fail if they try this sport, trust me few people can survive five, five minute rounds trying to throw strikes and takedowns, while trying to not get KO'D or submitted, the people who do this sport are the most athletic athletes ever, don't bleive me, watch UFC and read some quotes about UFC fighters.

A sport that puts two trained fighter against each other is an insane sport. Your whole purpose is to beat that guy. Whether it be using judo or boxing. MMA fighters do it all. People don't understand how hard it is to be standing up boxing and then be flipped and have to fight on the ground. You are trained in nearly every fighting technique.

This sport is one of the most demanding out there not only do you have to stay in amazing physical shape to compete but you also have to perfect your striking clinch and ground game ide really enjoy seeing any other type of athlete try to endure a day session with the pros there sessions are usually 2 times a day with sparring in between and they don't do any easy light workout its all circiut work for the most part I'm in training right now and my whole entire body is sore and especially my rib cage from all the body shots

UFC isn't a sport, MMA is...

And this is the most athletic sport in existence.

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38 Martial Arts

I have been training Karate Kyokushin for 7 years and I have to say this should be higher on the list! MUCH higher! Not only do you need to be strong, you need to be quick, fast, precise, have good reaction, stamina, cardio, discipline and focus! You have to be able to take hits, kicks, and a bunch of different combos and grabs. You have to keep yourself up, while also focusing on what you are doing, what the other person is doing and what both of you are going to do next. I could go on, and that's just the fighting! You also have all the techniques you have to master and know the names of, where to strike and where to block. One wrong placed punch and who lose your arm! And then we have the katas... A series of techniques and stances, which can be really painful and difficult to stand still in and not move one bit, combined and put together to create one long sequence that you have to remember and get exactly right. One wrong and you mess up the whole thing! Let's not forget about ...more

It depends what your doing if your say a boxer, competitor you need to be incredibly physically fit if your say a Kraft manga practitioner chances are your fitness won't be any different at all compared to average people

Really? I'm in Taekwondo and you surely need a lot of personal abilities in order to master it for teaching or competitive level. It also has a combination of gymnastics. Martial Arts deals with the connection of body, mind and spirit. You have to be focussed and not many people are. You take in Karate, Kung fu, Judo or any martial arts for that matter (Not MMA.. Anyone can do that), all of this pure martial arts requires great abilities to advance in your ranks. Otherwise you may find your self getting old in the same belt.
This should be no. 3 at least!

I love martial arts I have been learn karate it's so heard

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39 American Football

It is really hard to catch with all the gear. The gear weighs you down too. People think that football players are weak because of the gear, but try to run and catch and do everything you do with all of that gear. The helmets block the view of catching and you can't run as fast. Also all those huge linebackers just got bigger with that gear. People are always saying "come have a football player do our practice." How about you go a do a football practice. The condition might be easy, but lets add in getting plowed into the dirt. Also add the 20-30 pounds of gear on your back.

I have to admit that swimmers don't know what they are talking about when they say they are stronger then football players, and I even swim all year round competitively. My brother plays football and he could beat the heck out of me and lift a hundred pounds more.

Is this really easier than competitive baton twirling? Seriously? That's a joke.

Football. Easy compared to gymnastics.

Not at all easy compared to gymnastics. You have to have the skill to read the option, read the eyes, throw a great downfield pass, run far and break tackles. Football is honestly harder than gymnastics. - peaceswagtv

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40 Acrobatic Gymnastics

I am 10 and am an acrobatic gymnast. I train 6 hours a week and at home I spend 2 hours a day doing strength. I am in level 4 and am in a trio we have to learn a routine, be able to hold the skills, throw our top really high and be a bee to tumble. I used to do artistic gymnastics and it was easier than this, This sport is the hardest sport of all! It should be number one.

I'm an artistic gymnast and this sport is amazing It should be in the top tens like common cheer basketball baseball TENNIS you've got to be kidding me acrobatic gymnastics is way harder than those it should be in the top tens

Pretty much like cheerleading, except there are only 2-4 people and the tricks are much more impressive.

Really? I do gymnastics, tumbling, and acro are you serious this should be at least in the top15 - foxandwolf

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