Hardest Zombies In Plants vs Zombies


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1 Dr. Zomboss

Question: How is he so low? Fact: He places so many zombies and is the only a zombie in one entire level unless you count the zombies he makes

This guy is not good at all... Every time I think I'm in a good shape he just throws a damn truck on my plants... I hate this guy.

Dr. Zomboss because he has a robot who has the power to shoot fire and ice balls out of it's mouth and it's able to stomp on plants, throw trucks on plants and summon bungee zombies and zombies.

I beat him easily. Use as much catapults as you can - bumy

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2 Gargantuar

He has very high health and takes 2 instant kills to die - Pastakirby7

What about Giga?

Gargantuar is the most beautiful spectacle on the face of the earth. How dare others have varying opinions?!

Giga gargantuar should be in this list in second.

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3 Yeti Zombie

He's cool he's my second favorite zombie besides yeti imp

Big and strong. Not as good as gargantuar though - bumy

Arg very strong shield

He's so weak I killed him in one shot with a hypnotized gargantuar

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4 Pogo Zombie

In 4-8 they come before you can place tall nuts like you have to do it reactive because of the low cooldown

Is really fast and goes over everything except for tall nuts. - Pastakirby7

Jumps over every plant except Tall-nut and all instant kills except Cob cannon. - bumy

5 Bobsled Team

There's 4 of them and the hardest mini game (bobsled bonanza) - Pastakirby7

They are easy to kill

They are so weak

6 Bucket Head


I love this zombie. Ditch logic, and put a bucket on your head: BECOME 6-7 TIMES TOUGHER!

Quite early in the game and is the toughest one you will face at that point - Pastakirby7

How is this above football zombie - bumy

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7 Dolphin Rider

This one is sooo annoying!

Weak #first comment on this zombie


... WE ARE THE UNDEAD! - bumy

8 Football Zombie

Magnificent speed with a great health gauge. A true work of art.

He's ridicolous in pvz 1, and even more in pvz 2!

I used to play football. - bumy

Toughness : very high - bumy

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9 Digger Zombie


So annoying!

10 Zombie Chicken

Just use spikeweeds.

These are SO annoying. There are like 20 of them, all with the same eating power as a normal zombie, about 10 times as fast. They just take a single hit, but since there are so many of them, they overwhelm most plants.

The chicken itself? Easy peasy. The guy who releases them? AW CRAP!

The Contenders

11 Giga Gargantuar

The most annoying zombies in survival for any defense forms.

Giga gargantuar should be second. - bumy

How is this lower then bucket head pogo anything really Zomboss is the only thing that (could) be tougher

Why is this lower than regular Gargantuar? Giga Gargantuar has 2x the health of a normal Gargantuars!
You need 4 intstant kills to defeat him!

12 Screen-Door

He's weak. Sorry, mediocre. - bumy


I have a screen door sheild. - bumy


13 Zomboni

In the mini-game, Invisible-ghoul, I very annoying Zomboni.

How is this guy so low?

Squashes your plants like gargantuar, giga gargantuar, and zomboss - bumy

Crushes plants like zomboss gargantuar giga gargantuar - bumy

14 Giga-Football Zombie

Best in the online version. - bumy

15 Wizard zombie

Why sheep? Because they are useless.


They are so annoying😢! He basically turns your plants into sheep,wastes your tiles, and makes it easy for other zombies to simply run across the row

16 Regular Zombie

Shouldn't be on here because he's way too easy

17 Javelin Zombie

Why lower than normal zombie don't ask me

Do you guys mean Pole Vaulter?

This zombie doesn't exist.

18 Bungee Zombie

Why is this lower than normal zombie - bumy

19 Imp

So weak kill him with a 1 peashooter he can't even go throgh half of the lawn dude

So hard

20 Octo Zombie

Covers you with constricting squid's. Y is did lower than regular

21 Surfer Zombie

He killed Kirby off-screen.

Why Big Wave Beach is hard. This ONE zombie caused the difficulty of the hardest level in the game, BWB Day 30!

22 Jester Zombie
23 Punk Zombie
24 Dancing Zombie
25 Jurassic Fossilhead

To much damage to take

26 Jack In The Box Zombie

These insane zombies strapped in straitjackets play the worst song ever,and then they blow up your plants.They are my favorite designed zombie,but on Survival Endless,i hate em as much as I hate the Bobsled Team Zombies!

27 Cone Head Zombie

Sometimes easy if you have 2 or 4 peashooters

28 Catapult Zombie

Throws basketballs at your plants. - bumy

29 Balloon Zombie

He flies over your plants and can be stopped by cactus and cattail. - bumy

30 Mummy Zombie

They're weak!

31 Baron Von Bats

Hits like a truck

32 Excavator Zombie

Excavator Zombie, would you shove that shovel into your head?

Without him, lost city endless zone was better

This is a pvz 2 zombie. He's a little faster than the others, much stronger, and flicks them about 5 tiles backwards. Although he does no harm to those plants, he ruins your symetry and can easily eat your brains, for he doesn't waste time eating plants!

33 Diver Zombie

I hate diver zombie he shows up in my least favorite day stages the pool he eats zombies like a truck!

34 Newspaper Zombie
35 Plant Head Zombies

I forgot there name but they are really annoying in the pool level

36 Brickhead Zombie
37 Hair Metal Gargantuar

Guitar power is too strong, and then knocks out your plants.

38 Lost Pilot Zombie

Comes down from the sky and gets a head start towards your house and eats like a maniac.

39 Fisherman Zombie

Pulls your plants into the water while the pro zombies block them to prevent them from getting hit.

40 Pianist Zombie

Dancing lanes switch

41 Imp Cannon

Luanches Imps
So annoying in Pirate Seas Day 22

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