Best Harry Styles Songs


The Top Ten

1 Story Of My Life
2 Drag Me Down

This definitely a perfect song

3 Moments
4 Little Things
5 Perfect
6 Sign of the Times

Sign of the times is one of the best songs ever.

7 Night Changes
8 One Thing
9 Diana
10 Carolina

The Contenders

11 More Than This
12 Kiss You
13 Ever Since New York
14 Kiwi
15 Sweet Creature

First off, most of these songs aren't even Harry's, they are One Directions. Yes, he is in One Direction but, that doesn't make these songs his. Anyway, this song is great to listen to with headphones in and you just want something soothing to calm you down. It is very simple yet, sweet. The guitar sounds beautiful since it doesn't over take Harry's vocals, it almost makes them more prominent. This song really amplifies his voice and shows off a more calmer side of his album say compared to Kiwi or Only Angel (Those are great songs by him too, highly recommend them if you love Rock or Rock artists! )

16 Two Ghosts
17 Only Angel
18 Woman
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