Top 10 Heaviest Blind Guardian Songs

I made this list because I've been asked pretty often about the heaviest Blind Guardian songs.

Blind Guardian aren't an extreme band so you should't expect something very very heavy. But they are heavier than most of the bands in the respective subgenres - power metal, speed metal and even symphonic metal.

What is 'heavy' in metal?
Songs that are faster, more aggressive, more abrasive and have higher levels of distortion (including vocals - voice distortion, screams).
Also, songs that focus less on melody (although Blind Guardian subgenres are still very melodic by default).

The songs on this list aren't among the most known (most loved) Blind Guardian songs namely because they are heavier.

The Top Ten

1 Another Holy War

At 1:30 Hansi harsh vocals sound almost like thrash vocals and remind me of Tom Araya.
This song is what you would get if Slayer played power metal, haha. - Metal_Treasure

2 Guardian Of the Blind

A song from their debut album in 1988 - one of their fastest and most aggressive songs, with probably their most violent lyrics as well.
They named the band after this song - their name was Lucifer's Heritage before the debut album but they changed it because their demos were placed in with black metal albums at local record shops and Blind Guardian wanted to avoid any speculations about Satanism in the future.
They already had this song and made the decision about their name. - Metal_Treasure

3 The Script for My Requiem

For some reason, this song sounds better live - esp. the intro riff and the chorus. - Metal_Treasure

4 Born in a Mourning Hall

Hardcore power metal? LOL (there's no such subgenre guys but... how can I describe this song? ) - Metal_Treasure

5 Damned for All Time
6 Majesty

A great speed metal song, probably my #1 speed metal song of all time. - Metal_Treasure

7 Fast to Madness
8 I'm Alive
9 Tanelorn (Into the Void)

It has heavy riffs and frequent systematic screams that make it sound heavy. A 10/10 song for me. - Metal_Treasure

10 Into the Storm

The riff is very heavy (1:05) for power metal but it's one of their best riffs. Great and emotionally intense song, one of my favorites on the 1998 album. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Banish From Sanctuary

A top 10 speed metal song of all time - Metal_Treasure

12 Hall of the King
13 The Last Candle
14 Ashes to Ashes
15 Battalions of Fear
16 Tommyknockers
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