Top Ten Highest-Grossing Movies of 2016 (As of August 2016)

The Top Ten Highest-Grossing Movies of 2016 (As of August 2016)

1 Captain America: Civil War - 1,152.5

I am so glad many people saw this movie because it was excellent - Triceratops

Wow I Am Not Surprised How Much Money This Made I Really Think This Is An Awesome Movie And I'm Glad It Made this Much Money Beacause This Movie Rules - VideoGamefan5

2 Zootopia - 1,023.2

This movie is frozen all over again, as in good but highly overrated. - Martinglez

I Love This Movie And I'm Suprised It Made 1 Billion Worldwide It was Such An Awesome Movie I Also Find It Weird That When I Went To See The Angry Birds Movie This Movie Was Still Playing Which Is Beacause Of How Much Money This Movie Made I'm Glad It Made This Much Money, - VideoGamefan5

3 The Jungle Book - 961.3

Hmm I Am Surprised That It Almost Made 1 Billion But This Is A Pretty Great Movie To See People Should Check It And See If They Like It This is A Great Live Action Reboot Of A Disney Old Classic, Great Film, - VideoGamefan5

Wow! More than Dory and Batman v Superman!? I mean I'm glad, this movie was great, but I didn't expect it to have such a success. - Martinglez

4 Finding Dory - 931.0

Well Too Bad, A lot Of People Liked It

I Did Not Like This Movie, In Fact I Hated This Movie, But It Made So Much Money, Beacause This Movie Is Just A Cash Grab, From Pixar Which Proves Pixar Could Be Cash Grabers Which Pixar Is Awesome But They Might Make Even More Cash Grabs With Upcoming Movies And Sequels So Yeah I Didn't Like This Movie, Just My Opinion, If You Liked This Movie I'm Glad You Did Beacause I Respect Opinions, - VideoGamefan5

5 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 872.7

I Knew It Was Going To Make This Much Money Even if It Sucked People Were Still Anticipated For It And Went To Watch This Movie Beacause Its Batman V Superman, - VideoGamefan5

6 Deadpool - 782.6

I knew This Was Going To Make Money It's So Funny And Cool And Its Pretty Cool Movie And It Made That Much Money Its Pretty Good To See A Movie Like This Make This Much Money - VideoGamefan5

7 The Secret Life of Pets - 726.2

Huh Since The Creators Of Despicable Me Movies (Including Minions) Made Money With Those Movies It Seems Like They Might Be On A Roll Making Money From This Good Movie - VideoGamefan5

8 Suicide Squad - 640.1

This Movie People Were Excited For So They Went To See It This Movie was So Cool And Great Why Do People Hate It, Screw Rotten Tomatoes This Movie Is Great, - VideoGamefan5

9 X-Men Apocalypse - 542.9

The X Men Movies Do Make Money So Yeah This Movie looks decent, In My opinion, It Made Money for Fans Who Wanted to Watch It - VideoGamefan5

10 Kung Fu Panda 3 - 519.9

Another Great Movie, Fans Wanted To See And This Movie Made That Much Money Which Is Great To See It Make That Much For A Very Great Movie This Movie Was Very Awesome - VideoGamefan5