Greatest Historical Periods to Set a TV Series


The Top Ten

1 1950s

Father Brown, Grantchester and Call the Midwife are all accurate depictions of 1950s culture. All three are of course British. - jezza0

2 1920s

Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey - jezza0

3 Late 18th Century

Poldark, Taboo - jezza0

4 Victorian Era Victorian Era

Victoria, Ripper Street - jezza0

5 World War 2

Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Generation War etc. - zxm

6 Viking Era

Currently enjoying two shows from this period. The Last Kingdom and Vikings. - zxm

7 1930s
8 Golden Age of Piracy Golden Age of Piracy
9 Regency Era

War & Peace, Pride & Prejudice - jezza0

10 1970s

The Contenders

11 1980s
12 The Ottoman Empire
13 Ancient Alexandria
14 The Roman Empire

This kind of T.V. shows are also very famous. I mean shows like Rome, Spartacus. - zxm

15 Ancient Greece

I would enjoy a series about this historical period. - Metal_Treasure

16 Russian Revolution
17 1960s
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