Best Centuries in History

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1 20th Century

Although the scope of warfare expanded dramatically during the course of the 20th Century, the developments that defined the periods of peacetime ultimately outweigh the costly destruction and significant loss of life. The Cold War could not have been executed more brilliantly, and the era of 1945 to 1991 yielded many, many fruits. Technologies that will be in use for the rest of the duration of the human race sprung forth from this ideologically competitive yet focused era. The remaining years of the 1990's also saw amazing developments for our common humanity, particularly in medicine, art and music. Yes, this century that concluded an otherwise difficult millennium alone redeems that entire 1000 year period and keeps us looking deeper and deeper into the next.

2 21st Century

Tech took a right turn (and when I mean that, tech was more widescreen and more hd quality)


Things got better

Almost every movie is CGI

Despite all that, there was some bad things: Most of them happened in 2001.

September 11 bombings - World Trade Center and The Pentagon bombed

One of my family members getting arrested

More deaths

Terrorist attacks

I hope the 2020s bring back all of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s nostalgic things, but I don't know if this will be official.
I think everything started to suck in mid 2013. The last good year for me was 2012. Early 2013 was okay but everything went downhill around mid to late 2013, because I had braces then and crappy school teachers

3 19th Century

This was THE game changer century. People always talk about how much better off we are now, and while that is technically true, in terms of growth, social change, cultural development, scientific discovery, innovation, global increase of wealth, expansions in art, music, literature, history: there really is no other century that can compare. If you look at conditions at the beginning and end of the century, it's almost literally night and day. Most other centuries are defined by changes in particular aspects, like the last half of the 20th century is largely characterized by advances in computer engineering and technology, and the first part of the 21st is associated with mobile technology boom. But the 19th century changed nearly everything you can name for the better. The fact that it's effects are still felt today speaks to this. Consider that some of the most recognizable architectural landmarks were built during this century: Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Lady Liberty. Most of the beautiful old buildings you see in world cities were built during this time. Then consider that trains, airplanes, and cars were or were being invented during this time even the bicycle! Some of the most beloved literature came out of this era. Who here has read Le Misrabels? Frankenstein? Edgar Allan Poe? Adventures of Huck Fin.? Moby Dick? Oliver Twist? Jane Eyre? A Tale of Two Cities? 20,000 leagues Under the Sea? Alice in Wonderland? No contest! For some reason people mire this century with the burdens of slavery, but when you think about it, this was the era that ENDED slavery, which had occurred for centuries before then. I'd say that deserves some praise more than anything. Even though there was still widespread inequality, women's suffrage and feminism began during this time. It deserves credit for that. There are so many other things; like the first worlds fair, the invention of or standardization of numerous currently popular sports. Incredibly composed music, (I'll admit, the... more

4 18th Century

It was the best century for art, fashion, beauty, almost all of the positive things of society. Almost. Unfortunately slavery was still a thing. And women weren't as equal as they were in the 20th. But apart from that, they did everything right!

Even the year NAMES sound great! 1700, 1770, love it.

French Revolution. Best thing to happen to Europe.

5 1st Century
6 17th Century

The ladies were respected. The Three Musketeers takes place during this century. If guys in grade eight acted like the main characters act, middle school would be heaven, not hell.

7 16th Century
8 2nd Century
9 15th Century

King Henry 5/V of England perhaps one of the best English storylines of all time

10 14th Century
The Contenders
11 13th Century
12 32nd Century BC

This was the century that rocked.

I graduated college and went to Pizza Hut for my honeymoon in that century

13 11th Century
14 10th Century
15 6th Century
16 5th Century
17 1st Century BC
18 12th Century
19 2nd Century BC
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