Top Ten Horror Movie Franchise Ruined by Their Sequels

The Top Ten

1 Paranormal Activity

The first one was legendary, then it turned into a jump scare fest. I personally love the series but you can't help but feel like the over saturation killed it. Especially since it seemed that each film was put out each year and they had to try lame ideas like "The marked ones" and " Ghost Dimension" to keep it from being the same film. - RustyNail

2 Alien

Alien is a great horror movie, Aliens isn't really horror but still amazing, but from the 3rd one the rest sucked. - MaxPap

The first two are horror/sci fi classics, then it was a downward spiral of bad ideas, predator and a film of unanswered questions - RustyNail

3 Jaws

The only thing more challenging than watching Jaws 3 and 4 is trying to piece together how one of the best films turned into such garbage.

First one is classic, second is good, 3D and I have to say anything? - RustyNail

4 Final Destination

Same crap, different movie - RustyNail

5 Friday the 13

Mainly because of Jason X and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Jason X is very cheesy and makes a total joke out of Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise. Jason goes to He'll: The Final Friday wasn't that great either.

Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell and Jason x in the nutshell.

Why is it here? 4 and 6 are awesome friday the 13th films - Spyrofan35

6 Anaconda

First and second are great, then...syfy channel squeezed out a bunch of z movies and a lake placid crossover - RustyNail

7 Hellraiser

The first 2 are great. After Inferno (5) the series got mediocre and then terrible

8 Carnosaur

First one was cool, second one was a rip off of Aliens with dinos, but it was cool, then it went downhill - RustyNail

9 Halloween
10 A Nightmare on Elm Street

They should have stopped at least after the third.

The Contenders

11 Saw

To be honest the Saw sequels focused more on gore than atmosphere.

12 Psycho

Why did this have sequels again? What was the point?

13 Child's Play
14 Leprechaun
15 Wishmaster
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