Top Ten Hottest Hetalia Characters

THE HOTTEST CHARACTERS! I've always wondered what people would think about this topic. They are all just so good looking its hard to pick who will be at the top. Can't wait to see opinions!

P.S. I will only be using country names, not human ones just to make it easier on the ones who may not know their human ones.

The Top Ten

1 England

I just love everything about england, his hotness scale is off the charts. From his adorable personality to his cute eyebrows and his emerald green eyes. And I mean come on! He has a tragic and scar worthy past, yet both amazing and interesting. He's the kind of character that would build a wall around his heart as an attempt to protect himself and always wearing a cold mask in front of others when in reality he's really kind and caring and that's not all he's sharp-tongued, spacy, stubborn, understanding, extremely sarcastic, and much more! And as a plus he can see mythical creatures and is such an adorable Tsundere.
And to make him more interesting he used to be an Britannia Angel, Raging Pirate, Dashing knight, Police Commander, secret spy/agent, Tempered Punk Rocker, ruling Prince, not to mention a badass sorcerer with control of black and light magic and that just makes him the best!

YES! England is hothothot (America, you're next! ). I do admit that I see most Hetalia characters just as so, but England really wins this one.

His accent, his looks--physique and bushy eyebrows (AND THOSE EYES), his endearing refined style, his gentlemanliness, his attraction towards fluffy, magical creatures and his rad taste in music. //Let's not forget his hot butt six-string// And again, his accent. And his attitude? Yup!

Just. Ugh. Nosebleedingly-hot.

His Gentleman-like disposition. Chivalry is attractive.

(Not just biased to my homeland. )

England is the hottest in my opinion.

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2 France

Hoot! And in a manly way. Love him.

Why is France not in the top five?

He should be in the top five... damn he's hot!

Frog. -Not England.

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3 Germany

Me - Looks at an image of Germany
Me - Has anime nosebleed*

He is hot

A few statements: Hot in every shape way and or form and THAT BED HEAD though!

Okay, face it, everybody... he's hot. IN. EVERY. WAY.

He's smart, kind, nice and... hot. I mean, look at those MUSCLES.

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4 America

America is loud, fun, young, and beautiful. What more could you ask for. His hair, and Nantucket is adorable. His sky blue eyes filled with happiness and hope are perfect, absolutely perfect. He is so positive and is just him. You have to think he is hot.

You all are probably voting for him because you think he has a good personality or you think his abs are nice(which they are) but in my opinion, his best quality is always going to be his eyes. every time I look into them I'm entranced. Alfred is truly the most fascinating being I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love him with all of my heart. And that ass. -Nobody Important.

He will win he is hit cute cool he eats 1,000 hambugers a day and he's not fat so bam

Wow real romantic iggy love you too -MURICA

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5 Spain

Hot, attractive, adorable. He's everything you could want.


This list is about the sexiest hetalia character and even though Romano is my favorite character I will choose Spai cause that ASS. I think it's wrong that so many people chose England cause even though I really like him too, he definitely isn't the hottest character. So people, don't choose your favorite, be honest and choose the sexiest.

A sexy muscular body with the most perfect tan skin. A smile that could melt ice and the most beautiful green eyes………...not to mention Dat Ass. I also like that he's cute and gentle while still being strong and manly. The perfect husband material. Also Spain was ranked the best country in bed...overall he's the perfect husband material!

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6 Prussia

He is so hot, cute and AWESOME! I just love him!

Prussia is hot, cute, sexy, funny, lovable, interesting, adorable and of course awesome. Next is France, Denmark, Spain, Greece...

He has confidence, and that in itself is attractive.

He is hot that's all I have to say.

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7 Italy

Italy is smart! I know people thinks he a coward for not liking war but really he lived his hole life being enslaved and broken in wars how can he want to fight for something that can be and eventually will be solved by talking (after the blood field ).ps He also is Allies with everyone!

He is very hot how can you not love those emotional honey and hazel eyes and everything else of course.

He's so cute. And sometimes that counts for hot too.

He's hot. Especially chained to a bed. With no clothes on. At all. -Ludwig

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8 Russia

I just REALLY want to marry him. My mom says I'm basically like the living Belarus BUT I CAN'T HELP IT HE IS PERFECT!

That accent, those fantastically curled words, that height, that cuddlyness, those big violet eyes - how can he not be the hottest?

Purple eyes and smile are disarming.

He's like a big sadistic teddy bear. I love him

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9 Austria Austria

I just like his glasses.


10 Romano

Hot, handsome, cute, tsundere... What's not to like?

No doubt Romanos the best

Why is he 7th he should at least be in the top five

You fans better move me past Spain... -Romano

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The Newcomers

? Mr Puffin (Human form)

so HOT! - AphRussiaAndBelarusLover

The Contenders

11 Norway


Damn that dude is hot.

He's super duper hot! I think he's the best looking amongst the Nordics and he's got it all! He can make girls swoon over hi with his awesomeness and he is just super sexy and handsome! This guy is so cool that he should be one of the main leads. It would be interesting to see more of him.

He literally needs to stop being so hot

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12 Canada

I wish he was real because I want to snuggle him so much! Mattie, I notice you, don't worry. - XVioletPearlX

Onece again not hot cut cute just look at him

For one he knows the language of love
and he loves animals. All an all he is the perfect man.

13 Denmark

He should be number 1 or 2, he deserve it! He also has a sexy hair

I think he should be #1

I do have sexy hair don't I! -Denmark

Don't encourage him. -Norway.

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14 China

He is so cute. He deserves more attention! He is my baby and I love him.

People wish their great great grandad was this young and sexy

I'm the only one who thinks China is hot

He's so cute and hot! I love him so much! X3

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15 Scotland

See the fanart. Read the fanfics. He's the hottest and the sexiest

He’s not official, but he’s hot. - Kikira

16 Switzerland

I love switzerland

Not a surprise that Eyebrows ranked first place... But, I honestly would put him second to Switzerland. I mean, just look at the Swiss man.

Like seriously he should be like beyond # 1. Hot and adorable. That's all I need.

Someone vote for this badass please.

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17 Romania

He's such a kind soul! So adorable and is known to be a trickster. And look at him and Moldova! What a cutie pie!

18 Poland
19 Iceland

Mmm! Gimme that Ice Ice baby

He is so hot!

He is just so adoreable!

Come on he's perf.
Next time someone says "I would LOVE to date Russia with Romano or Iggy's personality,"
Smack some sense into them and realise this background character has potential!

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20 Netherlands
21 Lithuania

Liet~ such a great man
He's honest and kind and he also has a nice smile (linda sonrisa) I really want to hug him~♡

Honestly? He’s such a cutie, this man can FIGHT. He beat Prussia’s ass multiple times! He could yeet him to the moon "👊🏻

22 Turkey

He is so manly and hot, I can't believe it when he is not in the hottest guys lists

Perfect six pack man

23 Belarus

I just love her! >/////<


24 Sweden

I love Meh some svenskarss

I dunno, I'm just weird like that. I wish he can call me his wife like he did to Finland.

25 Hong Kong


26 Australia

He's so cute the eyebrows the attitude, though I may be biased.

27 New Zealand

I met New Zealand, no joke

28 Egypt
29 South Korea
30 Hungary

Seriously. Maybe it's just that I'm super gay, but come on, she's awesome, badass, and really hot.

31 Japan


Weel he never takes his shirt off. But still two words: please vote

Japan is so hot

Japan, I dunno what's happening..

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32 Finland

Vote for him he's the best

33 Vietnam

Don't know why, but I really love her. She doesn't appear in anime, and not many people know her but she is wonderful.

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