Top 10 European Hockey Players

The greatest European ice hockey players of all-time!
The Top Ten
1 Jaromir Jagr

Best European hockey player by far. 1638 points (659 goals and 979 assists) as of 02-12-2012. He is one of a small group of hockey players to have won the Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold Medal and World Championship (Triple Gold Club). Jagr received several awards and holds several NHL records such as Most regular season points by a European born and trained player 149, Most regular season points by a player born outside of Canada 149, Most all-time regular season points by a European born and trained player 1638, Most all-time regular season goals by a European born and trained player 659, Most all-time overtime goals 15, Most consecutive 30-goal seasons 15, Most consecutive 70-or-more point seasons 16, etc.

Mmm from 1980 - 2001 only 3 players in the NHL won the scoring title Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky and Jaromir Jagr... enough said to be put in with those 2 guys when nobody else in the NHL could says it all!

Still playing and putting up a great point total. He has been consistent and always a fantastic scorer during his career.

2 Teemu Selanne

Teemu Selänne is by far the best European ice hockey player ever. He's still a top 20 scorer at 41, and he's the all-time Olympic point-scorer. Add also that Jari Kurri played with Wayne Gretzky and that Jaromir Jagr played with Mario Lemieux.

Teemu Selanne should be first because, he is old, but still in top 20 in points. Finnish Flash is the hockey king.

He is still playing against the youngsters and does it really good.

3 Nick Lidstrom

What!?! I am not a fan or anything but Nicklas is the third best defensmen of all time voted by the NHL PA Jaromir is 52nd forward and Teemu is 49th so Nick should be 1st!

Bobby Orr is the only one in front of him.

Number one no question

4 Peter Forsberg

Great hockey player haunted by a foot injury. He is one of the few players that have won stanley cup, world championship and Olympic gold twice. He can read the game like no one else and when he played healthy he was as good as Lemieux and Gretzky.

The perfect all round player. When fit, there was no-one on the planet who could touch him. His size, speed and strength were all great but it was his sick stick handling skills that made him truly elite.

Best player of all times. He didn't have a chance to show it for long, but when he was healthy, he dominated the NHL.

5 Dominik Hasek Dominik Hašek (born January 29, 1965) is a Czech former ice hockey goaltender. In his 16-season National Hockey League (NHL) career, he played for the Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings and the Ottawa Senators. During his years in Buffalo, he became one of the league's finest goaltenders, more.

There is no question that the Dominator is the best goalie of all time. He won 6 Vezina trophies and 2 Heart trophies. Most of which came when he played for the Buffalo Sabres, who would have been horrible without him. He also became the first European goaltender to win the Stanley Cup. There is no question Jagr is the best European to ever play in the NHL, but Hasek should be 2nd.

6 Vladislav Tretiak

Tretiak would have dominated against any of the greatest goaltenders of that time. He owned Ken Dryden the best goalie in the 1970s and the Canadians in the 72 Summit Series. His Domination of the IIHF and Olympics was incredible. Greatest goaltender of all time.

Led the Soviets to 45 consecutive wins up until 1980 in the Olympics when USA beat them 4-3

7 Alexander Ovechkin Alexander Mikhailovich "Alex" Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League.

I have your stick

8 Jari Kurri

601 goals I think.

9 Evgeni Malkin Evgeni Vladimirovich Malkin (born 31 July 1986), nicknamed "Geno", is a Russian professional ice hockey centre and alternate captain for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Pittsburgh's second line center is better than any other team's first

10 Sergei Fedorov
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11 Valeri Kharlamov

Kharlamov was the Russian Wayne Gretzky. What he did in his Era and in his time on earth was incredible. He is the only skater to be elected into the Hockey hall of fame without playing a single game in the NHL. Like his teammate Tretiak, Kharlamov was a lost treasure in a time of greatness during the Cold War.

12 Mats Sundin

The only thing about leaf that was good.

Um, he made the leafs good.

Unlike federov and jagr and forsberg he had no one else...jonas hoglund enough said

13 Peter Stastny
14 Sergei Makarov

He belongs in the Top 5!

15 James Foster
16 Pavel Datsyuk

Def Top 5, Jagr Stastny, Makarov rated above,he made people look silly scored 5v1 on a rush dekeing everyone defending him and nobody gives him credit about his defensive play was outstanding as well, plus everyone's puck went missing? The magic man of hockey. Top 5 for sure. Sure he wasn't goal scoring machine all the time made very high IQ plays along with one of the best stick handling. Pavel "magician" Datsyuk.


17 Igor Larionov
18 Stan Mikita

One of the greatest NHL players.

He is number 17 on the top 100 NHL players of all time,HUT card is 94,made the curved stick,and is the highest ranked european hockey player.

19 Sandis Ozolinsh
20 Jan Suchý
21 Borje Salming
22 Vladimir Tarasenko Vladimir Andreyevich Tarasenko (Russian: Влади́мир Андре́евич Тарасе́нко; born 13 December 1991) is a Russian professional ice hockey right winger currently serving as an alternate captain for the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League (NHL).
23 Jarkko Ruutu

All around great guy! Silky mitts and deadly shot!

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