Top 10 Best Chelsea F.C. Players of All Time

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1 Frank Lampard Frank James Lampard is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for New York City FC in Major League Soccer.

Frank Lampard is awesome. He is the highest scorer in Chelsea FC history. When he left to Man City, I was hoping he'd hate the team and come back to blues. When he scored against CFC, he didn't want to celebrate. When he left Premier League, I wanted to cry because there wasn't anyone like him. To put a cherry on the top, he looks like Liam Neeson.

Frank is the best because he shows nice games. He plays by positioning himself in the penalty area at right time. He can score from long distance and he is also a good set piece taker

I think he is the best mid-fielder ever.
He should be crowned as the best player in the premier league.
His position is as the play maker of chelsea and he can score from a long distance.

The best midfielder in Chelsea's history scores awesome goals from long distances the best midfielder in English football history the best penalty taker and of course the best play maker.

2 Eden Hazard Eden Michael Hazard, born January 7th, 1991, is a Belgian professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid CF and the Belgium national team.

He is best future Player He is my Favorite player in the world I Love him so much! And I Need to say him Keep it up and Long live...
I Don't have word to say... he is the best in the league
Love him so much...

Errm lampard has left, and eden hazard isn't just best player of chelsea, he actually known and is to be the best player of the premier league! Seriously why lampard!?!

He is up with the Messi Ronaldo and Neymar he's A sick dribbler with skills and speed your opponent is done

Because he's quick and won the player of the year award does great passing and spectacular shooting

3 Didier Drogba Didier Yves Drogba Tébily is an Ivorian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Canadian Major League Soccer club Montreal Impact.

Drogba is one, and possibly the greatest, player of all time. His style of playing and how he always stays 10 steps ahead of the opposing team is just amazing. Chelsea will never have a player as talented as drogba

Didier will be remember for his talents in Chelsea FC history. His services were the reason Chelsea success at his time. No doubt Drogba will be listed as greatest player of all time.

By playing more on pitches, I would vote Frank. But doing ok in his short time compering to Frank, there is no doubt... Is Drogba. He never lost hope of scoring, and he is well known for his creativity of chances.

He was the Legend of chelsea because of him they defeated fc bayern in champions cup final after that he left Chelsea. In fact he was one of the best player in 2007. I am proud of him

4 John Terry

He is the best defender chelsea can ever have and an amazing captain that shows responsibility and organization towards his team.

He is the Best defender in the Barclays premier league and in the world. He is the better player than lampard. He is the chelsea longest to hold the chelsea skiper..

"The captain, leader legend...he is most inspirational captain I ever saw on any sport"

Captain leader hero #Terry he's simply the best man and fantastic player.

5 Gianfranco Zola

I think zola was by far the best footballer for chelsea because he had it all skill, tricks, shots etc. He was like the maradona of chelsea everyone expected him to do something spectacular and most of the time he did.

My love of Chelsea goes back to the 70's, this list seems to reflect later times.
New and old Zola was so special, I love Osgoid, Harris, Lampard etc but Zola was magical and lit up a time not full of trophies.

It is such a shame that you put current players on top of Zola... you must admit, Chelsea would not be where she is without him

Class touch and really good awareness could shoot pass great skill what more do you want from a player.

6 Petr Cech Petr Čech is a Czech professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English club Arsenal and captains the Czech Republic national team.

Petr cech was a good player in his Chelsea career he saved a lot of shots and I am so proud of him but now he is at the emeritus playing with arsenal which is going to make it hard for Chelsea to score but other than that he is a very good player.

The very improtant man who saved Chelsea from danger. When he is in good condition I am sure Chelsea will win. But maybeto tall to save ground balls quickly.

The best goalkeeper I've ever seen. Calm, good on penalties, does not commit mistakes.

Petr Cech was a legend in Chelsea but he went Arsenal was the worst thing to do

7 Peter Osgood

Made 380 appearances for chelsea scoring 150 goals and is one of only nine players to score in every round of the FA cup. A chelsea great and he deserves to be on this list.

The KING of stamford bridge I saw him score some magnificent goals. the one against southampton the one against burnley when even the burnley fans stood and applauded. a true great.

Best player in the world better than Florent Malouda!

Legend need I say anymore

8 Thibaut Courtois Thibaut Nicolas Marc Courtois is a Belgian professional footballer who plays for English club Chelsea and the Belgium national team as a goalkeeper.

Please don't leave Chelsea you're the best! You inspire lots of people.

He's a great goal keeper and one of the best goal keeper he is apsulutly great

I agree with the comment below mine is he neur disguise or are they related

Courois is the best goalkeeper in the world he is better than cech

9 Chopper Harris

Most appearances for the club. Ron is a legend.

10 Willian Borges da Silva

He should be ranked as the second best Chelsea player after eden hazard

He should be the best player as he is good at so many things

He is more loyal than Eden hazard.

You are a very good player

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11 Fernando Torres Fernando José Torres Sanz is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker for La Liga club Atlético Madrid, on loan from Serie A club Milan.

Torres is an Idol... He is superstar just playing in chelsea with these coaches messed his playing

Best player in the world, what other player can walk the ball around the keeper and tap it in?

He is so awesome I love him and he is also has an perfect defense and a perfect attack

He is greatest striker for Chelsea he smart also torres this is for you

12 Kerry Dixon

Cool guy and a brilliant player for Chelsea and he will always be the best player of all time.

My boyhood hero. Great finisher. The reason I support Chelsea.

13 Diego Costa Diego da Silva Costa, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker for English club Chelsea and the Spain national team.

Diego Costa is the best rite now he scored
All most every time he played

He is always expected to score that's what I think

I think he is the best striker in chelsea forever

I hate him when tempramental, but he's a great striker, as well as powerful!

14 Branislav Ivanović

How can Ivan the great b 12 what a joke should have been player of the year for years

Bargain amazing defender with lots of agility and pace

Like him a lot. Best right back ever

15 Juan Mata Juan Manuel Mata García is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club Manchester United and the Spain national team.

He is a player who's got the creativity which can lead to goals. He's the xavi of chelsea. He truly deserved chelsea player of the year 2012-2013

You are amazing because you skills, score amazing goals and speed. Love you Mata jacob

An amazing new player he's got skill, speed and he can score amazing goals.

There Chelsea all pretty rubbish but I though I would vote for this guy

16 Ashley Cole Ashley Cole is an English professional footballer who plays as a left-back for Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer.

Best left back in the world right now and is an absolutely quality player.

He is good but he should still remain as wherehe is

He is one great defender

He riminds me of a cocoa pop

17 Pedro

Pedro a really good striker score quite a few goals for Barcelona and he was a good buy, and maybe the next hazard this season

he is outstanding

18 Herńan Crespo

Amazing! Scored over 300 goals in his carrer can it get better.far better than Messi snd Ronaldo #cfc

19 Cesc Fabregas

He scored 2 only goals through a penalty and a freekick against west ham on 19th april.
I think he is good at penalties

You guys you forgotten Cesc Fabregas he play's in Chelsea now these days.

Absolutely a top 5 midfielder off all time

Best midfielder ever

20 Oscar

Number 11 star! Amazing goal against Uve inn Champions League! He has every player in the bag. Far better then david luiz!

I think at this age his vision is excellent. He has the ability to become the best player..

Oscar is the best mid in the world! How could anyone be better?

He's a great player and for him good luck for your FIFA World Cup

21 Michael Ballack

Michael Ballack good player and we miss Ballack

One of the most perfect midfielder and leader.

The best in the football history of Germany

One of the best players possibly the best

22 Gary Cahill Gary James Cahill is an English professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Premier League club Chelsea and the England national team both of whom he is third-captain to.

One of my favorite defenders. For me the man to take JT's spot (when retired)

BEST! He is really good at playing and defending

He should be just after terry he is a LEGEND

23 David Luiz

He's just great, he is also extremely funny backstage if you watch some of the funny backstage videos of him on YouTube!

He is better than Torres, of course! Great player, great person!

Awesome defender BIG mistake sending him to PSG

Went to psg in 2014 and played in Chelsea since 2005 2006

24 Nemanja Matic

I really do like Serbia but I'm not sure he plays in Serbia

Probably the best midfielder in the prem

Best midfieler now in Chelsea! #NM21

25 Roberto Di Matteo

Great player and won the Champions League as a manager. Legend.

Legend truly amazing

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