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21 The Demon's Festival
22 Cilla Black and the Demon Lingerie of Doom
23 Zombie Rush

Story:After radiation and disease, some people become zombies, and they attack TheTopTens! Will the users survive, or will they become living dead chow?

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24 Electric Shock

There is a high school who's doors are locked with electric locks, meaning that they can only be opened when the power is on. One day, the power suddenly goes off. Little do the students know that the power outage was from a person breaking into the school and breaking the power box. The killer slowly starts killing off the students in the dark. None of them are able to escape because the power is off. - NicholasYellow

25 Sketched Inside

On September 27th 1963 a mom named sirina, a dad named Matthew, and a little boy named Alexander move into a new house in Colorado. One night when Alexander is scared of the dark Sirina ask him to pick out a book. While doing this Alexander drops a sketching book that the owner of the house before left. They figure out that the old owner was a witch and whoever opens the sketching book will be sucked inside and be sketched forever.

26 Deadly Shadow

My idea - robertoiglesias271

27 Rejects

A group of researchers in the middle of farming country find that farmers are not trying to make money out of their meat & vegetation,but out of the sins of the people around them.They use drug addicts & try to "cure"them.But the cure turns them in to fearal monsters that attack at will.

28 Eyes

A girl Named Alice Was Taking A Nice Walk And all Of A Sudden She Saw A Man That Was Staring at Her She was Freaked Out She Ran Home Later When She Was Sleeping She Heard A Loud BUMP in her attic she went to check it out she saw nothing...Then She Saw A Hole As Big As A Baseball She Heard Weird Noises And So She Looked In the Hole She Only Saw A Big Eye Ball. It Was Staring Right At Her. Then She Heard A Voice It Said "Your A Really Funny Guy {Laughs}" She Was Freaked Out She Thought A Ghost Has Been Living With A Ghost For The Past Few Years. She Quickly Called The Police And By Time They Got There The Hole And Eyeball Were Both Gone She Swore She Saw The Cops Didn't Believe Her So For Being so Crazy The Police Put Her In The Car With Her Screaming Then All Of A Sudden The Door Opened By itself A Cop Was Being Choked Some How Something Pulled Him Out Of
The Car And Choked Him To Death. The Other Cop Was Worried he was So Worried He Drove Off. He Even Forgot To Close The Opened ...more

29 Sneckdraw
30 Acid
31 The Origin of Horror

3 segments : Ghost,Alien and Monsters, 3 segments that will shake you, the spine-tingling feeling will come at your body.
Ghost: Jane paid for a house,not just any house, it's haunted. Could she survive the haunt?
Alien: Aliens came in the mind of an astronaut after seeing a UFO, but aliens landed here. Could he stop them or die in its terror?
Monsters: A man sketched famous monsters such as the chupacabra and Bigfoot, but the sketches came true, could he stop it or not? - kontrahinsunu

32 Marianas Trench Imagine of Horror V 1 Comment
33 Midnight Fantasy

A grandson and his grandpa who run a disco joint get sucked into a fantasyworld by opening a can of tomato soup.

34 Air Cond666itioner

A man buys an air conditioner from a weirdo that said the conditioner made the prision guards fall asleep and that started the PRISON BRAKE MASSA

Scrumble berry pies...

35 The Neighbor
36 Man of the Dark
37 Deadly Shadow 2
38 Trapped Building

A story of 10 young teens and 20 adults get trapped from a building, now one of them should find a way to escape before They will be lessen.
Characters: Simon, Bianca, Katerina, James, - Princesssmooth

39 The Closet

A person discovers a family of supernatural monsters live in their house - simpsondude

40 The Night of the Zombies V 2 Comments
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