Top 10 Most Important Languages to Learn in Canada

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1 English

Just guessing: this is just a list where people put languages that they speak in and call it fair game? I dunno.

English is one of the official languages of Canada. - clusium

2 French

French is one of the official languages of Canada. - clusium

3 Chinese

There is actually no such language as 'Chinese.' The 2 Chinese languages are Mandarin & Cantonese. - clusium

4 Punjabi

There are big immigrant communities from India and Pakistan - Metal_Treasure

5 Arabic
6 Italian

Toronto is home to the 4th largest Italian population outside of Italy, behind Sao Paulo/ Brazil, Buenos Aires/Argentina, and New York City/US. - Metal_Treasure

7 Spanish

There aren't many people from Spain but there are many Filipinos who speak Spanish.
There are also some small communities from South and Central America (their communities are bigger in the US) - Metal_Treasure

8 Portuguese
9 Russian

Russian community in Canada became significant. North York in Toronto and Cote-Saint-Luc in Montreal are neighborhoods populated mainly by Russians, Ukrainians and other nationalities from the former USSR that speak Russian. They not only live there, they run businesses in these neighborhoods - supermarkets, small grocery stores, book stores, kindergartens, fitness facilities, to name a few. - Metal_Treasure

10 Dutch
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11 Greek
12 Norwegian
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